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Where the Money Is : How to Spot Key Trends to Make Investment Profits - Bob Froehlich

Where the Money Is

How to Spot Key Trends to Make Investment Profits

Hardcover Published: 26th July 2001
ISBN: 9780471393177
Number Of Pages: 320

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From the Foreword

"Truly valuable investment advice doesn't just direct you to buy a particular stock but helps you to think about investment opportunities within sectors-specifically, in the industries that are poised for growth over the next years and decades. Bob's solid guidance helps you target long-term opportunities."
-Suze Orman, Author of The Road to Wealth and #1 New York Times Bestsellers,The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom and The Courage to Be Rich

The five themes driving and shaping the market in the millennium, from one of Wall Street's most respected investors.

In Where the Money Is, Bob Froehlich, one of the financial community's most trusted advisors, gives readers a rare insider's view of the strategies that financial markets and industries are developing to capitalize on the new terrain. Peering over the economic horizon for clues to next year and beyond, Froehlich pinpoints the five most relevant investment themes that will drive and shape the continuing bull market-as they are shaping society-into the new millennium. Focusing on such key issues as the aging baby boomer population, the continued growth of a technology that provides greater access and connectivity to the world, and the rise of the global marketplace, Froehlich shows investors how to spot these larger trends within the financial markets and the economy and to build an appropriate investment strategy to capitalize on them for rich rewards. Froehlich shows readers where the money is and where it can be found in the future.

"Bob Froehlich has written a useful and readable guidebook for the potentially treacherous investment journey. He takes you through virtually every theme, concept, industry and region in a lively and insightful narrative. The novice investor will gain confidence from his explanations and the professional will find some stimulating revelations in his conclusions."--Byron R. Wien, Chief U.S. Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley

"In turbulent, uncertain markets, one searches for an experienced guide like Bob Froehlich, who well knows the pitfalls and, importantly, the opportunities."--Steve Forbes, President CEO, Editor-In-Chief, Forbes magazine

"Technology, politics, globalization . . . Powerful forces are shaping the future, but how is the investor to make sense of it all? Do what the pros do. Turn to Dr. Bob! No one that I know is better at distilling the key trends shaping our future and translating them into actionable advice. This book will get you thinking and will introduce you to a host of great investment opportunities."--Don Phillips, Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc.

"Once you read this book you will enjoy talking about and referring others to BobSpeak (TM.) He cuts through the jargon and gives more than a one-line explanation of important investment terms. Your journey to this section is uniquely laid out in a series of 'Dr. Bob's Notes." His topics range from demographics to globalization and from technology to his principles of investing in long-term trends. I know you will enjoy this book as much as I did. Happy reading!"--Ralph J. Acampora, CMT, Managing Director, Director of Technical Research, Prudential Securities Inc.

"Bob Froehlich is dead-on with his 'Sectornomics' strategy. Fast changing market conditions make diversification prudent amongst asset classes. However, recognizing key economic trends that will drive some sectors more than others is the definitive approach to achieving superior equity returns. This book promises a fast pay-back to investors."--Thomas M. Galvin, Chief Investment Officer, Credit Suisse First Boston

" Where the Money Is provides the long-term investor a complete survey of today's investment opportunities in straightforward language. BobSpeak TM cuts through jargon to inform (and amuse) the reader."--Joseph Battipaglia, Executive Vice President, Chairman of Investment Policy, Gruntal Co.

"Dr. Bob's Where the Money Is dispenses a lot of essential knowledge and great wit. The top ten things to remember at the end of every chapter make this a brief and worthwhile book."--A Michael Lipper, CFA, President, Lipper Advisory Services, Inc.

"Bob Froehlich has given us a witty, entertaining, and insightful look into the major economic trends of our time -- focusing on the long-term factors that are likely to motivate investors and drive markets for years to come. Where the Money Is rises above the day to day din of the trading floor to will both enjoy it and learn from it." address the fundamental forces influencing the economy and money flows."--Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

"Bob's second investment book is a refreshing, well written, and forward thinking primer for investors by one of the best foreword thinking investment strategists in the business."--Dr. Edward Yardeni, Chief Investment Strategist, Deutsche Banc Alex Brown

"Dr. Bob's notes provide a seasoned practitioner's insights on how one should invest in the increasingly interrelated global economy and marketplace."--Mario J. Gabelli, Gabelli Asset Management Inc.

"Not surprisingly, Bob Froehlich's book is both entertaining and informative. Authentic long-term investors take notice!"--Michael F. Holland, Chairman, Holland Company L.L.C.

"In Where the Money Is Bob has provided investors with a thought-provoking yet amusing guide to personal money management."--Jeffrey M. Applegate, Chief Investment Strategist, Lehman Brothers

"One thing guaranteed, anyone who completes Bob Froehlich's second book, Where the Money Is , will know a lot more about finance and investments than before starting. In his upbeat, positive-thinker style, Froehlich covers seven mega-themes, blending macro and micro analysis. Along the way he guides the reader with his "Top ten things to remember" bringing each chapter into focus. Froehlich's guidance is worth taking under consideration."--Robert H. Stovall, CFA, Market Strategist, Prudential Securities

"Wow, did I enjoy reading Where the Money Is. Bob Froehlich gives us an invaluable guide to the new, global, Internet economy, a practical guide to financial planning, and a brilliant, spirited primer on the power of free markets to increase both wealth and freedom around the world -- all rolled into one. And Bob does it with common sense, good humor, and crystal clear prose. A must-read for anyone planning to live, work, and invest in the 21st century."--Jack Kemp, Founder and Co-director, Empower America, Former Congressman, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States

"Dr. Bob has written another dynamite book covering a wide range of topics that are necessary for success in today's fast-paced markets. Where the Money Is is important not only because of its coverage of many little understood but essential investment themes, but also because of the solid advice provided in understanding and investing in many key industries. An added dividend is its lucidity and humor. Must reading for individual and professional investors alike."--David Dreman, Chairman and CIO, Dreman Value Management, L.L.C., author of the best selling Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Next Generation

"Bob Froehlich's top-down trip around the world is an eye and mind opener. Step aboard for an enjoyable and memorable trip! Where the Money Is helps span a notable chasm; by providing insight into important themes, Bob helps investors develop the ideas that should add significant value to their portfolios. Bob's Top Ten lists and investment principles are praiseworthy in their own right."--Thomas M. McManus, Equity Portfolio Strategist, Banc of America Securities

"A wonderful treatment of 'iceberg investment trends' that should determine the core holdings in any long-term portfolio. Once again Bob demonstrates an exceptional talent to present complex subjects in understandable and even entertaining terms."--Elizabeth J. Mackay, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist, Bear, Stearns Co., Inc.

"In Where the Money Is , Dr. Bob Froehlich uses his analysis of demographic trends both in the United States and other parts of the world to construct some broad investment themes which individuals can use for building portfolios designed for long-term investment results. He discusses these trends in terms that anyone can understand. All in all, the book is a great guide to some of the very important longer term issues. These pages will give those that try to build portfolios for their long-term retirement plans a very good backdrop in which to make decisions and stay the course. The book is a handy tool as we go through the turbulent and volatile markets that we seem to find ourselves in these days. A very useful and enjoyable read."--Greg A. Smith, Chief Investment Strategist, Prudential Securities

" Where the Money Is provides an in-depth view of what really drives the market. Dr. Froehlich looks behind the popular conceptions to give a clear view of where money can be made over the next decade. An excellent read for all investors!"--Erik Gustafson, Portfolio Manager, Liberty Growth Stock Fund, Stein Roe Farnham

"Is there life after Nasdaq? Absolutely, says Bob Froehlich. In this thoughtful and far reaching review he argues persuasively that a myriad of important investment opportunities will flow from the aging of the population, global restructuring and privatization, and, yes, even from the continuing information technology revolution. A must read for anyone who's been in the market in the past few years."--Peter J. Canelo, Morgan Stanley

"...the error-prone strategists make the mistake of believing that the future will unfold just like the past. There are others, however, who have eyes to see the dust in the distance, ears to hear the hoof beats of the thundering herd, and noses to smell the money to be made. One of those is Bob Froehlich."-- The Chicago Tribune

Introduction 1

The Evolving Demographics Trends around the Globe 13

The Globalization of Economies and Markets 49

The Technology Revolution Is Creating the "I" (Information Age) Generation 89

Government Downsizing and Privatization 121

Corporate Restructuring, Mergers, and Acquisitions Go Global 155

Sectornomics(TM)--Turning Trends into Strategies, Picking the Sector Winners 193

The Principles of Investing in Long-Term Trends While Living in a Short-Term World 243

BobSpeak(TM) -- A Unique Glossary of Dr. Bob's Investment Terms and Opinions 259

Index 283

ISBN: 9780471393177
ISBN-10: 0471393177
Series: Wiley Audio
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 320
Published: 26th July 2001
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.95 x 16.1  x 2.83
Edition Number: 1

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