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Theories of Truth : A Critical Introduction - Richard L. Kirkham

Theories of Truth

A Critical Introduction

Paperback Published: 2nd March 1995
ISBN: 9780262611084
Number Of Pages: 416
For Ages: 18+ years old

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"Theories of Truth" tackles one of the most difficult areas in philosophy. It surveys all of the major theories of truth, presenting the crux of the issues involved at a level accessible to nonexperts yet in a manner sufficiently detailed and original to be of value to professional scholars. Included are discussions of such theories as the correspondence, coherence, pragmatic, semantic, performative, redundancy, appraisal, and truth-as-justification theories. Also covered are the liar paardox, three-valued logic, Field's critique of Tarski, satisfaction, and recursion, as well as how the theories of justification, properly understood, differ from theories of truth. "A Bradford Book"

Industry Reviews

"Kirkham's book is a superb introduction to the metaphysics and semantics of truth. Kirkham also makes a important original contribution to the subject by insisting that we keep track of the purposes to which a theory of truth is to be put. This is one introductory book that will be of as much interest to specialists as to beginning students." Frederick F. Schmitt , Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Projects of Theories of Truth
Four-Dimensional Confusion
How to Resolve This Confusion
Natural Necessity
Philosophical Analysis
The Main Projects and Their Subdivisions
Putting the Clues Together
Projects and Programs
Chapter Summary
Justification and Truth Bearers
The Epistemological Enterprise
Truth, Justification, and Warranted Assertibility
Confusion about Truth Bearers
A Tolerant Attitude about Truth Bearers
Sentence Tokens
Truth versus Truth-in-L
An Objection to the Concept of a Truth Bearer
Chapter Summary
Nonrealist Theories
Realist and Nonrealist Theories of Truth
Charles S. Peirce's Pragmaticism
William James's Instrumentalism
Truth and Value
Brand Blanshard's Coherence Theory
Skepticism and Nonrealist Theories
A Regress Problem for All Nonrealist Theories
Local Nonrealism
Chapter Summary
The Correspondence Theory
Two Kinds of Correspondence
Bertrand Russell's Theory of Correspondence as Congruence
J. L. Austin's Theory of Correspondence as Correlation
Some Technical Problems
The Essence of the Correspondence Theory
Nonrealist Correspondence Theories
Objections to the Correspondence Theory
Chapter Summary
Alfred Tarski's Semantic Theory
Tarski's Goals
Tarski's Theory
Names and Natural Languages
Programs and Special Adequacy Conditions
The Essence of Tarski's Notion of Truth
Is the Semantic Theory a Correspondence Theory?
Chapter Summary
Objections to Tarski's Theory
Objections to Tarski's Material Adequacy Condition
The Semantic Theory and the Justification Project
The Relativity Objection
The Vacuity Objection
Is Tarski Ontologically Neutral?
Hartry Field and the Physicalist Program
Neurath, Carnap, and the Origins of Modern Physicalism
Objections to Physicalism
Chapter Summary
The Justification Project
The Relation of Theories of Justification to Theories of Truth
Instrumentalism as a Theory of Justification
F. H. Bradley's Coherence Theory of Justification
Chapter Summary
Davidson and Dummett
Davidson's Program
Complications and Cautions
Some Objections to the Davidson Program
Dummett's Theory of Meaning
Dummett's Argument against Construing Meaning as Truth Conditions
A Critique of Dummett's Argument
Truth-as-Justification and Skepticism Again
Chapter Summary
The Liar Paradox
Damnable Lies
Russell's Theory of Types
The Object-Language/Metalanguage Distinction
Criticisms of the Language-Levels Approach
Saul Kripke's Theory of Truth-Value Gaps
A. N. Prior's Solution
Truth-Value Gluts
Situational Semantics and the Liar Paradox
Chapter Summary
The Speech-Act Project and the Deflationary Thesis
Strawson, Price, and the Illocutionary-Act Project
The Assertion Project
The Theory of Truth-as-Appraisal
F. P. Ramsey's Redundancy Theory
C. J. F. Williams's Redundancy Theory
The Prosentential Theory of Truth
The Deflationary Thesis
Paul Horwich's Minimalist Answer to the Metaphysical Project
Chapter Summary
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ISBN: 9780262611084
ISBN-10: 0262611082
Series: Theories of Truth
Audience: Professional
For Ages: 18+ years old
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 416
Published: 2nd March 1995
Publisher: MIT Press Ltd
Country of Publication: US
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