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Wolf-Rayet Stars - Binaries, Colliding Winds, Evolution : Proceedings of the 163rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in La Biodola, Elba, Italy, May 2-6, 1994 : International Astronomical Union Symposia - Karel A. van der Hucht

Wolf-Rayet Stars - Binaries, Colliding Winds, Evolution : Proceedings of the 163rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in La Biodola, Elba, Italy, May 2-6, 1994

International Astronomical Union Symposia

Paperback ISBN: 9780792331841
Number Of Pages: 580

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This Symposium was the most recent one in the series of the International Astronomical Union Symposia on Hot Massive Stars, following No. 49 (Buenos Aires), No. 83 (Qualicum Beach), No. 99 (Cozumel), No. 116 (Porto Heli) and No. 143 (Bali). In this volume on Wolf-Rayet stars, binary aspects receive ample attention, notably because of the growing recognition that many observations of spectral and photometric variability at all accessible wavelengths are related to colliding winds or other forms of wind interaction.
The basic structure of the conference and its Proceedings is: basic parameters and general properties of WR stars; state of the art model atmospheres for WR stars; anisotropic mass loss and disk formation of WR stars; properties of WR binaries; influence of stellar winds on mass transfer in hot massive binary evolution; dust formation near WC stars and other circumstellar phenomena; and hydrodynamics and high-energy physics of colliding winds in WR+O binaries and of WR winds interacting with compact objects. Within this framework 20 invited reviews, 38 invited oral contributions, and 76 poster papers were presented at the Symposium, entertaining 111 astronomers from 24 countries. These Proceedings provide up-to-date information on all aspects of Wolf-Rayet atmospheres, binaries, and colliding winds.

The Organizing Committee
Conference photograph
List of participants
Welcoming Addresses: Chairman Local Organizing Committeep. 1
Welcoming Addresses: Chairman Scientific Organizing Committeep. 2
An Historical Introduction: 1971 revisited; fossils alive and deadp. 3
Basic parameters and general properties of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 7
Structure and evolution of massive single stars and their relevance for close binary systemsp. 15
Properties of hot massive stars from studies of their ring nebulaep. 24
The interstellar medium around Wolf-Rayet stars: clues to evolutionp. 34
Resolution and evolution of the core of the giant HII region NGC 3603p. 43
Philosophy of classification for WN starsp. 48
Ultraviolet classification of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 50
A search for spectral variability in WR1p. 52
Line profile variability of EZ CMap. 54
The absence of a short period in the WN5 star EZ Canis Majorisp. 56
Periodic variations in the IUE data of HD 50896p. 58
Wavelet analysis of variable Wolf-Rayet emission linesp. 60
3.5 hour periodic variability of WR66 (HD 134877, WN8): the first example of non-radial pulsations among Wolf-Rayet stars?p. 62
Pulsations of Wolf-Rayet stars: observational results for five Wolf-Rayet starsp. 64
Multiwavelength study of the WO star Sand 2p. 66
The WO stars and their environmentp. 68
Ring nebulae around moving Wolf-Rayet starsp. 70
The imprint of massive stellar evolution on circumstellar gasp. 72
High resolution IRAS images of large shells around Wolf-Rayet starsp. 74
ROSAT observations of the HII region RCW49p. 76
The inner M1-67 nebula: coronagraphic imaging and echelle observationsp. 78
Wolf-Rayet and OF stars in the OB associations LH101 and LH104 in the LMCp. 81
A search for Wolf-Rayet stars in NGC 300p. 83
[Wolf-Rayet]-type central stars of planetary nebulaep. 85
Observational aspects of Wolf-Rayet atmospheresp. 87
Continuum and emission line observations of Wolf-Rayet stars: single and "WR+abs" objectsp. 96
Model atmospheres and spectral analyses of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 105
Status of Wolf-Rayet modelsp. 116
Hydrodynamic line-blanketed atmospheres of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 127
The dynamics of Wolf-Rayet windsp. 138
The evolutionary status of WNL starsp. 147
The physical nature of WR8 (WN6/WC4)p. 152
An empirical study of Wolf-Rayet stellar wind ionization stratificationp. 154
New analysis of Wolf-Rayet infrared linesp. 156
The non-isotropic diffusion approximation in Wolf-Rayet windsp. 158
A clump model for Wolf-Rayet star atmospheresp. 160
New determinations of the chemical composition of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 162
Synthetic line profiles from unified model atmospheresp. 164
Alfven waves and radiation pressure in the winds of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 166
Multi-line transfer and line-blanketing in a clumpy Wolf-Rayet windp. 168
The 'momentum problem' of Wolf-Rayet stars: can it be explained by the multiple scattering mechanism?p. 170
Thick winds from Wolf-Rayet starsp. 172
X-ray emission from Wolf-Rayet starsp. 174
Spectropolarimetry and wind asymmetries of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 176
Wolf-Rayet star variability and wind inhomogeneitiesp. 186
Winds from rotating Wolf-Rayet stars: the wind-compressed zone modelp. 191
Optically thick winds in novaep. 203
Properties of Wolf-Rayet binaries: the key to understanding Wolf-Rayet starsp. 213
Revised Wolf-Rayet binary orbits and new binariesp. 223
Spectroscopic observations of the long-period Wolf-Rayet binaries HD 193793 and HD 192641p. 231
WR+O binaries observed from the DAOp. 235
Wind absorption effects in the NIV [actual symbol not reproducible] line in the WN4+O5 binary HD 90657p. 239
A seven year campaign on WR 22p. 241
A radial-velocity curve for WR46 (WN3p)p. 243
The radial velocity variations of WR46 (WN3p)p. 245
Evidence for shocking behaviour in WR133 (HD 190918, WN4.5+O9.51)p. 248
X-ray variability in V444 Cygni: evidence for colliding windsp. 250
The multiple system [actual symbol not reproducible] in the LMCp. 251
The changing spectrum and orbital motion of the SMC Wolf-Rayet binary IID 5980p. 254
UBVRI polarimetry of Wolf-Rayet starsp. 256
Polarimetric versus photometric variability of Wolf-Rayet star windsp. 258
Polarization in Wolf-Rayet binaries: Monte Carlo simulationsp. 260
Optical and X-ray observations of stellar winds in Wolf-Rayet binariesp. 262
Stellar winds in high-mass X-ray binariesp. 271
Wolf-Rayet stars in galaxies and the role of binaries and hydrodynamicsp. 280
The evolution of close binary stars: conditions in the windsp. 291
Complete stellar models for massive starsp. 300
New massive close binary models and the [superscript 26]Al yield of the WR component of [gamma] Velp. 305
Similarities and differences between Wolf-Rayet winds and symbiotic novaep. 309
Wolf-Rayet stars in starburstsp. 318
New models for Wolf-Rayet stars: global diffusionp. 320
Chemical evolution and mixing processes in massive starsp. 322
Semi-convection mixing and its influence on case B mass-exchange in massive binariesp. 324
Models of rotating Wolf-Rayet starsp. 326
The galactic number of Wolf-Rayet stars produced via close binary evolutionp. 329
MCA1B - A dormant LBV in M33?p. 331
Dynamics of the wind of LBV starsp. 333
Dust formation around WC starsp. 335
Dust formation in hot stellar windsp. 346
The physics of carbon dust around WC starsp. 355
An IRAS-based search for new dusty WCL Wolf-Rayet starsp. 359
Episodic dust formation in astrophysical sourcesp. 363
IR excesses of late-type WC stars: no dust needed in most casesp. 371
Colliding winds in O-type binariesp. 373
The ROSAT view of the massive eclipsing O-type binary system 29 UW Canis Majorisp. 382
UV and optical spectroscopic observations of colliding winds in WR+O binariesp. 388
Wind-wind collision effects in close massive WR+O binariesp. 397
A spectroscopic search for colliding winds in a complete sample of WC/WO stars in the Magellanic Cloudsp. 406
Effects of wind clumping on colliding windsp. 411
A colliding wind model for WR79p. 416
Simulations of colliding winds in 3 dimensionsp. 420
The colliding wind-formed structures of supernova precursorsp. 425
The X-ray view of the Wolf-Rayet starsp. 429
Theory and observations of non-thermal phenomena in hot massive binariesp. 438
An eight year study of the radio emission from the Wolf-Rayet binary IID 193793p. 450
A CCD spectroscopic orbit and line-variability near periastron for HD 193793p. 460
UBV photometry of the Wolf-Rayet stars WR137 and WR140p. 464
IUE monitoring of WR140 (WC7+O4-5)p. 466
ASCA X-ray observations of the Wolf-Rayet stars HD 193793 and HD 93162p. 471
Colliding-wind X-rays in [gamma] Velorum (WC8+O91)p. 476
X-ray selected Wolf-Rayet starsp. 481
Colliding stellar winds: X-ray emission and instabilitiesp. 486
Hydrodynamics and high-energy physics of Wolf-Rayet colliding windsp. 495
Radio light-curves and circumstellar mapping of the colliding wind binary WR140p. 504
Spectropolarimetric monitoring of WR140p. 506
An ultraviolet radial velocity orbit for WR140 (WC7+O4-5)p. 508
ASCA X-ray spectroscopy of WR140 near periastronp. 510
The ROSAT PSPC survey of the Wolf-Rayet starsp. 512
Search for TeV [gamma]-rays from Wolf-Rayet starsp. 518
Intensive narrow-band continuum photometric monitoring of the WN5+O6 binary V444 Cygni: evidence for wind collision?p. 520
Stagnation-point flow in colliding-wind binary systemsp. 522
Magnetic annihilation in colliding-wind binary systemsp. 523
Instabilities in colliding windsp. 525
Cygnus X-3 an evolutionary missing link found?p. 527
Line profile variations in WR + collapsed companion systemsp. 538
Radio images of Wolf-Rayet 147p. 547
Some results of high-speed two-channel photometry of Wolf-Rayet stars with suspected compact companionsp. 550
OeBe stars with possible compact companions observed at X-raysp. 554
Radio monitoring of the non-thermal Wolf-Rayet objects WR125, WR146 and WR147p. 559
Search for short-time periodic variations among WR+c binariesp. 562
Summary talkp. 565
Author Indexp. 573
Object Indexp. 575
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ISBN: 9780792331841
ISBN-10: 0792331842
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 580
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.1
Weight (kg): 0.84

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