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Three Women


By: Lisa Taddeo

Paperback | 10 July 2019

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All Lina wanted was to be desired. How did she end up in a marriage with two children and a husband who wouldn't touch her?

All Maggie wanted was to be understood. How did she end up in a relationship with her teacher and then in court, a hated pariah in her small town?

All Sloane wanted was to be admired. How did she end up a sexual object of men, including her husband, who liked to watch her have sex with other men and women?

Three Women is a record of unmet needs, unspoken thoughts, disappointments, hopes and unrelenting obsessions.

About the Author

Lisa Taddeo spent eight years and thousands of hours tracking the women whose stories comprise Three Women, moving to the towns they lived in to better understand their lives. She has contributed to New York magazine, Esquire, Elle, Glamour and many other publications. Her short stories have won two Pushcart Prizes. She lives with her husband and daughter in Connecticut.
Industry Reviews
The kind of bold, timely, once-in-a-generation book that every house should have a copy of, and probably will before too long * New Statesman *
Three Women is an astonishing act of imaginative empathy and a gift to women around the world who feel like their desires are ignored and their voices aren't heard. This is a book that blazes, glitters and cuts to the heart of who we are. I'm not sure that a book can do much more * Sunday Times *
When I picked it up, I felt I'd been waiting half my life to read it; when I put it down, it was as though I had been disembowelled. There isn't a woman alive who won't recognise - her stomach lurching, her heart beating wildly - something of what Maggie, Lina and Sloane go through -- Rachel Cooke * Observer *
An extraordinary piece of non-fiction - a page-rippingly intimate and compelling narration of the desires and sexual proclivities of three real women. Taddeo does not sensationalise, but nor is she coy; the narrative crackles with the visceral details of eroticism. The result feels like a new genre * The Times *
A book with the thrill of the new that you can expect to dominate WhatsApp threads, line tube carriages and pop up in foreign AirBnbs for years to come. Taddeo hasn't just caught a moment, she has spawned a new genre. Three Women reminds us that it is both wonderful and brutal to be in love * Evening Standard *
It's painful and beautiful, gutting and sexy. I don't think I've read a book that has captivated me as intensely as this one, which I still think about, months later, in the quietest hours of the night * Red *
I've never read a work of non-fiction that so candidly and completely accesses the inner sanctums of its subjects' private lives. I must confess that I found this book almost impossibly compelling. Three Women is a sort of real-world Mills & Boon novel told with the gravitas and momentum of the grittiest, most gripping true crime story. It's the book no one I know can put down, and the one everyone is talking about * Daily Telegraph *
Three Women examines love and lust, instigation and exploitation, fairytales and infidelity, girlhood and womanhood and motherhood and all the liminal spaces between, and it asks big questions about who we are allowed to be as women. I salute Lisa Taddeo -- Elizabeth Day
One of the blockbuster publishing events of 2019. An instant classic * i *
The book every man should read this summer. An incredible feat, Three Women has the qualities and the momentum to become a literary sensation * Esquire *
Will have millions nodding in recognition. This is the kind of book you can devour in one sitting * The Times *
This is the In Cold Blood of women's sexuality. A non-fiction novel of such recurring darkness, truth and astonishment I will probably re-read it every year of my life -- Caitlin Moran
After eight years and an almost-telepathic representation of her three subjects - Lina, Maggie and Sloane - Taddeo has created a book that explores these women's desires and disappointments and, in doing so, has made something so universal it'll knock the breath right out of you. It'll be a classic of its genre * Stylist *
Taddeo delivers truths you know in your bones (but have probably never verbalised or made sense of) at breakneck speed. You might find yourself needing to scream into a pillow - it just is that kind of book, the kind that deserves all the hyperbole I'm using right now. It is infuriating, brutal, eye-opening and reaffirming. Within a day of starting it, I had forced two friends to read it, because it's impossible not to discuss. This is a book unlike any other you have ever read * Elle *
As gripping as the most gripping thriller. Moving, immersive, surprising, elegantly written ... You will love it -- Marian Keyes
Extraordinary. I can't remember the last time a book affected me as profoundly as Three Women -- Elizabeth Gilbert
Intense and riveting. It gives us epic themes in miniature. These women broke my heart and I won't forget them -- Gillian Anderson
I literally could not put it down -- Gwyneth Paltrow
[An] instant feminist classic. In this utterly engrossing, frankly game-changing work of narrative non-fiction, a New York magazine contributor profiles a trio of everyday women, shining a light on their darkest desires and how men (and other women) often thwart those wants -- Michelle Hart * O, The Oprah Magazine *
It is the deepest dive into our neighbours' consciousnesses that I've ever read, so immersive it approaches the Tolstoyan, and its narcotic pleasures mainline the only thing that can truly save us: empathy -- Adam Ross
Brilliant. In a year when female sexuality is one of the hottest topics of debate, it's a must-read -- Summer Reads * Vogue *
Three Women is riveting - a searing, honest, visceral and compulsive account of women's desire. I've never read anything like it -- Esther Freud
I don't say this lightly - the greatest book I've ever read about women and desire -- Rachel Cooke
I've not read something so confronting, humane, and brilliant in a really long time. An outstanding achievement -- Kiran Millwood Hargrave
This is one of the most riveting, assured and scorchingly original debuts I've ever read. Taddeo's beautifully written and unflinching portraits of desire allow her protagonists to be wholly human and wholly, blessedly complex. I can't imagine a scenario where this isn't one of the most important - and breathlessly debated - books of the year -- Dave Eggers
Very special ... The three stories blend and layer over one another to give a picture of modern gender dynamics that feels rather iconic -- Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
Three Women is painstaking, painful, unblinking, unsentimental and utterly unapologetic -- David Shields, author of 'The Trouble With Men: Reflections on Sex, Love, Marriage, Porn, and Power'
This book will amaze you, for articulating so directly and beautifully the chaotic truths of women's desire ... It will astound you, for the mastery of its execution, the surprising descriptive language that crops up in between the clean, intellectual reportage ... This is going to be my non-fiction book of the year -- Jessie Burton
An incredible book about sadness, broken dreams and disappointment - read it immediately * The Sun *
Three Women is a battle cry. The literary brilliance of the book will knock you back. For anyone who thinks they know what women want, this book is an alarm, and its volume is turned all the way up * Time Magazine *
I don't think I've ever read such an honest, frank and perceptive portrait of female desire. It is as addictive as a thriller, as well as being supremely well-written, intelligent and insightful -- Elizabeth Macneal
Three Women is the new required reading for women and any person who wants to know them. Taddeo has given these women's testimonies of desire, love and trauma a brilliance and dignity that is nothing short of revolutionary -- Stephanie Danler
Taddeo has combined journalistic rigour with luscious prose in a book set to be one of the summer's most talked about * Irish Independent *
I've never, ever, read something so honest about womanhood before. Truly, exquisitely, remarkable ... It's going to be deservedly massive -- Holly Bourne
One of the most exciting debuts I've read in years; the writing is muscular and addictive. A powerful record of ebbing disappointments, unspoken feelings and the endless complexity of female desire * Sunday Times Style *
Lisa Taddeo's Three Women offers a fascinating excavation of the intricacies of love and desire, where they conspire and where they conflict. Read this book. You will forever rethink the erotics of women -- Esther Perel
Three Women allows women to say what they would normally keep hidden. Mostly it reads like a thriller: unputdownable ... It is a story you will have never read before * i *
Three Women is a skilled example of imbricated layering, mixing high trauma with the quotidian, the profound with the peripheral. The testimony on offer here is extremely gripping ... I raced through from cover to cover * Literary Review *
What hope is there for non-famous women who scandalise society with their desires? Who will defend them? The answer is American author Lisa Taddeo, whose book Three Women restores dignity, agency and humanity to her belittled subjects, all of whom have been rendered vulnerable by passion. The result is a blazing act of advocacy, drawn from the writer's forensic analysis and imaginative inhabitation of the women's lives -- Rowan Pelling * Daily Telegraph *
An urgent, sometimes harrowing trio of true-life stories told with the spellbinding allure of great fiction * Metro *
The summer book you won't be able to put down. Lisa Taddeo spent eight long years researching and writing Three Women, but you'll likely race through it in a couple of days. There is an emotional honesty to the book that is sometimes almost painful to read. There are also moments of beauty - it's very rare to come across such bright and clear descriptions of sex, longing and lust, and they offer a unique insight into the hearts, souls and bodies of women * Grazia *
Three Women has already been called the most important book of the year. These are stories about yearning, thwarted and corrupted ... It's compelling, in no small part due to the non-fiction as fiction style, which gives it a thriller-like pace and allows for character portraits so intimate they feel oppressive * Evening Standard *
Destined to be not just one of the books of the summer, but also of the year, Three Women is a staggering and illuminating achievement * Red *
If a measure of outstanding biographical writing is that it closes the gap between how we perceive a person from the outside, and what that person thinks, feels and desires, then this debut by a prize-winning writer and journalist not only succeeds, but takes such writing to new heights ... An utterly compelling, scorching piece of reportage ... You won't want to stop reading it * Bookseller, Book of the Month *
The most anticipated book of the summer. Nearly impossible to put down once you've committed * The Gloss *
The biggest debut of the year. [A] groundbreaking exploration of female desire * Vogue *
So intimate. It's amazing for women's experiences, their sexuality and their passion to be centred and to be valued in this way -- Gemma Chan * Stylist *
Undeniably gripping -- Alex Clark * Financial Times *
Lisa Taddeo's scorching, revelatory debut blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction * Psychologies *
Extraordinary. If you're looking for your next Book Club choice, this should be it. A masterpiece * Irish Examiner *
Every so often a book comes along that sets the world alight and ignites feverish interest. Reviewers rave about it and readers take to social media to explain why everyone needs to read it - and Three Women is definitely the book of the moment * Sunday Express *
You will Instagram yourself reading this by the pool because what is the point otherwise? -- Sophia Money-Coutts * Sunday Telegraph *

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