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Using Behavioral Science in Marketing : Drive Customer Action and Loyalty by Prompting Instinctive Responses - Nancy Harhut

Using Behavioral Science in Marketing

Drive Customer Action and Loyalty by Prompting Instinctive Responses

By: Nancy Harhut

Paperback | 3 August 2022 | Edition Number 1

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Increase engagement, response rates and the ROI of marketing initiatives with this step-by-step guide to harnessing hardwired consumer behavior and instinctive responses.

Using Behavioral Science in Marketing shows how to apply behavioral science principles in key areas of marketing, including marketing communications, email, direct mail and ad campaigns, social media marketing and sales funnel conversion strategies. Highly practical and accessible, it includes case studies and examples from AT&T, Apple, Spotify and The Wall Street Journal showing how these approaches have been used in practice.

Using Behavioral Science in Marketing also reveals how to increase consumer involvement and engagement, convey exclusivity and desirability, and prompt customer action and loyalty with scientifically proven principles such as autonomy bias, storytelling, and the Von Restorff effect. Featuring common mistakes to avoid and key takeaways at the end of each chapter, it's also accompanied by downloadable checklists and an interactive template to use in practice. In a highly competitive space, where even an incremental advantage can result in significant uplifts, this is a crucial resource to create stand out and successful marketing-especially for marketers in highly regulated or highly competitive environments.

About the Author

Nancy Harhut is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at HBT Marketing, a consultancy which specializes in applying human behavior techniques in marketing and whose clients include H&R Block, AARP and Transamerica. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, she previously held senior creative management positions with agencies within the IPG and Publicis networks, where she worked with clients including Dell, Bank of America and AT&T. A regular international conference keynoter, she has been recognized as an Online Marketing Institute Top 40 Digital Strategist and Ad Club Top 100 Creative Influencer.
Industry Reviews
"Marketing professionals can benefit greatly from this book. Its engaging style and numerous research-based takeaways make it a standout in the field." * Robert Cialdini, Author of Influence and Pre-Suasion *
"Nancy's book is like a Brain Tell-All: Revealing all the secrets, biases, and weird brain science fueling human decisions." * Ann Handley, WSJ bestselling author of Everybody Writes, and Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs *
"A tour de force. The most intelligent marketing book I have read in years." * Mark Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion *
"Using the latest behavioral science research, Nancy Harhut has created a clear and actionable guide to how customers' brains really work. Every marketer who wants to attract and retain more customers needs this book." * Roger Dooley, Author of Brainfluence and Friction *
"An actionable and comprehensive guide to neuromarketing from an industry veteran - get it before your competitors do!" * Tim Ash, Author of Unleash Your Primal Brain, keynote speaker, executive marketing advisor *
"You'll use these tactics in your next marketing campaign, but you'll also use them in your next marketing meeting. Yes, this book will help you win support for your ideas in the conference room. I apply what I've learned from Nancy in marketing, in sales and even in management." * Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer, Orbit Media Studios, Author of Content Chemistry *
"Tried and tested principles are at the heart of Nancy's book. Bringing in behavioural techniques such as temporal landmarks, instant gratification and bridging the gap between our present and future selves, this is the type of practical book needed now as we take behavioural science out of the lab and into our working business practices." * Louise Ward, 42 Courses & Co-Host of Behavioural Science Club *
"Nancy has one of the most brilliant marketing minds I have ever come to know. If you follow even one of the principles outlined in this book it will change the course of your business forever!" * Paul Chambers, CEO and Co-Founder, Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) *
"Nancy has created a straight-forward, well researched, easy to use guide for how behavioral insights can improve your marketing strategy and results. It is a gift." * Jeff Kreisler, Co-author of Dollars and Sense, Founding Editor of, Head of Behavioral Science, JP Morgan Chase *
"This is the most important book on marketing in many years. Every page includes valuable and often counter-intuitive information you can put to use right away. If you like Dan Ariely, Robert Cialdini and other behavioral scientists, you're going to love Nancy Harhut." * Alan Rosenspan, President, Alan Rosenspan & Associates, Author of Confessions of a Control Freak *
"Is it too late to steal this manuscript and tell everyone I wrote it? The world is frustrated with what marketing can't accomplish for their businesses. What Nancy Harhut has here is the fix. Don't read this book. Implement it." * Chris Brogan, author and keynote speaker *
"A valuable playbook for using mental shortcuts to speed up the decision-making process. One of the most worthwhile marketing books you'll ever read!" * Kerry O'Shea Gorgone, Senior Editor and Writer at Appfire, Consigliere and Showrunner at Chris Brogan Media, LLC *
"Marketers have a must read with Using Behavioral Science in Marketing. Nancy provides both thoughtful research and insight into how to better connect with the behaviors of consumers." * Kenneth "Shark" Kinney, Professional Speaker, Marketing Strategist, Host of "A Shark's Perspective" Podcast *
"Through continuous testing, direct marketers have long understood that they could motivate a response from prospects using various methods like urgency and social proof. But they never understood exactly why people respond the way they do. At last, Nancy Harhut has harnessed modern neuroscience to explain the reasons behind human response, and help us apply the science to our campaigns. A must for every marketer's bookshelf." * Ruth P. Stevens, B2B marketing consultant and educator, Author of B2B Data-Driven Marketing, Adjunct professor at NYU Stern *
"Clear, concise, and most importantly, interesting. If you can't see her on stage, you're holding the next best thing." * Damian Francis, Managing Partner, Unmade and former Head of Content at Mumbrella *
"Nancy has an incredible ability to help marketers uncover why people respond and how to capture that interest. This is a must read for anyone who wants to drive engagement, sales, and growth." * Jay Schwedelson, Founder,, and President and CEO, Worldata Group *
"Using Behavioral Science in Marketing does a fantastic job of taking a weighty and complex topic like behavioral science and making it practical and easy for anyone to apply. On top of that, it is a fun and engaging read! The book moves along at a pleasing pace, with short chapters that give you a mix of great stories balanced with science and Nancy's proven tips. A must read for every marketer who wants to be competitive in the age of behavioral science (which has already begun)." * Melina Palmer, author of What Your Customer Wants and Can't Tell You and host of The Brainy Business podcast *
"Have you ever wished someone would read all the books you've been meaning to read, highlight the best parts, and then figure out the best ways to put those parts into practice with the specific work you do? That's what Nancy Harhut does with this absolute gift of a book. With Using Behavioral Science in Marketing, Nancy Harhut has created a must-have manual for marketers who want to make sure their work actually works." * Tamsen Webster, author of Find Your Red Thread *
"Mind. Blown. Nancy has reverse-engineered buyer behavior to help you know EXACTLY how to connect and engage with your audience based on behavioral science." * Tom Shapiro, CEO Stratabeat, author of Rethink Lead Generation and Rethink Your Marketing *
"Nancy Harhut is unquestionably one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on consumer psychology in the marketing world. Both hyper-effective and supported by data science, the strategies she outlines in her book, Using Behavioral Science in Marketing, will have an immediate impact on your marketing campaigns and a massive impact on your bottom line." * Jeffry Pilcher, CEO/President, The Financial Brand *
"In an era of media abundance and attention scarcity, we as marketers have to make the most of every moment we happen to get with a prospective consumer. Nancy's practical application of such a wide variety of behavioral science principles will help any brand ensure these valuable moments aren't wasted. An amazing collection of case studies with proven outcomes that will inspire smarter, more effective work and offer readers a distinct competitive edge." * Josh Blacksmith, Senior Director - Global Consumer Relationships and Engagement, Kimberly-Clark *
"A great read for today's results-now marketers. Practical and specific, this is how to actually increase response." * Brian Whipple, CEO Accenture Interactive, 2010-2021 *

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Published: 3rd August 2022

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