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The Transcendence of Celeste Kelly - Peter Smith

The Transcendence of Celeste Kelly

By: Peter Smith

Paperback | 28 July 2023

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When Celeste Kelly, a brilliant but troubled young physicist from Australia, attempts to find the hidden secrets shared within the many worlds theory, the uncertainty principle and string theory, Bob, a being from another dimension, materialises to expand her research, hoping that she will help steer humanity to a new level of consciousness. 


Inspired by their vision, she takes on the challenge, but in order to help build a brighter future for our planet, she must overcome personal tragedy, move far beyond accepted science, and outsmart those who wish to silence her. Her own transcendence may open the door for the rest of humanity to follow - but only if she survives long enough to share her discoveries.

Industry Reviews

"A must read for those searching for their greater purpose in life and open minded enough to make it happen." - Barry Eaton, broadcaster and author of Afterlife, No Goodbyes and Past Lives Unveiled.

"A wonderful and insightful journey for those who are seeking to understand human consciousness and the nature of reality. A great read, highly recommended." - 

Mary Rodwell, founder of ACERN and author of Awakening and The New Human.

"I found this a hard book to put down. If you're interested in how the universe really works, then so will you."- Bill Bennett, award-winning filmmaker

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