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Trish Burr's Embroidery Transfers : Over 70 Iron-on Designs - Trish Burr

Trish Burr's Embroidery Transfers

Over 70 Iron-on Designs

By: Trish Burr

Paperback | 1 October 2020

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This fantastic resource book contains over 70 of Trish Burr's fabulous embroidery designs on easy-to-use iron-on transfer paper.

This fantastic resource book contains over 70 iron-on designs from world-renowned embroiderer Trish Burr's best-selling embroidery books, plus 6 new bonus designs.
Project instructions for each design are available in Trish's inspirational books Needle Painting Embroidery, Colour Confidence in Embroidery, Miniature Needle Painting Embroidery and Whitework with Colour.
Choose from a wonderful range of inspiring designs, including flowers, birds, figures, animals and small vignettes. The book contains a short section at the start which gives colour inspiration for every design plus advice on using the transfers; the rest of the book consists of iron-on transfer paper.
Using the iron-on transfers is very simple, and each design can be used, stored then reused multiple times. This book gives embroiderers a bumper selection of designs to choose from - it will provide embroiderers of all abilities with the confidence they need to get started creating their own masterpieces.
Industry Reviews

Love the transfers in this book, has definitely got me in the mood to get back into embroidery.

-- Kathleen Nash * Amazon Customer Review *

This is a wonderful book for making sewing embroidery on costumes so much easier, you could just use the techniques to print too and save stitching time - thanks Search Press.

-- Jazz Tattersall * Amazon Customer Review *

I love Trish's embroidery, I have been following her on social media for some time. Its good to see her patterns transfers. They transfer great onto the fabric and have good range of smaller and bigger pieces.

-- Jessica Irene Morgan * Amazon Customer Review *

The cover of the book is beautiful and explains exactly what you will get in the book, which is over 70 lovely iron on transfers all shown with fully embroidered colour pictures. The transfers are clear and inviting and for someone experienced in embroidery - it is like an Aladdin's cave.

-- Davina Williams * Amazon Customer Review *

This book isn't quite what I expected but I do like it, I just hadn't read the description properly ahead of time. The vast majority of the pages are filled with designs to transfer onto fabric so that you can embroider the images and the first few pages are photos from all of Trish's previous embroidery books of the original embroidered works. In those books are where you'll find the tutorials and thread colours and step-by-step instructions if you wish to follow her closely but of course you don't have to, you can either attempt to colour match by eye from the photos in the book, or choose your own colour scheme and just go for it. The designs are intricate with plenty of details, most would fit in a 3-4" hoop with some larger designs included.

Many of the pages include a number of designs on each and all are very clearly categorised and labelled by original book title so that you can easily go and find the corresponding instructions in that book if you wish to follow her tutorials. The transfer process itself takes a little practice but the written and visual instructions in the book are clear and by the second go I had it nailed. I also extended the time to 1.5 minutes which gave a much clearer outline and worked really well. I used the same transfer 3 times and it looks like it would still work well enough a 4th time, albeit it gets feinter each time. The flower and bird illustrations are really lovely and very much my cup of tea so I'm really looking forward to transferring and then embroidering those. All in all, it's a good book, especially good if you have the books with the original art in. Overall, I'd recommend it.

-- Lucy Fyles * Amazon Customer Review *

A stunning book of transfers with well written instructions on how to use.

-- Sara Hawkins * Amazon Customer Review *

Trish Burr's Embroidery Transfers is one of the many new embroidery books published by Search Press this year, as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration. They sent me an advanced copy, which took me a full three minutes to read.

And that's a good thing - because this isn't a book you have to read. It's a book of iron-on embroidery transfers featuring designs from Trish Burr's embroidery books, plus a few bonus designs.

The whole point of this book is to allow you to jump straight into the fun part of embroidery without having to worry about the difficulties of hand-transferring the designs.

At the beginning of the book, you'll find full colour images of the embroideries that are featured in Trish's many books.

There are no instructions for the embroideries in this book. If you need instructions, you'll find all the projects detailed in Trish's original books.

From Trish's iconic needlepainting projects featuring flowers and birds, to her miniature projects, to her "whitework with colour" projects - you'll find them all ready and waiting for your iron!

There are instructions on how to use the iron-ons (you can get about three good impressions from them, so they can be re-used), and then the iron-ons themselves, which are nicely spaced on the pages so that they're not fiddly to cut out.

The back cover of the book is a handy folder, so that you can tuck your cut iron-ons safely inside for future use.

If you struggle with transferring embroidery designs, if you long to work Trish's designs but are hesitant because of the transfer process, this problem goes completely away with this book!

-- Mary Corbet * Needle 'n Thread *

This book gives embroiderers of all abilities a bumper selection of over 70 iron-on designs, plus six new bonus designs. Using the iron-on transfers is very simple and each design can be used, stored then reused multiple times.

* Machine Knitting Monthly *

The transfers are all helpfully grouped in chapters corresponding to the books they are taken from. Ms Burr makes it plain at the beginning that no instructions are given here, you can find those in the books, but a transfer is just an outline for embroidering over so you can interpret them as you wish. The motifs depict a range of subjects from flora and fauna (the author lives in South Africa) to people, Jacobean style images and several stylized designs that are reminiscent of art deco.

To give you inspiration and get the colours right on the wildlife and flowers there are coloured photographs of all the designs in their worked state. There are also six bonus transfers which are not shown stitched but as coloured drawings. For anybody new to transfers there is a page clearly showing how to use them in staged photographs. That's it... you are on your own or referring to your copies of the books. Most of the images are perfect for the thread painting technique, but as they are simple shapes it would be easy and fun to do your own thing. They vary in size from whole page to smaller images fitted two or four on a page roughly 10" x 8". A useful resource for embroiderers and guaranteed to make you want the books they are taken from if you don't have them already!

-- Rachel A Hyde * *

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