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The Solid Earth : An Introduction to Global Geophysics - C. M. R. Fowler

The Solid Earth

An Introduction to Global Geophysics


Published: 30th December 2004
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The second edition of this acclaimed textbook has been brought fully up-to-date to reflect the latest advances in geophysical research. It is designed for students in introductory geophysics courses who have a general background in the physical sciences, including introductory calculus. New to this edition are a section of color plates and separate sections on the earth's mantle and core. The book also contains an extensive glossary of terms, and includes numerous exercises for which solutions are available to instructors from solutions@cambridge.org. First Edition Hb (1990): 0-521-37025-6 First Edition Pb (1990): 0-521-38590-3

'... the second edition is significantly improved and augmented ... More than ever this book stands out as both an excellent introduction for geophysics undergraduates and a valuable reference text for researchers ...'. Astronomy & Geophysics 'This fine new geophysics textbook will now be added to the top of my list of recommendations, as it promises to be excellent both for teachers and for those seeking a review of these processes from a geophysical point of view.' Nature ' ... a superb, clearly laid out text. It covers a broad range of applied geophysics, from bulk Earth structure to the calculation of thermal histories in sedimentary basins.' New Scientist '... deserves to be acclaimed. It is a carefully balanced introduction to the physics of the Earth, and is likely to become quickly the textbook used in most classrooms. The main asset of this book is the good balance between geological applications and geophysical methods.' Geophysics 'In summary, this book is an excellent text for a general introductory geophysics class focused on applications to the Earth rather than a rigorous presentation of techniques. I have enjoyed using this book in my beginning physics course with graduate and senior undergraduate students. It is also a useful reference book to have on the shelf.' EOS '... a first-rate, comprehensive text for teaching an audience of earth science students about the multidisciplinary approach that plate tectonics now demands.' Episodes ' This is a book to be recommended to anyone, geophysicist, earth scientist, geologist, physicist or mathematician, interested in understanding the workings of the planet we know most about.' Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 'This is an excellent textbook and it is a must for anyone seriously wanting to study geophysics ... Even for those who just enjoy geophysics it is a great reference and the glossary is invaluable.' Open University Geological Society 'The book provides an exciting review of a decade of advances and improved comprehension of the interior working of the Earth. It is truly a wonderful text and a source of reference fro many facts in the field of geoscience.' Environmental Geology

Preface to the first editionp. xi
Preface to the second editionp. xv
Acknowledgements to the first editionp. xvi
Acknowledgements to the second editionp. xviii
Introductionp. 1
References and bibliographyp. 3
Tectonics on a sphere: the geometry of plate tectonicsp. 5
Plate tectonicsp. 5
A flat Earthp. 11
Rotation vectors and rotation polesp. 14
Present-day plate motionsp. 15
Plate boundaries can change with timep. 24
Triple junctionsp. 26
Absolute plate motionsp. 32
Problemsp. 37
References and bibliographyp. 40
Past plate motionsp. 43
The role of the Earth's magnetic fieldp. 43
Dating the oceanic platesp. 54
Reconstruction of past plate motionsp. 67
Problemsp. 93
References and bibliographyp. 94
Seismology Measuring the interiorp. 100
Waves through the Earthp. 100
Earthquake seismologyp. 111
Refraction seismologyp. 140
Reflection seismologyp. 157
Problemsp. 178
References and bibliographyp. 186
Gravityp. 193
Introductionp. 193
Gravitational potential and accelerationp. 193
Gravity of the Earthp. 196
The shape of the Earthp. 198
Gravity anomaliesp. 202
Observed gravity and geoid anomaliesp. 213
Flexure of the lithosphere and the viscosity of the mantlep. 218
Problemsp. 228
References and bibliographyp. 230
Geochronologyp. 233
Introductionp. 233
General theoryp. 234
Rubidium-strontiump. 244
Uranium-leadp. 247
Thorium-leadp. 249
Potassium-argonp. 251
Argon-argonp. 252
Samarium-neodymiump. 254
Fission-track datingp. 258
The age of the Earthp. 262
Problemsp. 265
References and bibliographyp. 267
Heatp. 269
Introductionp. 269
Conductive heat flowp. 270
Calculation of simple geothermsp. 275
Worldwide heat flow: total heat loss from the Earthp. 285
Oceanic heat flowp. 288
Continental heat flowp. 298
The adiabat and melting in the mantlep. 303
Metamorphism: geotherms in the continental crustp. 308
Problemsp. 321
References and bibliographyp. 323
The deep interior of the Earthp. 326
The internal structure of the Earthp. 326
Convection in the mantlep. 353
The corep. 371
References and bibliographyp. 381
The oceanic lithosphere: ridges, transforms, trenches and oceanic islandsp. 391
Introductionp. 391
The oceanic lithospherep. 397
The deep structure of mid-ocean ridgesp. 409
The shallow structure of mid-ocean ridgesp. 417
Transform faultsp. 440
Subduction zonesp. 458
Oceanic islandsp. 487
Problemsp. 492
References and bibliographyp. 493
The continental lithospherep. 509
Introductionp. 509
The growth of continentsp. 517
Sedimentary basins and continental marginsp. 557
Continental rift zonesp. 584
The Archaeanp. 595
Problemsp. 601
References and bibliographyp. 602
Scalars, vectors and differential operatorsp. 615
Theory of elasticity and elastic wavesp. 620
Geometry of ray paths and inversion of earthquake body-wave time-distance curvesp. 630
The least-squares methodp. 636
The error functionp. 638
Units and symbolsp. 640
Numerical datap. 648
The IASP91 Earth modelp. 650
The Preliminary Reference Earth Model, isotropic version - PREMp. 651
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Published: 30th December 2004
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