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Wish I Knew : Blockchain, Bitcoin, IoT .. - Karen New

Wish I Knew

Blockchain, Bitcoin, IoT ..

By: Karen New

eBook | 14 April 2020

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Comics book that gives you a glimpse of our future with Blockchain, Bitcoin and IoT...

Karen New

Introduce your child all about finance and technology in this brand new adventure comic!

It's never too soon to instil finance responsibility and encourage creative critical thinking! This delightful all-ages graphic novel designed to be read aloud with your future tech wizard. Crypto Karen brings to life this fantastic new story for children and parents alike, blending real-life concepts with fantastic superhero tales perfectly to educate and entertain the next generation!

Join young Koey and his aunt (DaYi) on an adventure across space and time as they explore brand new worlds built around technological innovation. This graphic novel leads this duo into a world where complex concepts are presented in a simple, playful manner that's sure to pique a young one's interest.


  • The history of money
  • Blockchain
  • Bitcoin
  • Smart contracts
  • DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

While the topics may seem overwhelming at first place, each is broken down into easily understood analogies perfect for any child 7+. The helpful guide at the end of the book provides questions and creative thought exercises for you and your child to do together, encouraging curiosity and original thinking. We are in the midst of transiting to a paradigm shift, get ready before it's too late!

Ready to prepare the child in your life for the digital future of finance?


Why did you create Wish I Knew?

I hope that the love for kids will encourage parents to read about what life may be like in the future with blockchain technology. A better life with less stress!

Artificial intelligence has advanced so much that academia results will no longer be that important. With decentralization, the way we work will transform, by getting ourselves into the new order now, we will integrate ourselves for the paradigm shift.

The revolution has already started. I implore all to experience this technology by taking action. It is easy to take baby steps in each issue of the comics book.

Comics simple enough for kids to understand. By reading to their kids, I hope to evoke the parents' curiosity to learn more about the Blockchain ecosystem. You can take baby steps to learn together with your children by getting the workbook edition sold separately. By taking part in some activities, I hope both parents and children will learn more about the blockchain revolution.

Knowledge is power! Take action and get ready.


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