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The Six-Figure Second Income : How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job - David Lindahl

The Six-Figure Second Income

How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

Hardcover Published: 7th September 2010
ISBN: 9780470633953
Number Of Pages: 256

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"Most people would be thrilled with a six-figure income—but a six-figure second income would be a real dream. Lindahl and Rozek knock down all the barriers to online business success and show you how ignoring the conventional wisdom may be the smartest move you'll ever make."—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive

"I've been in business for over forty years. I've been both bankrupt and a billionaire. What have I learned from it? That one of the most important assets you can have on your journey toward business success is a clear path. The Six-Figure Second Income is just such a path. The authors have filled this book with straight talk and valuable guidance. I wish it had come out many years ago."—Bill Bartmann, author of Bailout Riches!, www.BillBartmann.com

"Jonathan Rozek is a sophisticated New Englander with zero tolerance for make-money hype AND for anyone's lame excuses for not jumping into business with both feet. I love his direct, frank, even-handed approach to every single topic. It's hard to name many excellent 'A to Z' guides to Internet marketing. But this covers everything from 'what PDF stands for' to some fairly advanced marketing strategies. You'll have a great framework before you go deep into individual subject areas. Loaded with common sense. Excellent!"-Perry Marshall author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, www.PerryMarshall.com

"I run multiple businesses and I'm always low on time. What I love about this book is the practical, real-world advice about how to start and grow a business when no one's given you a leg up.' That is, no one until this book came along. Well done!"—Wendy Patton, author, real estate builder, broker, and investor, www.WendyPatton.com

Proven methods for building an online income stream

Maybe you dream of making money with an online business, but haven't tried so far because you'd have to quit your current job and enter the risky world of Internet startups. Or because you think you need lots of capital and way too much time. Or you think the field is maxed out and overcrowded. Or that you need to be age twenty-four—with an amazing invention to sell. Or just because the economy's too bad right now.

If these reasons sound familiar, Dave Lindahl and Jon Rozek beg to differ. Having done so themselves, they know you can create a very significant side income online, and their new go-to guide The Six-Figure Second Income shows you exactly how!

Filled with common-sense advice and proven tips, this book supplies you with a complete toolbox to take the things you know or do best and sell them online for a profit—all in your spare time, working at your speed. You'll get a no-nonsense approach to creating and selling simple, effective information products that will, with time and work, produce a sizable income stream. You'll also discover:

-Ten false barriers on your road to online business success

-Six very real dangers to your success

-Ready-made ideas for quick and profitable products

-Helpful tips for creating saleable content quickly and easily

-Seven building blocks of a good Web site

-Common marketing mistakes and their fixes

-How to use Google tools and other online resources to discover new trends and markets

-Secrets to creating an upward profit spiral

If for some reason you object to making money, don't read this book. Otherwise, pick up The Six-Figure Second Income and start building a rewarding and growing stream of online profits today!

Chapter 1: You CAN Get Rich?But Yes, There Is A Catch.

Ten Giant Keep Out Signs on the Road to Your Online Business Success?The False Barriers.

?I'm too old/I'm too young?.

?I don't have enough money?.

?I don't have enough time?.

?It's a bad economy?.

?All the really good ideas are taken?.

?I'm too small to compete against the big guys?.

?I'm no good with computers?.

?There's too much competition?.

?I'm not educated enough?.

?Someone will steal my idea?.

Now For The Six Disabling and Very Real Dangers to Your Online Business Success.

Real Danger Number One: You are easily influenced by people less successful than you want to be.

Real Danger Number Two: You think you can sit on the couch and money will spew out of the TV.

Related Real Danger Number Three: You think that the only good money is hard-earned money.

Real Danger Number Four: You insist upon staying in your comfort zone at all times.

Real Danger Number Five: You think ?My situation is different?.

You're more of an idea pack rat than a beaver.

Chapter 2: How To Build A Quick and Profitable Product 20.

The Typical Dream is Useless.

?I must have a fortress to protect my idea from knock-off artists?.

?I must reach millions of people?.

?I want to be famous?.

?I want to be as rich as King Midas from the first invention of mine?.

?I need to invent something revolutionary?.

?Inventions are things that are manufactured in factories?.

Your First Product Should Be One Of These.

What problem have you solved?

What can you demonstrate?

What have you researched on the web and discovered?

What are the best resources you've found?

How do things fit together?

Explore Other Variations On A Proven Theme.

What Have You Tested?

Appeal to Rabid Hobbyists.

Is This Great, or What?

Another School of Thought.

Avoid This Pitfall.

Get My Chart.

Chapter 3: How To Create Content Cheaply And Easily.

Stage 1. Capture the Raw Content.

Stage 2. Edit the Content.

Stage 3. Deliver the Content.

1. Special Report.

2. Getting-Started Kit.

3. Home-Study Course.

4. Sample Newsletter.

5. Book.

6. Interview Series Transcript.

7. Fast-Start Guide.

8. Pocket Guide.

9. Checklist.

10. T-shirt.

11. and 12. Poster and Laminated Poster.

13. Calendar.

14. Game.

15. Mug.

16. Information Wheel.

17. CD.

18. DVD.

19. Interview Series on MP3.

20. Free Video.

21. Live Event Videos.

22. Toll-Free 24/7 Recorded Line.

23. Consulting Hotline.

24. Teleseminar/Webinar.

25. Trial Software.

26. iPhone Application.

27. Software.

28. Online Calculator.

29. Interview Series PDFs.

30. Free PDF.

31. Free Audio.

32. Consultation.

33. Lunch or Dinner Seminar.

34. One-Day Seminar.

35. Consultation.

36. Bootcamp.

37. Live Tour.

38. Cruise.

The Excellent Concept of Continuity.

39. Newsletter.

40. Membership Site.

41. Weekly faxes.

42. Coaching.

The Opportunity Engineer.

Chapter 4: Getting Open For Business.

The Seven Basic Building Blocks To A Good Website.

Building Block One: You need to own a good domain name.

Building Block Two: You need to arrange for website hosting.

Building Block Three: Get a website design.

Building Block Four: Get an HTML editor.

Building Block Five: Get an FTP tool.

Building Block Six: Learn How to Accept Money On The Web.


Checks and Money Orders.

Taking Credit Cards And Debit Cards Directly.

What You Need To Know About Email Systems.

Handling Email On Your Website.

Getting Work Done For You.

Chapter 5: How To Get People To Raise Their Hands.

Myth Number One:  ?It's all about traffic?.

Myth Number Two: ?It's all about targeted traffic?.

Myth Number Three: ?I'm waiting for the game changer?.

Myth Number Four: ?It's all about cost per lead?.

The Moving Parts of A Lead-Generation Effort.

Great Sources for Leads.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Google AdSense.

Organic Search.&

Getting Found Locally In Google.

Article Marketing.

Social Media.



Press Releases.


Inexpensive and Great Offline Strategies For Getting Found.

Local Newspapers.

Free-Standing Inserts.

Commuter Newspapers.

Local Clubs and Events.

Direct Mail.

Chapter 6: How To Turn Prospects Into Buyers.

Mistake Number One: Ineffective marketers confuse attention with shouting.

Mistake Number Two: Ineffective marketers boost their claims out of all proportion.

Mistake Number Three: With ineffective marketers, it's all about them and not about the customer.

Mistake Number Four: Ineffective marketers ask you to buy too soon.

Mistake Number Five: Ineffective marketers do not include a call to action and a deadline.

Mistake Number Six: Ineffective marketers further erode trust by creating fake deadlines.

Mistake Number Seven: Ineffective marketers speak to audiences, not to individuals.

The Seven Money Questions: Answer These And Your Product Will Sell.

Money Question One: ?Why should I stop and listen to you??.

Money Question Two: ?Why should I read the whole thing??.

Money Question Three: ?What else do you have and how will it help me??.

Money Question Four: ?Why is your solution better than any other??.

Money Question Five: ?Why should I believe your claims??.

Money Question Six: ?What's it going to cost me??.

Money Question Seven: ?What's my risk??.

Money Question Eight:  ?What happens after you have my money??.

Chapter 7: Relationships Equal Revenues.

Auto responders versus Broadcast Emails.

Four Tips For Building Profitable Relationships Through Email.

Tip One: Segment for Success.

Tip Two: Encourage consumption.

Tip Three: Become a welcome guest in their inbox.

Tip Four: Make it two-way communication.

Other Ways To Stay Close To Your Customers.

Chapter 8: The Secrets To An Upward Profit Spiral.

Step One: Install Measuring Devices.

Step Two: Determine Why Non-Buyers Don't Buy, And Adjust Your Site Accordingly.

Step Three: Test Everything.

Chapter 9: The ?I? Factor.

ISBN: 9780470633953
ISBN-10: 0470633956
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 256
Published: 7th September 2010
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 23.62 x 16.0  x 2.39
Weight (kg): 0.43
Edition Number: 1