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What Happens Next : A Traveler's Guide Through the End of This Age - Max Lucado

What Happens Next

A Traveler's Guide Through the End of This Age

Narrated by: Max Lucado

Author: Max Lucado

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Available: 13th August 2024

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Available: 13th August 2024

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Are we living in the end times? If so, what does that mean for me? Max Lucado's optimistic, accessible, and non-sensational guide to what the Bible says about heaven's timeline will empower readers to face the future with faith.

Seven years of chaos called the Tribulation. A cruel and cunning Antichrist. The dreaded battle of Armageddon. These images and ideas associated with prophecy can be stimulating but also unnecessarily scary. Max Lucado believes God wants us to be prepared, not scared. In his first book exploring the end of this age, Max provides a wise, well-researched, and reassuring overview of what God's Word has to say on a topic that often creates confusion and anxiety.

Max explores four big ideas that will provide a solid foundation for understanding God's plans and will remind us that we are headed to a far better place than where we started. He explains that

  • we were made to reign with Christ;
  • God has made and will keep his promises;
  • heaven has a timeline; and
  • a golden era, the millennium, awaits God's children.

In a world filled with political tension, personal trials, and international turbulence, we find ourselves drawn to exploring what happens next on heaven's timeline. Whether readers find themselves in the "I can't wait," "I'm almost ready," or "I'm not sure about all of this" camp, they will be encouraged to ponder God's plans and promises for the future. In Max's signature encouraging style, he reminds us, "It's all about hope. It's all about him."


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