Tonight I Met a Deva, an Angel of Love - Alan E. Clements

Tonight I Met a Deva, an Angel of Love

By: Alan E. Clements

Hardcover | 15 June 2022

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'Tonight I Met a Deva, an Angel of Love' tells a timeless and inspiring story delivered by a Deva, an Angel of love from Tusita, the celestial realm from the Buddhist tradition, the heaven where Maitreya, Buddha-to-be, resides. Through flowing, rhyming verses the Deva has a heartfelt conversation with a child, revealing the simple essence of Buddha's Teachings: The Four Noble Truths. In few words, she reveals the true nature of life, the causes of strife, the freedom from it, and the path of living with ethical and mindful intelligence, in the language of children.

This simple, yet captivating story, written for ages 7 to 12 years old, and older, is to soften the spirit, open the heart, and create an atmosphere of joy, rest and wonderment. It is designed to nurture seeds of hope and wisdom, and to evoke an intimate discussion between parent and child on the ever-evolving meaning and significance of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths, over years to come. Drawing from classical Buddhism, the story is universal in meaning, as the author, a former Buddhist monk, encourages young people, each in their own way, to discover truth, love and freedom, each and every day.

This book provides a colorful beacon of light to the young, in a world of challenges.

REVIEW OF THE BOOK, by Tilly Campbell-Allen

"Tonight I Mеt A Dеva, An Angel Of Love" is a beautiful new book by Alan Clements with a foreword by H.H.14th Dalai Lama.

"This book by Alan Clements inspires people, young and old. He addresses that the reality of life can be fraught with difficulties and yet full of joy. If you have the compassion and wisdom, it's always possible to overcome whatever challenges you face. I admire Alan's determination to pass this important message onto the next generation - keeping his daughter especially in mind."

With my prayers

The Dalai Lama

In Alan Clements' literary gem of mystical realism, Buddhism's essential teachings - The Four Noble Truths - unfold during an enchanted encounter, though the wisdom transcends any one religion. This precious book is a road map for a profoundly healthy way of living, spoken with a poetic voice soft enough to warmly wrap around the shoulders of a sleepy young child. While Buddhist terms dance effortlessly with contemporary rhymes on pages brimming with luminous imagery set to inspire both wonder and reflection at any age. Gone are the pages of heady academic review, instead we are encouraged to slip into the magic of our heart. We are gently reminded of the nature of things and how to swim mindfully through this space called life.

The Four Noble Truths were noble over 2500 years ago yet never do they feel more relevant and imperative. As adults, we have a remarkable responsibility to our children to help them know the majesty of this precious life and precious planet.

Read this compelling book for yourself and read it to your young ones, and ready yourself for the blossoming, and a true transformation.

The illustrations for this book have been generously donated by a small collection of Artists at Dakini As Art.

"Alan Clements' lovely book is pure and straight from the heart. I recommend it to every living child, to give them a true appreciation of what real life can be if the search for purity and meaning prevails." Helen Caldicott, pediatrician, founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility -1985 Nobel Peace Prize