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The Roman Empire : Augustus to Hadrian - Robert K. Sherk

The Roman Empire

Augustus to Hadrian

By: Robert K. Sherk (Editor)

Paperback Published: 12th September 1988
ISBN: 9780521338875
Number Of Pages: 328

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This is a collection of Greek and Latin inscriptions and papyri in English translation. They are all primary sources for our knowledge of the history of Rome from the first emperor, Augustus, to Hadrian. The theme of the present collection is the political and military activity of the Roman emperors to the period of Hadrian, the men who carried out their policies, the institutions of their administrations, the wars they conducted, the reaction of their subjects, the imperial ruler cult, their letters and orders. a second part is concerned with the society of the ordinary citizen in his daily life. Brief commentary and notes accompany the translations, making this book a collection of historical material to supplement the major literary sources such such as Tacitus, Seutonius, Dio, and others in the study of Roman imperial history.

Industry Reviews

"...a valuable source book..." E. Earle Ellis, Southwestern Journal of Theology

Volume editor's introductionp. xv
List of abbreviationsp. xvii
List of symbolsp. xxii
The Imperial Government in War and Peacep. 1
Augustusp. 1
Calendar entries for Augustusp. 2
Legal decision by Augustus and Agrippa, and a governor's letter to Kymep. 4
Augustus refuses freedom to Samosp. 7
Senatorial and imperial provincesp. 7
Illyricum and Thrace under Augustusp. 9
General repair of main highways in Italyp. 10
Augustus and the imperial cultp. 11
The Cantabrian campaign in Spainp. 17
Military expeditions deep into Africap. 18
Peace on the eastern frontierp. 19
The Secular Games of Augustusp. 20
Greek translation of funeral oration given by Augustus for Agrippap. 24
Five edicts of Augustus and a decree of the senatep. 25
Control over priestly credentials in Egyptp. 30
Oath of loyalty sworn in Paphlagonia to Augustus and his descendantsp. 31
Rome and the Far Eastp. 32
Letter of Augustus to his grandsonp. 33
Gaius Caesar in the Greek Eastp. 33
Honors decreed in Pisae for the dead Gaius Caesarp. 34
War against the Gaetulians in Africap. 36
Fabricius Tuscus and a levy of troops at Romep. 38
Equestrian officer takes the censusp. 38
Centurion killed in the disaster of Varusp. 39
Rebellion in Athens against Romep. 39
Minutes of an audience in Rome given by Augustus with his Advisory Board to envoys from Alexandriap. 40
The Res Gestae of Augustusp. 41
Imperial edict concerning violation of sepulchresp. 52
Tiberiusp. 53
Calendar entries for Tiberiusp. 53
Edict of the governor of Galatia on requisitioning of transportp. 55
Charioteer at the Games in honor of Caesar's Victoryp. 56
Letter of Tiberius refusing divine honorsp. 57
Sacred law for a festival of the imperial cultp. 57
Germanicus at the Olympic Gamesp. 59
Germanicus in Egyptp. 60
Roman upper classes forbidden to participate in public performancesp. 61
Honors for the dead Germanicusp. 63
The new equestrian orderp. 72
The imperial cult in Galatiap. 73
Pontius Pilatus, prefect of Judaeap. 75
The fall of Sejanus, later recollectionp. 75
Gaius (Caligula)p. 78
Oath of allegiance to Gaiusp. 78
Client states and kingsp. 79
Cult of Gaius and the administrative districts of Asiap. 81
Claudiusp. 83
Letter of Claudius to the Alexandriansp. 83
Trial of Isidorus and Lampon before Claudiusp. 87
Edict of the prefect of Egypt on illegal requisitionsp. 88
Slaves and freedmen in the household of Claudiusp. 89
Governor's decree on altering documentsp. 90
Officers and men in the conquest of Britainp. 91
Favors granted the city of Volubilis by Claudiusp. 93
Vow for victory in Britainp. 94
Edict of Claudius granting Roman citizenshipp. 94
Claudius repairs the road from the Po to the Danubep. 96
Letter of Claudius about Dionysiac performersp. 96
Speech of Claudius to the senatep. 97
Cogidubnus, client-king in Roman Britainp. 98
Sextus Afranius Burrus, praetorian prefect (AD 51-62)p. 99
Discharge diploma for a sailor at Misenump. 99
Claudius and the aqueductsp. 100
Ofonius Tigellinus, rags to richesp. 101
Nerop. 102
Draft of a proclamation of Nero as emperorp. 102
Nero refuses divine honorsp. 103
Prefect of Egypt honored at Bousirisp. 104
Governor of Moesia, and the barbariansp. 104
Domitius Corbulo, commander on the eastern frontp. 106
Accommodations on the highways of Thracep. 106
Roman veterans meet with the prefect of Egyptp. 107
Nero addresses the Practorian Guardp. 108
Betrayal of the plot to assassinate Nerop. 109
Religious acts celebrating the safety of Nerop. 109
Nero liberates the province of Greecep. 110
Nero's canal across the Corinthian Isthmusp. 112
The Panachaian League and the freedom of Greecep. 113
The so-called 'five good years' of Nero's reignp. 113
Nero's agents confiscate statutes in Greecep. 114
Tombstone of a member of Nero's German bodyguardp. 114
Nero breaks up private estates in Africap. 115
Nero honored at Athensp. 115
Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasianp. 116
The year of the four emperorsp. 117
Edict of Tiberius Iulius Alexanderp. 118
Acclamation of Vespasian in Alexandriap. 123
Law on the imperial powers of Vespasianp. 124
The Jewish War under Vespasian and Titusp. 126
Edict of Vespasian on teachers and physiciansp. 127
The Roman presence in the Caucasusp. 128
A milestone and the legions in Syriap. 129
Letter of Vespasian to Sabora in Spainp. 130
Rescript of Vespasian concerning a land disputep. 130
Career of the Roman conqueror of Masadap. 131
Settlement of tribes around Cirtap. 131
Vespasian and a dissident senatorp. 132
Restoration of public landsp. 132
Titus and Domitianp. 133
Titus writes to the city of Munigua in Spainp. 134
Earthquake damage repaired at Naplesp. 135
Pay record of a Roman legionaryp. 135
Instructions from Domitian to a procuratorp. 136
Letter of Domitian about a land controversyp. 137
The municipal charter of Salpensap. 138
Domitian appoints a new praetorian prefectp. 140
Area destroyed by fire under Nerop. 140
Entrapment of citizensp. 142
Boundary markers of a Roman colony on Cretep. 142
Domitian's war against the Daciansp. 143
Edict of Domitian on the immunity of veteransp. 145
'Nero is still alive.'p. 147
Edict of the prefect of Egypt on public recordsp. 147
Koptos and Red Sea commercep. 148
A Roman governor and a famine in Antiochp. 149
Domitian on teachers and physiciansp. 150
Career of an equestrian under the Flavian emperorsp. 151
Nerva and Trajanp. 152
Nerva and a new beginningp. 153
Discharge diploma for auxiliary soldierp. 154
Preparations at the Iron Gate for the Dacian Warp. 155
Roman surveyor of the Dacian limesp. 156
Prefect of Egypt issues an edict on the censusp. 157
Cornelius Palma builds an aqueductp. 158
Roman equestrian honored by his native cityp. 158
Roman soldier captures the king of the Daciansp. 159
Rewards and consequences of the conquest of Daciap. 160
Survey of land for a colony in Pannoniap. 161
Trajan celebrates his Dacian victoryp. 161
Trajan's trophy at Adamklissip. 163
Roman colony at Sarmizegetusa in Daciap. 164
Trajan and road repair in Italyp. 164
The Trajanic highway from Syria to the Red Seap. 164
Career of Hadrian before he became emperorp. 165
The curator rei publicae in Italyp. 166
Trajan dedicates Dacian spoilsp. 168
Roman troops on the march to Parthiap. 168
The Jewish revolt under Trajanp. 169
The earthquake at Antiochp. 173
An Iberian prince with Trajan in the Parthian Warp. 173
Trajan crosses the Tigris Riverp. 174
Trajan's letter to the senatep. 174
Trajan puts Parthemaspates on the throne of Parthiap. 175
Coins celebrating victory in Parthiap. 176
Trajan and his eastern empirep. 177
Roman army withdraws from Dura-Europusp. 178
Career of Gaius Iulius Quadratus Bassusp. 178
Hadrianp. 180
Creation of the Athenaeum in Rome by Hadrianp. 181
Chief secretary in Rome under Hadrianp. 181
Hadrian's frontier policy in Britainp. 182
Hadrian cancels debts owed to the Treasuryp. 182
Letter of Hadrian on children of soldiersp. 183
Plotina and Hadrian concerning the school at Athensp. 184
Hadrian reviews troops on the Danubep. 185
Hadrian's rescript about Christiansp. 185
Hadrian travels to Asia Minor and Greecep. 186
Hadrian addresses his army in Africap. 187
Hadrian and Antinousp. 189
Hadrian visits Palmyra in the Syrian desertp. 190
The Jewish revolt under Hadrianp. 191
Edict of prefect of Egypt about circuit courtp. 192
Colonists in the new city of Antinoopolisp. 193
Roman power in the Black Sea under Hadrianp. 193
Roman order of battle against the Alanip. 194
Hadrian grants a moratorium on taxes in Egyptp. 199
New road from Berenike to Antinoopolisp. 200
The tax law of Palmyrap. 200
The horoscope of Pedanius Fuscusp. 202
Society in the Roman Worldp. 205
Rescript of Hadrian on social status in legal penaltiesp. 205
A Roman jurist on medicines and abortifacientsp. 206
Greek prejudice against the Roman Westp. 206
Roman citizenship, open to all in the empirep. 207
The rise of provincials in service to Romep. 207
Inns and accommodationsp. 210
Entertainers and actors of the imperial theaterp. 211
Appuleius Diocles, most eminent of all charioteersp. 213
The Roman circusp. 216
Theater and chariot races at Alexandriap. 218
The gladiatorial gamesp. 219
Physicians in the Roman worldp. 223
Women at workp. 225
Men at workp. 227
A canal for fullers in Syrian Antiochp. 231
Learning a trade by apprenticeshipp. 232
Wholesale dealer in food at Puteolip. 232
Societies of the working classesp. 233
Slaves in the Roman worldp. 235
Purchase of a female slavep. 239
Gift of gardens to freedmen and freedwomenp. 239
An imperial freedman in charge of elephants in Italyp. 240
Public activities of a prominent patron at Ostiap. 240
Construction of a synagogue in Jerusalemp. 241
A son delivers the funeral oration for his motherp. 241
Marriage contractp. 243
Apartment building for rentp. 243
Auxiliary soldier declares birth of a daughterp. 244
Exposure of children in the Graeco-Roman worldp. 244
Deed of divorcep. 246
Recall of a willp. 246
Official notification of death in the familyp. 247
Letter of recommendation to a tribune of soldiersp. 247
Roman senator asked to be town's patronp. 248
Honorarium for a speakerp. 249
Receipts of various kindsp. 249
Tenant farmers on an imperial estatep. 250
Child Assistance Program in Italyp. 251
Market days and the seven-day weekp. 252
Italian Farmer's Almanacp. 253
The philanthropy of Pliny the Youngerp. 256
Glossaryp. 258
Appendixesp. 268
Roman namesp. 268
Roman imperial chronologyp. 270
Indexesp. 272
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ISBN: 9780521338875
ISBN-10: 0521338875
Series: Translated Documents of Greece and Rome
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 328
Published: 12th September 1988
Country of Publication: GB
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