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When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People : How to Avoid Common Errors in English - Ann Batko

When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People

How to Avoid Common Errors in English

By: Ann Batko

Paperback Published: 1st May 2004
ISBN: 9781564147226
Number Of Pages: 256

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Ever stumble when choosing between who and whom, affect and effect, "lay" and "lie"?

Are you worried that how you speak or write is holding you back at work? Do you fear you're making frequent conversational errors, but just aren't sure what's correct? How you use language tells people a good deal about who you are, how you think, and how you communicate. Making simple errors in written and spoken English can make you seem less sophisticated, even less intelligent, than you really are. And that can affect (not effect) your relationships, your friendships, and even your career.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use reference is a program designed to help you identify and correct the most common errors in written and spoken English.

After a short and simple review of some basic principles, When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People is organized in the most useful way possible--by error type, such as Problem Pronouns or Mixing up Words that Sound the Same. You choose how to work your way through, either sequentially or in the order most relevant to you. Each unit contains tests at the end to help you reinforce what you've learned. Best of all, the information is presented in a clear, lively, and conversational style--this is not your eighth-grade grammar textbook!

Forewordp. 17
Introduction: How Do We Learn to Speak Correctly?p. 21
Pretestp. 27
Grammar Reviewp. 31
Perplexing Pronounsp. 55
A Lesson on Pronoun Casesp. 56
Use the Subjective Case When...p. 57
Use the Objective Case When...p. 58
Use the Possessive Case When...p. 58
Subjective and Objective Casesp. 59
I vs. Mep. 59
She vs. Herp. 60
Who vs. Whomp. 61
Whoever vs. Whomeverp. 62
Test: Subjective and Objective Casep. 63
Answer Key: Subjective and Objective Casep. 65
Objective and Possessive Casep. 67
His vs. Himp. 67
Their vs. Themp. 67
Test: Objective and Possessive Casep. 69
Answer Key: Objective and Possessive Casep. 69
Relative Pronouns: "Which," "That," and "Who/Whom"p. 71
Which vs. Thatp. 73
Test: Relative Pronounsp. 73
Answer Key: Relative Pronounsp. 74
Intensive or Reflexive Pronouns-What They're for and Where NOT to Put Themp. 75
Me vs. Myselfp. 76
Test: Intensive and Reflexive Pronounsp. 76
Answer Key: Intensive and Reflexive Pronounsp. 77
Vexing Verbsp. 79
Transitive and Intransitive Verbsp. 79
Lie vs. Layp. 81
Sit vs. Setp. 84
Test: Transitive and Intransitive Verbsp. 85
Answer Key: Transitive and Intransitive Verbsp. 86
A Lesson on Verb Tensesp. 86
Forms of the Verb "to Be" Across the Six Tensesp. 89
"Shall" and "Will"p. 91
Tricky Verb Tensesp. 91
Dop. 91
Burstp. 92
Divep. 93
Drinkp. 93
Swimp. 94
Ringp. 94
Singp. 95
Springp. 95
Hangp. 96
Drivep. 96
Oughtp. 97
Be sure andp. 97
Try andp. 98
Test: Tricky Verb Tensesp. 98
Answer Key: Tricky Verb Tensesp. 99
The Subjunctive Moodp. 100
If I Was vs. If I Werep. 102
Test: The Subjunctivep. 103
Answer Key: The Subjectivep. 103
Ambiguous Agreementsp. 105
Subjects With Complex Modifiersp. 106
Agreement With Compound Subjectsp. 107
Subjects Joined by "And"p. 108
"Either/Or" and "Neither/Nor"p. 109
Subjects Joined by "Or"p. 110
Test: Compound Subjects and Verbsp. 111
Answer Key: Compound Subjects and Verbsp. 112
Agreement With Indefinite Pronounsp. 113
Each...Arep. 113
None...Is/Arep. 114
Test: Indefinite Pronouns and Verbsp. 116
Answer Key: Indefinite Pronouns and Verbsp. 117
Indefinite Pronouns and Personal Pronounsp. 118
Everyone...Theirp. 118
Test: Indefinite Pronouns and Personal Pronounsp. 120
Answer Key: Indefinite Pronouns and Personal Pronounsp. 121
Mangled Modifiersp. 123
Adjectives vs. Adverbsp. 123
Bad vs. Badlyp. 123
Real vs. Reallyp. 124
Near vs. Nearlyp. 125
Good vs. Wellp. 125
Test: Adjectives vs. Adverbsp. 126
Answer Key: Adjectives vs. Adverbsp. 127
Comparatives vs. Superlativesp. 127
Bigger vs. Biggestp. 127
Less vs. Leastp. 128
Better vs. Bestp. 128
More vs. Mostp. 129
Test: Comparatives vs. Superlativesp. 130
Answer Key: Comparatives vs. Superlativesp. 130
Distance/Number/Quantity Modifiersp. 131
Between vs. Amongp. 131
Fewer vs. Lessp. 131
Farther vs. Furtherp. 132
Number vs. Amountp. 132
So far as vs. As far asp. 133
Test: Distance/Number/Quantity Modifiersp. 133
Answer Key: Distance/Number/Quantity Modifiersp. 134
Absolute Modifiersp. 135
Unique vs. Most Uniquep. 135
Perfect vs. More Perfectp. 136
Infinite vs. Less Infinitep. 136
Ultimate vs. Penultimatep. 137
Pregnant vs. Less Pregnantp. 137
Test: Absolute Modifiersp. 138
Answer Key: Absolute Modifiersp. 139
Imprecise and Made-up Modifiersp. 139
Hopefullyp. 139
Regretfullyp. 140
Awfulp. 141
Plentyp. 141
Test: Imprecise and Made-up Modifiersp. 141
Answer Key: Imprecise and Made-up Modifiersp. 142
Problem Prepositionsp. 143
Prepositions Expressing Fine Shades of Meaningp. 143
Agree to vs. Agree withp. 143
Differ with vs. Differ fromp. 144
Different from vs. Different thanp. 144
Test: Prepositions That Express Fine Shades of Meaningp. 145
Answer Key: Prpositions That Express Fine Shades of Meaningp. 146
Unidiomatic and Superfluous Prepositionsp. 146
Centers aroundp. 146
Where...atp. 147
As top. 147
Off ofp. 148
Over withp. 148
Type of ap. 149
Test: Unidiomatic and Superfluous Prepositionsp. 149
Key: Unidiomatic and Superfluous Prepositionsp. 149
Confused Connectionsp. 151
Bookend Expressionsp. 152
Not only...But/But alsop. 152
On the one hand...On the other handp. 153
Either...Orp. 154
Neither...Norp. 154
As...Asp. 154
The Reason...Was Thatp. 155
Test: Bookend Expressionsp. 155
Answer Key: Bookend Expressionsp. 156
Imprecise, Pretentious, or Needless Connectorsp. 157
Wherep. 157
Perp. 158
Plusp. 158
As to whetherp. 159
In the event thatp. 159
Owing to the fact thatp. 160
As vs. Because and Sincep. 160
Test: Imprecise Conjunctions and Connectorsp. 160
Answer Key: Imprecise Conjunctions and Connectorsp. 161
Puzzling Pluralsp. 163
Mediap. 163
Datap. 164
Alumnip. 165
Criteriap. 166
Phenomenap. 166
Memorandap. 167
Test: Puzzling Pluralsp. 167
Answer Key: Puzzling Pluralsp. 168
Mixing up Words That Sound the Samep. 169
Accept vs. Exceptp. 170
Advice vs. Advisep. 170
Affect vs. Effectp. 171
Amoral vs. Immoralp. 171
Averse vs. Adversep. 172
Beside vs. Besidesp. 173
Biannually vs. Bienniallyp. 173
Climatic vs. Climaticp. 174
Could of vs. Could havep. 174
Elude vs. Alludep. 175
Imminent vs. Eminentp. 175
Ingenious vs. Ingenuousp. 176
Jibe vs. Jivep. 176
Tack vs. Tactp. 177
Tortuous vs. Torturousp. 177
Test: Mixing up Words That Sound the Samep. 178
Answer Key: Mixing up Words That Sound the Samep. 179
Mixing up Words That Look the Samep. 181
Adapt vs. Adoptp. 181
Allusion vs. Illusion vs. Delusionp. 182
Assignment vs. Assignationp. 183
Childlike vs. Childishp. 183
Continual vs. Continuousp. 184
Creditable vs. Credible vs. Credulousp. 185
Incredible vs. Incredulousp. 185
Elegy vs. Eulogyp. 186
Epitaph vs. Epithetp. 186
Flaunt vs. Floutp. 187
Luxurious vs. Luxuriantp. 187
Morale vs. Moralp. 188
Periodic vs. Periodicalp. 189
Persecute vs. Prosecutep. 189
Proceed vs. Precedep. 190
Respectful vs. Respectivep. 190
Sensuous vs. Sensualp. 191
Simple vs. Simplisticp. 192
Uninterested vs. Disinterestedp. 192
Test: Mixing up Words That Look the Samep. 193
Answer Key: Mixing up Words That Look the Samep. 195
Mixing up Words Whose Meanings Are Relatedp. 197
Annoy vs. Irritate vs. Aggravatep. 197
Burglary vs. Robberyp. 198
Can vs. Mayp. 199
Compose vs. Comprisep. 199
Convince vs. Persuadep. 200
Eager vs. Anxiousp. 201
Explicit vs. Implicitp. 201
Figuratively vs. Literally vs. Virtuallyp. 202
Imply vs. Inferp. 203
Kind of/Sort of vs. Ratherp. 204
Let vs. Leavep. 204
Like vs. As and As ifp. 205
Likely vs. Apt vs. Liablep. 205
Percent vs. Percentagep. 206
Quote vs. Quotationp. 207
Semiannually vs. Semimonthly vs. Semiweeklyp. 207
Serve vs. Servicep. 208
Take vs. Bringp. 209
Use vs. Utilizep. 209
Test: Mixing up Words Whose Meanings Are Relatedp. 210
Answer Key: Mixing up Words Whose Meanings Are Relatedp. 213
Made-up Wordsp. 215
Irregardlessp. 215
Authoredp. 216
Critiquedp. 216
Giftp. 216
Adding "-ize"p. 217
Enthusep. 217
Adding "-wise"p. 218
Test: Made-up Wordsp. 219
Answer Key: Made-up Wordsp. 220
Wasteful Words and Infelicitiesp. 221
A half ap. 221
And et ceterap. 221
Likep. 222
The field ofp. 222
Needless to sayp. 222
Time periodp. 223
Partyp. 223
Test: Wasteful Wordsp. 224
Answer Key: Wasteful Wordsp. 224
Mispronounced Wordsp. 227
Air vs. Errp. 227
Anyways vs. Anywayp. 228
A ways vs. A wayp. 228
Cent vs. Centsp. 228
Libary vs. Libraryp. 228
Reconize vs. Recognizep. 229
Stricly vs. Strictlyp. 229
Heighth vs. Heightp. 229
Athaletics vs. Athleticsp. 229
Goverment vs. Governmentp. 229
Irrevelant vs. Irrelevantp. 230
Temperment vs. Temperamentp. 230
Lightening vs. Lightningp. 230
Mischevious vs. Mischievousp. 230
Grevious vs. Grievousp. 230
Histry vs. Historyp. 231
Nucular vs. Nuclearp. 231
Perscription vs. Prescriptionp. 231
Prespiration vs. Perspirationp. 231
Disasterous vs. Disastrousp. 232
Accidently vs. Accidentallyp. 232
Representive vs. Representativep. 232
Preform vs. Performp. 232
Asterik vs. Asteriskp. 232
Artic vs. Arcticp. 233
Anartica vs. Antarcticap. 233
Expresso vs. Espressop. 233
Review Testsp. 235
Indexp. 249
About the Author and Editorp. 255
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ISBN: 9781564147226
ISBN-10: 1564147223
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 256
Published: 1st May 2004
Publisher: Career Press
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 21.6 x 14.0  x 1.3
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