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Wake the Dragon : Spine of the Dragon : Wake the Dragon : Book 1 - Kevin J. Anderson

Wake the Dragon : Spine of the Dragon

Wake the Dragon : Book 1

By: Kevin J. Anderson

Hardcover | 4 June 2019

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Kevin J. Anderson's triumphant return to epic fantasy is a politically charged adventure of swords, sorcery, venegeance, and the rise of sleeping giants.

Two continents at war, the Three Kingdoms and Ishara, are divided by past bloodshed. But when an outside threat arises—the reawakening of a powerful ancient race that wants to remake the world—the two warring nations must somehow set aside generational hatreds and form an alliance to fight their true enemy.
Industry Reviews

"This epic fantasy takes readers on a sometimes brutal, often enthralling journey."--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A brisk and engaging narrative."--Booklist

"The pages turn almost by themselves, because you absolutely, categorically have to find out what happens next."--Kirkus

"One can read the Imager stories as straight fantasy, or as the closest of social commentaries ... without ever degenerating into mere "message" fiction. . . . [T]hey are artful, loving, and lovely configurations of the human experience during transitions one every sort."--The Nameless Zine

"An epic fantasy that has all the complexity and depth of Dune."--Nerd Alert News

"A beautifully written and gripping read."--The American Conservative


"A must-read for any fantasy fan, brilliant and fabulous! One of the greatest talents writing today, Kevin J. Anderson is a master of adventures that are filled with dynamic, unforgettable characters." --Sherrilyn Kenyon

"A fast-paced, enjoyable read. Concise description is paired with immediate action that plunges the reader irrevocably into a world teetering on the brink of a conflagration." --Robin Hobb

"A setting so rich and detailed that the reader will suspend disbelief and actually be there." --R.A. Salvatore

Just what fantasy readers lust after--a complex and intricately detailed universe descending into a war. The details of this exotic world are exquisite. The sprawling cast of characters and creatures is fascinating. The action is terrifying. Let the mayhem begin." --Terry Goodkind

"A hell of a kick-off to a new series."--The NerdBlitz

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Wake the Dragon : Spine of the Dragon : Wake the Dragon : Book 1 - Kevin J. Anderson
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