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The Projects 50 : Reinventing Work - Tom Peters

The Projects 50

Reinventing Work

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The common denominator/bottom line for both the professional service firm/PSF and the individual/Brand You is: the project. And for the cool individual in the cool professional service firm there is only one answer: the cool project.
A seminar participant said: "Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes." So, how many of you are at work -- right now -- on "mediocre successes"? At work on projects that won't be recalled, let alone recalled with fondness and glee, a year from now?
We don't study professional service firms. (Mistake.) And we don't study WOW Projects. (Worse mistake.) There is, of course, a project management literature. But it's awful. Or, at least, misleading. It focuses almost exclusively on the details of planning and tracking progress and totally ignores the important stuff like: Is it cool? Is it beautiful? Will it make a difference? My No.1 epithet: "On time . . . on budget . . . who cares?" I.e., does it matter? Will you be bragging about it two--or ten--years from now? Is it a WOW project?
So, then: Step #1 . . .the organization . . .the professional service firm/PSF 1.0. Step 2 . . .the individual . . .the pursuit of distinction/Brand You. And: Step #3 . . . the work itself . . . the memorable project/WOW Projects.
The Project50 is a simple and handy guide that provides 50 easy steps to help the modern businessperson choose the right project, find the right team, develop strategies for success, and ultimately know when it's time to move on.

"See also the other 50List titles in the Reinventing Work series by Tom Peters -- ""The Brand You50"" and ""The Professional Service Firm50"" -- for additional information on how to make an impact in the professional world. "

Introduction: Why the Big Deal About Projects?p. 3
Reframe. Never--ever!--accept a project/assignment as givenp. 25
Translate your daily experiences into "cool stuff to do."p. 29
Look at every-small-thing-that-happens-to-you as a Golden Learning Opportunityp. 33
Learn to love "WOW!" Use "the word." WOW!p. 36
There Are No "Small" Projects: In every little form or procedure, in every "little" problem there usually lurks a b-i-g project!p. 44
Any activity can be converted to a WOW!p. 48
Put on the brakes. Never forget: Will the results of this project be Memorable/Braggable/WOW?p. 53
Love makes the world go 'round. Keep rethinking/reframing the project...until you fall in love!p. 56
Will "it"--the project, our baby--be Beautiful?p. 58
Design-Is-It! Beauty/Grace/Friendliness/Identity/WOW/Magical Moments: It's a designer's worldp. 61
Is the project Revolutionary? (ARE YOU SURE?)p. 64
Is the Web factored in? (Big time?)p. 66
Impact! Was it worth doing? (Does it Matter?)p. 68
Made anybody angry lately? (All WOW Projects piss off The Establishment.)p. 70
Raving Fans! Wanted: Clients who L-O-V-E our stuffp. 73
Women-as-Raving Fans. Cater to women's (different) needs ... explicitlyp. 75
We are ... Pilgrims ... Pioneers ... Pirates ... embarked on a Crusadep. 78
Create a "place"/lair with cachetp. 81
Put it--our WOW Project--in your resume now. Does it Sing to you?p. 83
Think Rainbow! Cool projects come from cool people. I.e.: a creative-diverse mixp. 84
Treat the WOW Project like a Small Business. (It is.)p. 87
Obsess on Deadlines. WOW Projects deliver!p. 88
Find a Wise Friend. WOW Project leaders need a terrific counselorp. 90
Find co-conspirators. ASAP. Start networking n-o-wp. 92
Find-a-customer. Think User ... from the startp. 94
Carry a little card that reads WOW!/Beautiful!/Revolutionary!/Impact!/Raving Fans!p. 96
Reprise: Createp. 99
Develop a succinct WOW Project sales pitch. Selling = Brevityp. 103
Metaphor time! You need a compelling theme/image/hookp. 106
"Sell" anyone and everyone ... anytime ... not just The Big Cheesep. 109
Work on BUZZ ... all the time!p. 111
Do your "community work." Constantly Expand the Network!p. 113
Love Janie-come-lately! A supporter is a supporter ... regardless of when she signs onp. 115
Preach to the choir. Never Forget Your Friends! (No matter how busy you are.)p. 117
Don't Waste Time on Your Enemies. (You ain't gonna convince 'em.)p. 120
Create an A-Team Advisory Board. (You are as Cool as the Cool People who are seen to be supporting you.)p. 123
Become a Master Bootstrapper. Live Lite. Too much money turns you into a slavep. 127
Think Beta! You need Customer Test Sites. ASAP.p. 131
Reprise: Sellp. 133
Chunk it!/Test It!/Try It!p. 137
Live ... Eat ... Sleep ... Breathe ... Prototype!p. 139
Teach prototyping. Create A "Culture of Prototyping."p. 145
Play. Find Playmates. Scintillating "implementation" is about a Culture of Playp. 147
Scrunch the Feedback Loops! Get Fast Feedback ... From the "Real World." (Again. And again. And ... then ... again.)p. 150
Blow it Up! You've gotta have the guts to destroy-and-start-over ... if you are serious about WOW!p. 153
Keep Recruiting! You always need more WOW Peoplep. 155
Wanted: Court Jester! Humor makes the World-of-WOW go 'round ... when you are under constant attackp. 157
Make a B-I-G Binder! You need a Master Document. (And it's a Big Deal.)p. 160
Make Lists! Succinct lists may be Power Tool No. 1p. 162
Think/Live/Eat/Sleep/Breathe Timeline. Become A Milestone Maniacp. 165
Wanted: Ms. Last Two Percent. Finishing Fanaticism is what separates a "pretty good job" from a "WOW."p. 168
Master the 15-minute meeting. The succinct, summary morning meeting matters!p. 170
Celebrate! The smallest success deserves celebration: Call it "momentum management."p. 172
Celebrate Failures! Only fast failure foreshadows fast successp. 173
Keep your eye on the WOW Ball! Don't let the exigencies of "implementation" distract you from WOW!p. 176
A WOW Project has Identity ... Spirit ... Personality. Keep focused on these ideas!p. 178
Time to Cast the Net More Widely: Embrace the Suits!p. 180
Keep Focused on the User Community. (Now more than ever.)p. 182
Concoct a Buzz Management Program! Implementation = Marketing. (Call it: The Permanent Campaign.)p. 184
Reprise: Implementationp. 186
Sell Out! We must put Our Baby into The Mainstream if we want lasting impactp. 191
Recruit a Mr. Follow-Up. Take succession planning seriously!p. 193
Seed your Freaks into The Mainstream ... where they can spread The Word of WOW!p. 195
Write up your WOW Success. Celebrate. Move On!p. 197
Afterwordp. 199
The Movement!p. 201
Reading and Viewing Resourcesp. 203
Acknowledgmentsp. 207
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Published: 21st September 1999
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