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The Prostate Health Program : A Guide to Preventing and Controlling Prostate Can - Daniel Nixon

The Prostate Health Program

A Guide to Preventing and Controlling Prostate Can

eBook Published: 1st November 2007
ISBN: 9781439100387
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What foods should you eat if you want to keep your prostate healthy? How does sexual activity affect the health of your prostate? What are ways you can prevent prostate cancer? What should African-American men know about prostate cancer? What are the best alternatives to radiation and surgery in treating prostate cancer? What are the symptoms of an unhealthy prostate?

These are some of the many important questions that are answered by Dr. Daniel W. Nixon, one of America's premier cancer research institute leaders, and Dr. Max Gomez, the charismatic health commentator whose reports are aired on NBC television stations nationwide. The authors not only provide indispensable guidance in cancer prevention but also offer a dynamic, new noninvasive treatment of prostate cancer. Packed with information, The Prostate Health Program explains in clear, simple language the link between obesity and prostate cancer, the difference between an enlarged prostate and a diseased one, the causes of frequent urination and pain, and the specific prostate problems pertaining to gay men.

Drs. Nixon and Gomez offer a user-friendly plan of diet, exercise, and behavioral change that men can easily incorporate into their lives. The authors explain why aggressive treatment, such as radiation and surgery, is often unnecessary, less effective, and more dangerous -- often leaving men incontinent and impotent -- than other treatments.
The cornerstones of this unique program are the Prostate Health Pyramid and the Transition Diet, both of which were created specifically for this book and are the ultimate tools in prostate cancer prevention, control, and treatment. First, the foods that protect the health of the prostate are identified; then, food changes are introduced slowly for more effective and long-lasting reform of eating habits. Best of all, quick and easy recipes created by chefs at the Culinary Institute of America provide a menu that is healthy and delicious.

With its combination of cutting-edge research and highly respected, world-renowned authors, The Prostate Health Program is the definitive defense against a deadly disease.



Introduction by Max Gomez, Ph.D.

I. Preventing Prostate Problems and Diseases

1. An Overview

Liberating Yourself

The Nutrition Connection

The Exercise/Fitness/Lifestyle Connection

The Importance of Regular Checkups

Prostate Myths and Reality

2. The Healthy Prostate

Prostate Power

The Male Urogenital System

Do I Have a Problem?

Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer

3. The Prostate Checkup

Warning Signs

Basic Diagnostic Tests

When Should You See a Urologist?

II. The Prostate Health Pyramid and the Cancer Prevention Diet

4. The Prostate Health Pyramid and the Nutrition Connection

The Prostate Health Pyramid and the Basic Food Groups

Nutritional Elements of the Prostate Health Pyramid

5. Negative Nutrition

The Fats and Calcium Controversies

The Worst Foods for Your Prostate

The Irritants

Supplements: Good and Bad

6. The Transition Diet

• A Gradual Approach

A Better Way

Getting Ready -- Suiting Up

The Six Food Settings

The Five Passageways

A Parting Word

7. Menus and Recipes: Prostate Health, the Delicious Way!

Choosing the Right Meals

III. Prostate Health and Fertility

8. The Healthy Prostate Fitness Regimen

The Link Between Exercise and Prostate Health

Can Exercise Prevent Prostate Cancer?

The Healthy Prostate Fitness Regimen

Aerobics: A Key to Prostate Health

Kegel Exercises (Pelvic Floor Exercises) for Men

Exercise After Prostate Surgery

9. Sex and the Prostate

The Prostate and Sexual Function

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)



10. Prostatitis: A Little Tenderness Goes a Long Way

An Insufficiently Understood Disease

The Three Faces of Prostatitis

Which Kind Do I Have?

Treatment Strategies for Bacterial Prostatitis

Treatment Options for Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis (CNP)

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Gay Men and Prostatitis

Living with Prostatitis

11. When Size Matters: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

What is BPH?

Who Gets BPH?

Symptoms of BPH

When to See a Doctor

Treatment Options

Putting It All Together

12. Prostatodynia (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome)

Symptoms of Prostatodynia

Diagnosis of Prostatodynia

What Causes Prostatodynia?

Drawing a New Diagnostic Map of Prostatitis-Type Disorders

Treatment Options for Prostatodynia
Solving the Enigma of Prostatodynia

IV. Prostate Cancer

13. Guarding Against Prostate Cancer

The Institute for Cancer Prevention on Prostate Cancer

The Institute for Cancer Prevention's Prostate Cancer Prevention Program

The PSA Test: Cutting Through the Controversy

Grading Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Q&A: Things You Need to Know

In the Wake of Prostate Cancer: Coping and Getting On with Your Life

14. Treating Prostate Cancer

A Treatment Dilemma

Determining the Right Treatment for Each Patient

Expectant Therapy

Radiation Therapy

Hormone Therapy


On the Horizon: The Prostate Cancer Vaccine

Biological Therapy

Gene Therapy: The Future of Prostate Cancer Treatment?


Treating the Complications of Prostate Cancer

Relieving and Treating Pain

The Institute for Cancer Prevention's Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Charts

15. African Americans and Prostate Cancer

Stopping the Crisis

Race and Age

A More Aggressive Incidence of the Disease

How Much Does Race Have to Do with It?

Possible Causatives and Risk Factors Other than Race

The Institute for Cancer Prevention's Ten-Step Plan to Prevent and Combat Prostate Cancer in African Americans

Hispanic Men and Prostate Cancer: No Easy Answers

V. Alternatives

16. Alternative Treatments

Outside the Realm

What Is Conventional (Allopathic) Medicine?

What Is Alternative Medicine?

Types of Alternative Therapies

The Placebo Effect

Homeopathy: Something for Nothing?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chiropractic Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine

Ayurveda: The Oldest Medicine?

Back to Mother Nature: Herbs and the Prostate

An Alternative Diet Therapy for the Prostate

Physical Therapy (Bodywork)

A Final Word on Alternative Therapies

About the Institute for Cancer Prevention


About the Authors

ISBN: 9781439100387
ISBN-10: 1439100381
Audience: General
Format: ePUB
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 256
Published: 1st November 2007
Publisher: Free Press

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