The Secret Lives of Men - Georgia Blain

The Secret Lives of Men


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In these thirteen short stories, Georgia Blain examines human nature in all its richness: out motivations, out desires and our shortcomings. The men in these tales frequently linger at the edges – their longings and failures exerting a subterranean pull on the women in their lives. In 'The Secret Lives of Men', a woman revisits her hometown and learns a long-held secret about her first boyfriend. In 'The Bad dog Park', a man's devotion to his dog ultimately forces him to confront his true hopes and fears. And in 'The Other Side of the River', we watch as a woman makes a snap decision about her life's future direction, with devastating consequences for her family. Written in Blain's trademark unadorned yet powerful prose, these stories resonate long after they are finished.

'A haunting, unsentimental exploration of the vexations and joys of modern life, family, love and desire.' Kirsten Tranter

The Secret Live of Men is an exceptional collection by one of Australia's leading writers.

About the Author

Georgia Blain (born 1964) is a contemporary Australian novelist, journalist and biographer.

She is the daughter of journalist Anne Deveson. Her first novel was Closed for Winter. Her most recent work is Births, Deaths and Marriages, a memoir of her childhood which has been short-listed for the Nita Kibble Literary Award.

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