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Whole Larder Love : Grow Gather Hunt Cook - Rohan Anderson

Whole Larder Love

Grow Gather Hunt Cook


Published: 26th September 2012
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Rohan Anderson is a family man, a talented DIY-er and a modern-day hunter-gatherer.

Primarily concerned with how to live off the land and provide himself and his family with fresh, local food, Anderson has become and expert hunter, fisher, forager, gardener, pickler and sometimes barterer. He now shares his healthy and sustainable secrets and experiences.

In Whole Larder Love, Anderson gives us delectable recipes, easy-to-follow gardening, foraging and hunting tips, and guidance on the proper tools, gear and resources to use.

About the Author

Rohan Anderson is a modern-day food warrior. Raised on a small farm in rural Victoria, Anderson developed not only an affinity for nature, but also an understanding and appreciation of the role nature plays in providing sustenance. Anderson has taken these lessons into his adult life where he now grows, hunts, fishes and forages in wild and urban surrounds to feed his family. He also documents his adventures through photography, sharing his recipes, slow food philosophies and sometimes contentious views on his hugely popular blog, Whole Larder Love. Describing himself not as a chef, but rather a family cook, Anderson is influenced by rustic, peasant-style cooking, with minimal fuss involved. It's unlikely that you'll find Anderson at the supermarket; instead he is usually wandering around his garden, strolling through forests, foraging for wild mushrooms, hunting in paddocks, and fishing in cool mountain streams.


Highly recommend this book, great, honest information


An honest look at real food, hunting, fishing and gathering from the land as well as cooking the finds.

Victoria Australia


Whole lot of love!


A great read coupled with solid recipes and a beautiful lifestyle to aspire to. This is truly the modern day hippy's read and a lifestyle only you can discover for yourself.

Eildon, Victoria


The title says it all


And its Australian, which means that there is no odd seasonal produce to try to find.

melbourne, AU


Practical, written with personality.


I bought this for my hunter-gatherer partner from a NZ magazine review- he loved it and is obsessing about all the ideas to try...and adapt.

Victoria Australia


Whole Larder Love

4.8 4


There is connectivity to this life of ours.

I like that it's complex, that it's connected and unending, and that all things are linked by some invisible thread. I like that we are flawed, that we can shine, and that we make mistakes. Making this book was all of those things and more. It's been quite an adventure, an eye−opening experience. Until I sat down and documented what I was actually doing (in regards to food) I didn't realise how interconnected my system was. Looking at food on a larger scale is an intimidating task, but breaking it down into little sections makes the idea of it all less daunting. And taking back a little bit of control of where your food is produced makes life tend towards the simple side.

That's the idea, anyway. Simple doesn't mean you don't put in effort or that you just lie back and watch things happen. Simple can sometimes mean more work, more planning, and even more thought put into your philosophy of life. The work comes in the form of getting soil under your fingernails, blood on your shirt, and beads of sweat on your forehead cooking over a hot stove. The planning comes in the form of seasonal preparations and annual events that keep your food stores in check and your vegetable patch happy and productive. And finally, bringing it all together, is your approach to life in general. My philosophy is basic: nature rules supreme. We are only little gears that make the bigger machine do its thing.

Although, fools that we are, as a species we often live as though we are the operator of the machine.

A warning to those who are not regular readers of my blog: I have attitude, I have opinions. To be able to post them on a wall for people to read is a great honour. Take them or leave them−that's cool with me. I am just glad to be able to offer some sort of alternative. It's not an all−or−nothing approach. I'm far from perfect when it comes to food. Living completely ethically involves living in a cave, cold, and no doubt rather naked. Not my cup of tea, really. But to be able to make some changes in our lives that can have a positive impact on the health of ourselves and our environment is a good thing. The more we simplify and redirect our efforts to activities that benefit us and our communities, the more we will help change this messed up world of ours, and hopefully leave behind for our children a planet still wild and beautiful. That's really what it's all about, isn't it?

I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I do eating them! Experiment as much as you like.

Food is one big adventure. And this is by no means everything you need to know or necessarily the only way to approach life. But it's what works for me. I'm sharing my food story. This is a book full of things that I've learned along the way, tricks that I've discovered by making many a mistake, and tips that I've picked up from friends and elders. It's a starting block. The rest is up to you.


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