Wildflower Hill - Kimberley Freeman

Wildflower Hill


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From the class divisions of depression-era Glagow, to the rolling pastures of a rural Tasmanian sheep farm. An unforgettable story of passion, love, secrets and loss.

Beattie: Glasgow, 1929

Beattie Blaxland had dreams. Big dreams. She dreamed of a life of fashion and fabrics. One thing she never dreamed was that she would find herself pregnant to her married lover, just before her nineteenth birthday.

Emma: London, 2009

Emma Blaxland-Hunter was living her dream. A prima ballerina with the London Ballet, she had everything ... until the moment she lost it all.

Separated by decades, both women must find the strength to rebuild their lives. A legacy from one to the other will lead to Wildflower Hill, a place where a woman can learn to stand alone long enough to realise what she really wants.

About the Author

Kimberley Freeman is an established writer under the name Kim Wilkins. She was born in London and grew up in Brisbane. She has degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing. Her book The Inferna,/i>l won the 1997 Aurealis Awards for Best Horror Novel and Best Fantasy Novel. In 2000 The Resurrectionists won the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel, while Angel of Ruin won this award in 2001. Kim lives in Queensland. She is moving her writing talents out of the speculative fiction genre and focusing on commercial women s fiction. She published Duet in 2007, Gold Dust in 2008 and Wildflower Hill in 2010 under the pen-name Kimberley Freeman.

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