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The Teen Girl's Anxiety Survival Guide : Ten Ways to Conquer Anxiety and Feel Your Best - Lucie Hemmen

The Teen Girl's Anxiety Survival Guide

Ten Ways to Conquer Anxiety and Feel Your Best

By: Lucie Hemmen

Paperback | 1 February 2021

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10 powerful skills to help you deal with anxious thoughts and feelings-so you can get back to being a teen!Being a teen girl isn't easy-even without an anxiety disorder. In a world where you face extremely high expectations at school, social media overwhelm, and a relentless pressure to be perfect, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. And if you have anxiety, this is especially true. But you should know that there are ways for you to manage your fears and worries, so you can get back to living your life. This book will show you how.In The Teen Girl's Anxiety Survival Guide, you'll find 10 strategies to help you cope with anxious thoughts and feelings in healthy ways. You'll learn all about how anxiety works, and why you feel it; how to overcome negative thinking; mindfulness skills for calming your mind and body; and how self-compassion can help you cultivate a more positive outlook on life. You'll also discover how to balance screen time and social media use; and strengthen relationships with family and friends, so you can get the support you need to be your best.As a teen girl, sometimes you just need a space to breathe and be yourself. With this fun and friendly guide, you'll learn to find that space within yourself-a place of your own where you can go anytime life feels a little too extra.What are you waiting for?

Industry Reviews
“Being a teenage girl can be exhausting and stressful. With stressors from school, social media, family, friends, and more, navigating the teen years can be a lot to handle. Hemmen presents 10 strategies to help manage anxiety, each addressed in a separate chapter.... The information is broken up into easily digestible sections, making for a pleasant, informative, and quick read. Among other subjects, Hemmen addresses both the benefits and risks of screen time and social media, different strategies for succeeding in school, and dealing with interpersonal conflicts, troubling feelings, and more. Many readers, especially middle- and upper-middle-class teens, will feel validated by the abundance of examples and success stories from other teens and likely come away from the book with a convenient toolbox for addressing anxious thoughts, practicing self-care, and finding balance in their lives.... A thoroughly researched and comprehensive guide for teenagers to manage their anxiety and learn to love themselves.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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