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What is 'Tai Chi'? - Peter Gilligan

What is 'Tai Chi'?

By: Peter Gilligan

eBook | 15 November 2009

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This book grew out of a question one of the author's students asked. The answer proved to be longer than either teacher or student could have anticipated.

As he looks at the complex art of 'Tai Chi', the author answers questions such as why, unlike in other martial arts, 'Tai Chi' has no gradings; how hard you should try; and how to make the most of your teacher. A wide range of material is covered, including fundamental points about the mechanics of movement and the 'energetic' aspects of practice, as well as the relationship between body, mind and spirit that emerges. The author also provides answers to questions that even experienced practitioners may not have thought to ask, such as what are the levels of self-defense in 'Tai Chi'? How do I refine and develop my 'Tai Chi'? What is the difference between method and technique? How do I put principles into practice?

This insightful book covers all aspects of 'Tai Chi', answering questions that are beyond the scope of many classes. It will be of interest to anyone beginning 'Tai Chi' or Qi Gong, as well as to more experienced practitioners at all levels, practitioners of other martial arts, and friends and relatives of "Tai Chi" players who wonder what all the fuss and enthusiasm is about.

Industry Reviews
A stellar offering for anyone interested in this rapidly growing art... In the end, this 209-page volume (plus some references and a brief index) is literary egg burped up whole and white and shining and pure. In avuncular fashion, the author sews together the threads of what may be China's greatest cultural treasure. What is 'Tai Chi'? will have the voyeur itching to take up the practice, while at the same time deepening the long-term student's understanding. If you like tai chi, you will want to read and ponder this book.

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