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Waves And Wave Forces On Coastal And Ocean Structures : Advanced Series On Ocean Engineering - Robert T. Hudspeth

Waves And Wave Forces On Coastal And Ocean Structures

Advanced Series On Ocean Engineering

Hardcover Published: 1st June 2006
ISBN: 9789812386120
Number Of Pages: 952

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This book focuses on: (1) the physics of the fundamental dynamics of fluids and of semi-immersed Lagrangian solid bodies that are responding to wave-induced loads; (2) the scaling of dimensional equations and boundary value problems in order to determine a small dimensionless parameter e that may be applied to linearize the equations and the boundary value problems so as to obtain a linear system; (3) the replacement of differential and integral calculus with algebraic equations that require only algebraic substitutions instead of differentiations and integrations; and (4) the importance of comparing numerical and analytical computations with data from laboratories and/or nature.

Prefacep. xv
Introductionp. 1
Mathematical Preliminariesp. 5
Introductionp. 5
Symbols, Functions and Linear Operatorsp. 5
Landau Order Symbols O([epsilon]) and o([epsilon]) (Nayfeh, 1973, Chapter 1.3 and Olver, 1990, Chapter 12.1.1)p. 5
Heaviside Step Function U(x - [xi])p. 7
Kronecker Delta [delta subscript mn] Function and Dirac Delta [delta](x - [xi]) Distributionp. 7
Levi-Civita Symbol [epsilon subscript ijk] (Arfken, 1985)p. 7
Gamma Functions [Gamma] ([middle dot]) (Andrews, 1985)p. 8
Error Functions Erf([middle dot]) and Erfc([middle dot]) (Barcilon, 1990, p. 351)p. 9
Gradient Vector Operator [characters not reproducible]p. 10
Curl Vector Operator [characters not reproducible]p. 10
Laplacian Operator [characters not reproducible]p. 11
Stokes Material Derivative Operator D([middle dot])/Dtp. 11
Leibnitz's Rule for Differentiation of Integrals with Parameters (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 7.9)p. 13
Signum (sign [plus or minus]) Functionp. 13
Properties of Seriesp. 13
Power Series (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 4.1)p. 13
Function Seriesp. 14
Maclauren and Taylor Series (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapters 4.1 and 7.5)p. 15
Binomial Expansion (Wylie and Barrett, 1982, p. 938)p. 17
Elementary and Special Functions (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 10.2)p. 18
Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Identitiesp. 18
Euler's Constant [gamma subscript E] (Barcilon, 1990, p. 346)p. 20
Bessel Functions (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapters 4.8 to 4.10)p. 21
Orthogonal Polynomialsp. 26
Linear Ordinary Differential Equations (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapters 1.1 to 1.11) and Operational Calculus (Friedman, 1956)p. 31
Initial and Boundary Data (Stakgold, 1979)p. 32
First Order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 1.4)p. 34
Variation of Parameters and the Duhamel Convolution Integral (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 1.9)p. 35
Properties of Linear Differential Operators L([middle dot]) (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 1.7)p. 39
Method of Frobenius (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 4.4)p. 40
Method of Undetermined Coefficients (Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 1.5)p. 45
Sturm-Liouville Systems (Morse and Feshbach, 1953, Chapter 6.3; Hildebrand, 1976, Chapter 5.6; Oates, 1990, Chapter 3.6.5 and Benton, 1990, Chapter 6.6)p. 48
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanicsp. 53
Introductionp. 53
Conservation of Mass (Continuity Field Equation)p. 55
Momentum Principlep. 57
Inertial Forcesp. 58
Surface Stressesp. 63
Body Forcesp. 69
Navier-Stokes Equations (Lamb, 1932)p. 69
Euler's Equations (Lamb, 1932)p. 70
Mechanical Energy Principlep. 70
Scaling of Equationsp. 71
Dimensional Analysesp. 81
Problemsp. 84
Long-Crested, Linear Wave Theory (LWT)p. 85
Introductionp. 85
Dimensional Boundary Value Problem (BVP) for LWTp. 87
Solutions to Dimensional Boundary Value Problem (BVP) for Long-Crested, Linear Wave Theory (LWT)p. 97
Wave Celerity C and Computing the Eigenvalue k from the Frequency Dispersion Equationp. 105
Eulerian Kinematic Fields and Lagrangian Particle Displacementsp. 113
Eulerian Dynamic Fields, Energy and Energy Flux Conservation Principles for Long-Crested Linear Wavesp. 121
Wave Transformations for Long-Crested, Progressive Linear Waves: Shoaling and Refractionp. 140
Problemsp. 144
Wavemaker Theoriesp. 149
Introductionp. 149
Planar Wavemakers in a 2D Channelp. 154
Computation of the Eigenvalues K[subscript n] by the Newton-Raphson Methodp. 170
Rate of Decay of Evanescent Eigenmodes: n [greater than or equal] 2p. 176
Orthogonality of Orthonormal Eigenfunctions [Psi subscript n] (K[subscript n], z/h)p. 177
Evaluation of Coefficients C[subscript n] by Wavemaker Vertical Displacement x(z/h)p. 180
Determination of Wave Amplitude from Wavemaker Motionp. 185
Hydrodynamic Pressure Force and Moment (Added Mass and Radiation Damping)p. 189
Circular Wavemakersp. 201
Determination of Wave Amplitude from Wavemaker Motionp. 219
Hydrodynamic Pressure Force and Moment (Added Mass and Radiation Damping)p. 231
Double-Actuated Wavemakerp. 242
Directional Wavemakerp. 251
Sloshing Waves in a 2D Wave Channelp. 268
Conformal and Domain Mapping of WMBVPp. 279
Conformal Mappingp. 280
Domain Mappingp. 301
Problemsp. 306
Nonlinear Wave Theoriesp. 309
Introductionp. 309
Classical Stokes: The Method of Successive Approximationsp. 310
Traditional Stokes: Lindstedt-Poincare 4th Order Perturbation Solutionp. 316
Traditional Stokes: Stokes Driftp. 361
Method of Multiple Scales (MMS)p. 371
Stream Function Solutionsp. 394
Breaking Progressive Wavesp. 400
Second-Order Nonlinear Planar Wavemaker Theoryp. 405
Chaotic Cross Waves: Generalized Melnikov Method (GMM) and Liapunov Exponentsp. 423
Problemsp. 492
Deterministic Dynamics of Small Solid Bodiesp. 495
Introductionp. 495
Small Body Hypothesis (Morison Equation)p. 498
Drag dF[subscript d] and Inertia dF[subscript m] Forcesp. 505
Inertia Forcesp. 508
Comparison Between a Fixed Cylinder in Accelerating Flow and an Accelerating Cylinder in Still Fluidp. 509
Accelerating Cylinder in Still Fluidp. 510
Fixed Cylinder in an Accelerating Flowp. 510
Maximum Static-Equivalent Force/Moment (Fixed-Free Beam)p. 515
Parametric Dependency of Force Coefficients C[subscript m] and C[subscript d]p. 520
Relative Importance of dF[subscript m](z[subscript i], t) and dF[subscript d](z[subscript i], t)p. 520
Computing the Force Coefficients C[subscript m] and C[subscript d]p. 522
Methods of Analysesp. 524
Linearized Drag Forcep. 530
Laboratory U-Tube Datap. 532
Ocean Wave Datap. 535
The Dean Eccentricity Parameter and Data Conditionp. 538
Dean Error Ellipse and Eccentricity Parameter E (Geometric)p. 541
Amplitude/Phase Method (Geometric)p. 548
Matrix Condition Numbers (Numerical)p. 555
Modified Wave Force Equation (WFE, Relative Motion Morison Equation)p. 559
Articulated Circular Cylindrical Tower: SDOF Systemp. 563
Two Semi-Immersed Horizontal Circular Cylinders: MDOF Systemp. 573
Transverse Forces on Bluff Solid Bodiesp. 599
Stability of Marine Pipelinesp. 605
Problemsp. 615
Deterministic Dynamics of Large Solid Bodiesp. 619
Dynamic Response of Large Bodies: An Overviewp. 619
Linearized MDOF Large Solid Body Dynamicsp. 636
Kinematic Body Boundary Conditions (KBBC)p. 638
Dynamic Body Boundary Conditions (DBBC)p. 643
Froude-Kriloff Approximations for Potential Theoryp. 662
Froude-Kriloff Load in 2-D Cartesian Coordinatesp. 663
Froude-Kriloff Load in Circular Cylindrical Coordinatesp. 667
Diffraction by a Full-Draft Vertical Circular Cylinderp. 672
Reciprocity Relationshipsp. 682
Green's Functions and Fredholm Integral Equationsp. 688
Orthonormal Eigenfunction Expansion of Green's Function for 2D Wavemakerp. 699
Wave Loads Computed by the FEMp. 706
Problemsp. 716
Real Ocean Wavesp. 719
Introductionp. 719
Fourier Analysesp. 720
Ocean Wave Spectrap. 730
Generic Four-Parameter Wave Density Spectrump. 740
Wave and Spectral Parameters Computed from Spectral Moments m[subscript n]p. 747
Multi-Parameter Theoretical Spectrap. 752
Spectral Directional Spreading Functionsp. 754
Confidence Intervals for FFT Estimatesp. 759
Probability Functions for Random Wavesp. 760
Gaussian (Normal) Probability Distributionp. 765
Rayleigh Probability Distributionp. 772
Distribution of the Maximap. 780
Wave Groupsp. 790
Resolving Incident and Reflected Random Wave Time Seriesp. 803
Random Wave Simulationsp. 808
Conditional Wave Simulationsp. 813
Data Analyses: An Example from Hurricane CARLAp. 823
Random Wave Forces on Small Circular Membersp. 831
Probability Density Function p(Y) (pdf) and Covariance Function [characters not reproducible]([tau]) for Nondeterministic Wave Force per Unit Length for a Small Vertical Circular Pilep. 832
Stochastic Response of Space-Frame Offshore Structurep. 843
Frequency Domain Input-Output Transfer Functionsp. 854
Problemsp. 864
Bibliographyp. 867
Author Indexp. 909
Subject Indexp. 917
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ISBN: 9789812386120
ISBN-10: 9812386122
Series: Advanced Series On Ocean Engineering
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 952
Published: 1st June 2006
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Country of Publication: SG
Dimensions (cm): 23.47 x 15.95  x 5.18
Weight (kg): 1.5