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The Social Brain : The Psychology of Successful Groups - Robin Dunbar

The Social Brain

The Psychology of Successful Groups

By: Robin Dunbar, Tracey Camilleri, Sam Rockey

Paperback | 20 June 2023

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Experts in psychology and organisational development reveal how to create teams that really work

How many people does the ideal team contain? How do groups bond, earn trust and forge shared identities? How can leaders build environments adaptable enough to respond to shocks and still enable people to thrive together? How can you feel close to people if your only point of contact is a phone or a computer?

The principal reason that so many organisations struggle is that they fail to understand the human factor- they make assumptions about how people tick that wholly ignore the 200,000 years of evolutionary design that went into producing them. So it's no surprise that the end result all too often is inefficiency, lack of imagination and low morale. In The Social Brain, Oxford anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar, and organisational development experts Tracey Camilleri and Sam Rockey, explain how human brains and human networks really work. They show how to make the best use of them. And they dissect the science and art of leadership, providing insights into how to create organisations in which people can learn, develop and thrive - and be resilient in the face of change and disruption.

About the Authors

Tracey Camilleri is an Associate Fellow at Oxford University's Said Business School and the co-founder, along with Sam Rockey, of Thompson Harrison. Earlier in her career she variously ran her own consulting company, WMC Communications.

Sam Rockey is an Associate Fellow at the Oxford S id Business School Open programme and was formerly the Global Head of Leadership Development at the FTSE top-10 company SABMiller, now part of AB InBev.

Robin Dunbar is Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Oxford, an Emeritus Fellow of Magdalen College, and an elected Fellow of the British Academy. He is best known for the social brain hypothesis, the gossip theory of language evolution and Dunbar's Number (the limit of 150 on the number of relationships that we can manage). His books include The Human Story, Evolutionary Psychology- A Beginner's Guide, and Thinking Big.

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