The Sunday Story Club : Like a Book Club Without Books, Real-life of Love, Loss, Trauma and Resilience - Doris Brett

The Sunday Story Club

Like a Book Club Without Books, Real-life of Love, Loss, Trauma and Resilience

By: Doris Brett, Kerry Cue

Paperback | 25 June 2019

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These are the stories that women tell each other when they gather for a deep and structured conversation - once a month in a suburban living room - about the things that really matter. They discover that life can be a heartbeat away from chaos; that bad things happen to good people; that good people do outrageous things; that the desire for transformation is enduringly human.

A mother tells of the heartbreaking loss of control when her daughter develops anorexia.

A sister reveals the high psychological cost of being hated by a sibling over the course of her life.

Husbands leave wives; wives take lovers; friendships shatter; finances collapse; children defy parents; wrong choices turn out to be right ones; agency is lost and re-claimed.

Profound, layered and clear-sighted, this collection of real-life stories reveals the emotional untidiness that lies below the shiny surface of modern life and reminds us of the power of real conversation to enlighten, heal and transform.

About the Authors

Doris Imber resides in Melbourne with her husband and daughter. She is a clinical psychologist and an award-winning author and poet. Doris has been awarded numerous literary awards, including the Queensland Premier's Poetry Award.

Kerry Cue is a humourist, mathematician and journalist who has written for every major newspaper in Australia. Kerry is also the maths blogger, Mathspig. She is the bestselling author of twenty humorous and education books including Life On a G-String, Australia Unbuttoned and I Left My Heart in Chinkapook and my Knickers in New York.

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