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Booktopia Bargain Hunter Picks of the Week November has thrown itself at us, coming quicker than ever. Come along later today to see some of the beauties that caught my eye this week.
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No Fiction Here

Everyone has a story to tell. Like me. Once upon a time I was convinced wearing boxer shorts as normal shorts would take off. It didn't pan out.
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Your one stop X-mas stocking list

Tom, take that out of your mouth. Kate, stop playing with the remote, Sara stop hitting Tom. Sigh, keep the little ones anchored down with these wonderful books at wonderful prices.
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Have The World Looking At Your Cooking

When I was 10 I wanted to be Batman, when I was 20 I wanted to be John Lennon, now I just want to be able to cook, and cook darn well. I'm sure these books will show me how...
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The Best for the Best

We hear it all the time. "You're charging WHAT for that?" Yes, we know it's a classic. Yes, we know it's by a once in a generation writer. But we just love shovelling out the bargains and getting people reading!
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Run, Eat Well, Be Merry

I always thought a six-pack was something you won if you came third in the pub trivia at your local. Turns out I was wrong, abominably abdominally wrong.
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Don't Just Stop At Fifty Shades...

Every so often I get asked if Erotica is in the mainstream. In the mainstream, I say, it's leading the mainstream. It's at the front of the marching band! See why with these cheeky titles.
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