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The Secrets to Teaching Reading : What no one ever told you - Roxie Sporleder

The Secrets to Teaching Reading

What no one ever told you

eBook Published: 1st August 2018
ISBN: 9781732161115
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RRP $20.90

Learn the secrets to teaching reading that are capable of producing extraordinary results. Thirty years of scientific brain research has given us amazing tools to produce good readers. This book identifies that research and the secrets to implementing it. Every reading strategy and principle has been research-validated to work in classrooms, small groups, and with individuals that are poor readers.

You will find the secrets to success when teaching reading to all ages, especially those who struggle with reading. This book describes the reading skills everyone needs to become a good reader as well as the special challenges of teaching struggling readers. You will learn specific research-based strategies to teach phonemic awareness, the alphabet, graphemes, word building, decoding, reading fluency, reading speed, reading comprehension, and writing in response to reading. There is enormous hope for readers of all ages, no matter how much they have struggled in the past. They can become proficient readers.

Chapter 1 : What is Possible

Impact of poor reading skills

Chapter 2 : Use the Right Kind of Instruction

The Four Sensory Learning Styles

What students need

Special needs of Kindergarten - Grade

Chapter 3 : Strategies for Kinesthetic Learners

Strategies for kinesthetic learners

Re-teaching or Pre-teaching?

Chapter 4 : The Discovery that Changes Everything!

How do poor readers read?

How the brain can change

Skills of low-performing readers

Chapter 5 : The Secret to Hearing Sounds in Spoken Words

Phoneme awareness

Levels of Phonemic Awareness

Voiced and unvoiced sounds

Chapter 6 : The Secret to Teaching Phonemic Awareness

Guidelines for phonemic awareness activities

Phonemic Awareness: Sound Cards

Phonemic Awareness: Chip Game

Phonemic Awareness Assessments

Chapter 7: The Secret to Spelling Sounds

What you need to know about graphemes  

Teaching the alphabet

Writing the letters

Teaching graphemes beyond the alphabet

Chapter 8 : The Secret of Markers: The Missing Content

The powerful markers: e, i, y

The letter v and markers

Chapter 9: The Secret to Building Words

Guidelines for word building

What you need to know about words

Chapter 10: The Secret to Decoding Words

Decoding simple words

Decoding multisyllable words

Chapter 11 : The Secret to Developing True Fluency

How we really read

Teaching fluency 

Chapter 12: The Secret to Increasing Silent Reading Speed

Three types of silent reading

Activities to increase silent reading speed

Chapter 13 : The Secret of Reading at the Right Level

Choose the right reading level

The classroom dilemma

Chapter 14 : The Secret to Thinking about Meaning

What is reading comprehension?

Strategies for building a knowledge base and vocabulary

Using powerful questions to unlock meaning

Chapter 15: The Secret to Writing about Meaning

Writing about meaning

Guidelines for all writing assignments

Chapter 16: Assessing Foundational Skills

The Framework for Teaching Reading

Four basic assessments

Informal Reading Analysis

Oral Reading Fluency Rubric

Ongoing formative assessment

Chapter 17: Special Situations

English Language Learners

Hearing impaired

Vision impairments

Intellectual disability

Chapter 18 : The Plan

What you need to do

A special note on cross-lateral exercise

Appendix A: The Graphemes for the Speech Sounds

Appendix B: Actions for the Sounds

Appendix C: The "Real Rules" of English

Appendix D: Answers



ISBN: 9781732161115
ISBN-10: 1732161119
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 236
Published: 1st August 2018
Publisher: Teaching Basics LLC
Edition Number: 1