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There Is a Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts : Fart Monster and Friends - Tim Miller

There Is a Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts

By: Tim Miller, Matt Stanton (Illustrator)

Hardcover | 1 October 2014

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From the cheeky duo who brought you There Is A Monster Under My Bed Who Farts and The Pirate Who Had To Pee comes a book that is perfect for naughty boys this Christmas.

The Fart Monster is back and he's tootier than ever! It's Christmas, and Fart Monster is up to his old stinky tricks ... Will the boy get the blame this time? Or will he be able to convince Santa to keep him off the naughty list?

About the Author

By day, Tim Miller is a campaign manager at one of Australia's leading publishers. By night, he dedicates his time to finding as many adjectives about 'farts' and 'pee' as humanly possible. By day, Matt Stanton is Head of Design at a top Australian publishing house, and an award-winning book designer. By night, he delights in drawing rude pictures of farting monsters and peeing pirates.

There is a Monster ... Who Farts

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