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Triumph of Joy - Pauline Robinson

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The real life story of Pauline Robinson. Torn between the pleas for help from her dying father, and the never-ending demands of her mentally ill husband, Pauline was desperate to support them both. The thought of abandoning either of the men she loved racked her body with pain. To her husband Pauline was the enemy as he struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with Vietnam. To her father she was a daughter who adored him since childhood. What am I to do? ... she challenged the empty night air as she sat huddled on the back step. Tears burning her face she demanded of the silence that surrounded her. Why have I been put in the position where I cannot help those I love? Am I being punished? What have I done to deserve such pain? Has your life been awash with fear and uncertainty? You go through the motions of living but your unfilled heart beats to a song of universal abandonment. Have you asked the question mankind has asked of the cosmos for millennium ... Why are we here? What is life all about? When we are in despair there seems no way out, yet the Human Spirit is like a diamond forged under great pressure and is destined to shine. Pauline's questions were answered once she acknowledged that life is a journey to come to know oneself. Her challenges in life became a milestone to look back upon; as lessons learnt enabled her to shine once more and to grow in love, compassion and understanding of self.


Triumph of Joy is a riveting read- I could not put it down. It shows how one can grow through adversity and in the process, discover the most unexpected and enjoyable aspects of our inner self. A remarkable story by an inspiring woman .It will definitely provide encouragement and support to many of us facing personal struggles. Thank you.
Sue Larkin. Sue’s Healing Haven . Concord. Sydney.

What a brave lady you are for sharing this story. And what excellent writing skills you have. I feel people who read this book will change in all they share with others. I know I have changed already and am more prepared to open the curtains a little wider. Hopefully I will be more supportive to others who may close their curtains on their sorrows. Thank you.
Anna Winter.

There is appoint at which we have to stop being locked in our pain, a point at which we have to say-“that sad story no longer defines me.
” But how do we do that? How did Pauline ultimately triumph? How did she transmute pain into joy? This book will show you how she did it. For those who have read Triumph of Joy you will know how special this book is. For those of you who haven’t, today is your chance to find out. You are in for an extraordinary journey. Thank you Pauline for helping me to be brave.
Kimberly O’Sullivan . Historian Waverley Library. NSW


Tentative, nervous fingers danced on the unfamiliar keyboard as I tasted the sweet sensation of writing. Driven by an inner voice to write my story, I was at a loss as to how to begin. Afraid that, just as a thief in the night invades sacred spaces in another’s private world, the written word would seep into my raw wounds, pry open the hidden pain and delve deeply into a soul lost to itself. Like heavy raindrops words appeared, one by one, drop by drop. Each raindrop a fractured tear shattering around me but nobody hears …
So began my journey of a thousand tears.
A surge of emotion transported me to the world I had shared with a mentally ill husband in which I was the enemy, someone not to be trusted, who had to be kept under constant surveillance. Anger and resentment tainted every waking moment, mindful actions were viewed with suspicion and misunderstanding was conjured up as easily as a magician plucks objects from the air.
Year on year my husband’s insecurities intensified, eating deeper and deeper into the shadow side of his soul. To cope with daily life I numbed my heart to the pain, training myself not to feel by reminding myself this was not my husband’s true nature.
My greatest lesson came during these dark hours. Since it was not possible to change my husband’s state of mind, the only thing I could change was myself—my attitude. From this knowing, my transformation began. As a lotus flower blooms out of murky waters, I too grew out of the silent darkness that contained me. By focusing on my thought processes, I become aware of the true power of thought and how it impacts on our lives. It was at this point I realised that it is not the challenges we face that are significant but the way in which we rise above life’s trials, which makes us who we are.
As I opened up, teachers appeared in many guises, heightening my awareness of life’s wisdom. Inspired by them I sought the deeper meaning behind the events unfolding in my life. Blue Feather, Medicine Crow, Ammachi, and White Eagle Medicine Woman assisted me in gaining profound insight into life however the greatest teachers I discovered were the children I encountered on my journey. Pelican, Butterfly and Crow also appeared as animal teachers to help me see the world through different eyes, enhancing my self-discovery.
To my joy, writing magically stirred a passion within, helping me to heal and face my fears. Truth challenged me to look into her mirror, plunging me into the depths of my sightless soul. Descending into the unknown, I became encircled by mirrored self reflections. “Are they all me?” I asked, bewildered.

ISBN: 9780980773309
ISBN-10: 098077330X
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 292
Published: 27th September 2012
Country of Publication: AU
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