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The Taiheiki : A Chronicle of Medieval Japan : Tuttle Classics - Helen Craig McCullough

The Taiheiki : A Chronicle of Medieval Japan

Tuttle Classics

Paperback Published: 26th February 2004
ISBN: 9780804835381
Number Of Pages: 452

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An epic saga of samurai warfare in medieval Japan.

This celebrated literary classic has delighted generations of Japanese. In its pages, you will find a vivid contemporary description of the fourteenth-century intrigues and battles that led to the destruction of the Hojo family, the military overlords of the nation, and made it possible for the Emperor Go-Daigo (1288-1339), one of Japan's most remarkable sovereigns, to reassert the power of the throne. Go-Daigo's first hesitant attempts to overthrow the Hojo, the early defeats suffered by his supporters, his dethronement and exile, the legendary exploits of his generals, the growing strength of his arms, and his ultimate return to the throne are all recounted in engrossing detail.

The anonymous authors of The Taiheiki diversify their narrative through skillful use of the rich treasure house of the Chinese dynastic histories, the verse of the Six Dynasties and T'ang, and the Confucian teachings underlying the strict warrior code of loyalty and filial piety. They write with a deep sense of the inevitability of karma determined fate and the impermanence of man and his works but the spirit of the age is reflected in their praise of valor and military prowess, their taste for descriptions of the trappings of war, and their frequent irreverent asides.

Considered a part of the gunki monogatari, or war tales canon in Japan, The Taiheiki celebrates martial adventure and can be seen as a prose counterpart to the Homeric epics of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

About the Author

Helen Craig McCullough (1918-1998) was a well-known American Orientalist. She received her doctoral degree from the University of California and studied at Tokyo University on a Fulbright grant. She was the editor and translator of numerous works from the Japanese and Chinese classic tradition.

Prefacep. vii
Introductionp. xv
p. 3
The Reign of Go-Daigo Tenno and the Prosperity of the Militaryp. 3
The Abolition of the Barriersp. 6
The Nomination of a Consort and the Matter of Lady Sammip. 8
The Princesp. 10
The Inner Princess Prays for a Safe Delivery; the Matter of Toshimoto's Feigned Seclusionp. 12
The Band of Roisterers and Gen'e's Discourses on Literaturep. 14
Yorikazu Changes His Loyaltyp. 18
Suketomo and Toshimoto Go Down to the Kanto; the Imperial Messagep. 24
p. 28
The Imperial Journeys to the Southern Capital and the Northern Peakp. 28
The Arrest of the Monks and Their Removal to Rokuhara; Tameakira's Poemp. 31
The Three Monks Go Down to the Kantop. 33
Toshimoto no Ason Goes Back to the Kantop. 38
The Opinion of Nagasaki Shinsaemon-no-jo and the Matter of Master Kumawakap. 42
The Execution of Toshimoto and the Matter of Sukemitsup. 51
Marvelous Things in the Realmp. 54
Morokata Climbs the Mountain; The Battle of Karasaki Beachp. 57
The Highnesses of the Jimyoin Go to Rokuharap. 62
The Coming of the Supreme Highness Is Found to Be a Deceit, Wherefore the Heart of the Mountain Gate Changes; Also, the Matter of Chi Hsinp. 63
p. 67
The Dream of the Supreme Highness and the Matter of Kusunokip. 67
The Battle of Kasagi; How Suyama and Komiyama Attacked by Nightp. 70
The Supreme Highness Flees from Kasagip. 79
The Battle of Akasaka Castlep. 85
Sakurayama's Suicidep. 91
p. 93
The Captives of Kasagi Are Put to Death or Sent into Exile; The Matter of Lord Fujifusap. 93
The Verse of the Seven-Year-Old Princep. 100
The Matter of the First Prince and the Prince of the Myohoinp. 101
Chun Ming-chi Visits the Palacep. 103
The Grief of the Inner Princessp. 104
The Former Sovereign Goes into Exilep. 105
The Matter of Bingo no Saburo Takanori; the Fighting Between Wu and Yuehp. 107
p. 127
The Enthronement of the Highness of the Jimyoinp. 127
Lord Nobufusa Serves Two Mastersp. 128
The Extinction of the New Perpetual Lamp of the Central Hallp. 130
The Sagami Lay Monk Amuses Himself with Field Music; the Matter of the Dog Fightsp. 131
How Tokimasa Shut Himself Up at Enoshima to Prayp. 133
The Prince of the Great Pagoda Flees to Kumanop. 135
p. 150
The Dream of Lady Mimbukyop. 150
Kusunoki Goes to the Tennoji; The Matter of Suda, Takahashi, and Utsunomiyap. 152
Masashige Beholds the forecast of the Tennojip. 160
The Prince of the Great Pagoda Issues a Command to the Lay Monk Akamatsu Enshinp. 162
A Host from the Kanto Goes Up to the Capitalp. 163
The Battle of Akasaka; How Hitomi and Homma Went before Othersp. 166
p. 175
The Battle of Yoshino Castlep. 175
The Battle of Chihaya Castlep. 181
Nitta Yoshisada Receives an Imperial Mandatep. 188
The Rising of Akamatsup. 190
Doi and Tokuno Raise Their Bannersp. 191
The Former Sovereign Goes to Funanoep. 192
The Battle of Funanoep. 198
p. 201
The Battle of Maya, and the Battles of Sakabe and Segawap. 201
The Battle of the Twelfth Day of the Third Monthp. 205
The Highness of the Jimyoin Goes to Rokuharap. 209
The Sacred Rituals in the Palaces of the Emperor and the Retired Emperor; The Battle of Yamazakip. 214
The Soldier-Monks of the Enryakuji Invade the Capitalp. 217
The Battle of the Third Day of the Fourth Month, and the Valor of Mega Magosaburop. 221
The Supreme Highness Performs the Rites of the Golden Wheel; Lord Chigusa Fights in the Capitalp. 228
The Fire at the Tani-no-do Templep. 235
p. 237
Lord Ashikaga Goes Up to the Capitalp. 237
The Attack on Yamazaki and the Battle of Koganawatep. 240
Lord Ashikaga Crosses Beyond Oe Mountainp. 244
Lord Ashikaga Comes to Shinomura, Whereupon the Men of the Provinces Gallop to Join Himp. 246
Takauji Offers Up a Petition at Shinomura Hachiman Shrinep. 250
The Attack on Rokuharap. 253
The Flight of the Supreme Highness and the Former Emperorsp. 259
The Suicide of Nakatoki and His Warriorsp. 266
The Fifth Prince Captures the Supreme Highness and the Former Emperors; the Minister Sukena Renounces the Worldp. 270
The Defeat of the Chihaya Attackersp. 271
p. 273
Master Senjuo Flees from Okura Valleyp. 273
The Revolt of Nitta Yoshisada; How a Goblin Summoned the Armies of Echigop. 274
Miura Otawa Speaks of Warfarep. 281
The Battle of Kamakurap. 285
The Suicide of the Akahashi Governor of Sagami; Homma's Suicidep. 287
A Beach Appears at Inamura Capep. 289
War Fires in Kamakura; the Bravery of Nagasaki and His Sonp. 292
Daibutsu Sadanao and Kanazawa Sadamasa Die in Battlep. 295
Shinnin Dies by His Own Handp. 296
The Suicide of Shioda and His Sonp. 297
The Suicide of the Shiaku Lay Monkp. 298
The Suicide of the Ando Lay Monk; The Matter of Wang Ling of Hanp. 299
Master Kameju Flees to Shinano; Sakon-no-taifu Escapes in Disguise to Oshup. 301
The Last Battle of Nagasaki Jiro Takashigep. 305
Takatoki and His Kinsmen Kill Themselves at the Toshoji Templep. 310
p. 312
Godaiin Uemon Muneshige Deceives Sagami Tarop. 312
The Generals Send Couriers to Funanoep. 315
The Emperor Visits Shosha Mountain; Nitta's Reportp. 317
Masashige Comes to Hyogo; the Emperor Returns to the Capitalp. 320
The Battle of Tsukuship. 322
The Surrender of the Military Governor of Nagatop. 326
The Suicide of the Steward of Ushi-ga-hara in Echizenp. 328
The Suicide of the Protector of Etchu; the Matter of the Unquiet Spiritsp. 330
The Punishment of the Besiegers of Mount Kongo; the Matter of Sakai Sadatoship. 334
p. 340
The Court Governs Alonep. 340
The Building of the Great Palace Enclosure; the Matter of the Shrine of Sugawara no Michizanep. 346
The Rites for the Pacification of the State, and the Rewards Given to the Grand Marshalsp. 363
The Extravagance of Lord Chigusa and the Monk Reformer Monkan; the Matter of the Most Holy Gedatsup. 365
Hiroari Shoots a Strange Birdp. 371
The Matter of the Garden of Divine Watersp. 374
The Banishment of the Princely Minister of Military Affairs; the Matter of Lady Lip. 379
Character Listp. 389
Indexp. 393
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ISBN: 9780804835381
ISBN-10: 0804835381
Series: Tuttle Classics
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 452
Published: 26th February 2004
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Country of Publication: US
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