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The The Chronicle of Peru 2 Volume Set Travels of Pedro de Cieza de Leon, A.D. 1532-50 : Volume 1 - Pedro de Cieza de Leon

The The Chronicle of Peru 2 Volume Set Travels of Pedro de Cieza de Leon, A.D. 1532-50

Volume 1

Paperback Published: 24th June 2010
ISBN: 9781108013345
Number Of Pages: 524

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The publications of the Hakluyt Society (founded in 1846) made available early accounts of exploration. The first series, which ran from 1847 to 1899, consists of 100 books containing published or previously unpublished works by authors from Christopher Columbus to Sir Francis Drake, and covering voyages to the New World, to China and Japan, to Russia and to Africa and India. Pedro de Cierza de Leon (c.1520 1554) was a Spanish solider who participated in many expeditions throughout South America. Between 1548 and 1553 he travelled across Peru, interviewing local officials and Inca prisoners and collecting information about the landscape and indigenous people. Volume 33 of the Hakluyt series, first published in 1874 and reissued here, begins the first English translation of his work, which was continued in Volume 68 (1883). This volume contains detailed descriptions of the geography of Peru and an ethnographical account of different indigenous cultures."

Introduction; Dedication; Prologue; 1. Which treats of the discovery of the Indies; 2. Of the city of Panama; 3. Of the ports between Panama and the land of Peru; 4. Describes the navigation as far as the Callao of Lima; 5. Of the ports and rivers on the coast; 6. How the city of San Sebastian was founded; 7. How the barb is made so poisonous; 8. In which other customs of the Indians subject to the city of Uraba are described; 9. Of the road between the city of San Sebastian and the city of Antioquia; 10. Of the grandeur of the mountains of Abibe; 11. Of the cacique Nutibara, and of his territory; 12. Of the customs of those Indians; 13. Of the description of the province of Popayan; 14. Containing an account of the road between the city of Antioquia and the town of Anzerma; 15. Of the customs of the Indians of this land; 16. Of the customs of the Caciques and Indians in the neighbourhood of the town of Anzerma; 17. Concerning the provinces and towns between the city of Antioquia and the town of Arma; 18. Of the province of Arma; 19. The sacrifices offered up by these Indians; 20. Of the province of Paucura; 21. Of the Indians of Peru; 22. Of the province of Picara; 23. Of the province of Carrapa; 24. Of the province of Quinbaya; 25. In which the subjected of the preceding chapter is continued; 26. Which touches upon the provinces in this great and beautiful valley, up to the city of Cali; 27. Of the situation of the city of Cali; 28. Of the villages and chiefs of Indians who are within the jurisdiction of this city of Cali; 29. In which the matter relating to the city of Cali is concluded; 30. In which the road is described from the city of Cali to that of Popayan; 31. Concerning the river of Santa Martha; 32. In which the account of the villages and chiefs subject to the city of Popayan is concluded; 33. In which an account is given of what there is between Popayan and the city of Pasto; 34. In which the account of what there is in this country is concluded, as far as the boundary of Pasto; 35. Of the notable fountains and rivers in these provinces; 36. Which contains the description and appearance of the kingdom of Peru from the city of Quito to the town of La Plata; 37. Of the villages and provinces between the town of Pasto and the city of Quito; 38. In which it is stated who were the Kings Yncas, and how they ruled over Peru; 39. Of other villages and buildings between Carangue and the city of Quito; 40. Of the situation of the city of San Francisco del Quito; 41. Concerning the villages beyond Quito as far as the royal palaces of Tumebamba; 42. Of the other villages between Llacta-cunga and Riobamba; 43. Which treats of what there is to be said concerning the other Indian villages; 44. Concerning the grandeur of the rich palaces of Tumebamba; 45. Concerning the road which leads from the province of Quito to the coast of the South Sea; 46. In which an account is given of certain things relating to the province of Puerto Viejo; 47. Treating of the question whether the Indians of this province were conquered by the Yncas or not; 48. How these Indians were conquered by Huayna Ccapac; 49. Religious practices; 50. How in ancient times the Indians of Manta worshipped; 51. In which the account of the Indians of Puerto Viejo is finished; 52. Of the wells which there are at the point of Santa Elena; 53. Concerning the foundation of the city of Guayaquil; 54. Of the island of Pena, and of that of La Plata; 56. How the city of Santiago de Guayaquil was founded; 57. Of the Indian villages between the buildings of Tumebamba and the city of Loxa; 58. Concerning the provinces between Tamboblanco and the city of San Miguel; 59. In which the narrative is continued down to the foundation of the city of San Miguel; 60. Concerning the road which the Yncas ordered to be made; 61. How these Yuncas were very superstitious; 62. How the Indians of these valleys and o

ISBN: 9781108013345
ISBN-10: 1108013341
Series: Cambridge Library Collection: Travel and Exploration (Paperback)
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 524
Published: 24th June 2010
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 21.59 x 14.0  x 2.97
Weight (kg): 0.66

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