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The Productive Leader : How to Achieve More, Reduce Stress and Gain 2 Hours Per Day - Sally Foley-Lewis

The Productive Leader

How to Achieve More, Reduce Stress and Gain 2 Hours Per Day

By: Sally Foley-Lewis

Paperback | 1 November 2017

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Are you trying to do more with less? Do you feel pulled in every direction? Are you trapped on the hamster wheel of busy? TIME IS PRECIOUS There are only so many hours in the day. Yet there has never been more pressure to do more, ramp up results and deliver. Interruptions, distractions and bad habits all throw our productivity and potential into chaos. WE'RE ON 24/7 It's a cruel irony that in a world of immense connectivity, we feel increasingly disconnected and unproductive. The incessant emails, phone calls and social media alerts steal precious family and leisure time. It can seem impossible to "switch off." THE PRODUCTIVE LEADER The productive leader knows how to achieve more. They reduce stress, maximise their time and stay focused by leveraging their skills, people and resources. They are in control, inspire others and are happier. Are you ready to become a productive leader? THIS BOOK WILL: - Uncover the key skills and attributes needed for a more productive approach to your work, your life and your team. - Explore which habits hinder or help your productivity and how these impact on your team and your workload. - Help you discover the ways you can amplify your productivity to bring new levels of achievement and success into your life, work and team. - Show you how you can engage and empower your team to truly drive performance and ramp up their productivity. ENDORSEMENTS: "Sally Foley-Lewis has written the penultimate book on productivity! Cleverly crafted with real world strategies that you can implement in a matter of minutes. It will be become an all time classic reference book for the modern leaders of business. Well Done ... 10 out of 10!" - Keith Abraham CSP, Multi-Award Winning Keynote Speaker, 5 x Best-Selling Author Founder of the Passionate Performance Program "In this phenomenal book, Sally Foley-Lewis says, "It matters not what role you're in or what your job title is. You are a leader. A leader is not a job title - it's a behaviour." This gem alone can transform the path of a human being. Sally is one of those people whose insights are powerful and command attention. Read. This. Book!" - Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl "Sally is one of those people whose insights are powerful and command attention. She has shifted my thinking - the result ... I've found another hour in most days to focus on income producing activities and created an extra 30% sales in only two months. What a return on the investment! Read this book!" - Ian Stephens CSP, Author of The 7 Universal Laws of Sales Success and founder of enRIch Training & Development "Loved your insights and the way they were delivered with a combination of story telling and statistics. I could see myself in your examples and what I can see I can take action on. Productivity has increased and time has been saved. Thank you!" - Julie Cross CSP "Sally Foley-Lewis is the real deal. She practices what she shares in this book. She shares not only what works for her clients, but what she puts into practice to make her one of the most productive people I know. Her book is filled with practical ideas shared clearly and with humour. Your small investment in this productivity tool will pay off many times over - if you apply her techniques to your life." - Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, bestselling author of 26 books, USA "Who has time to be more productive? I'm too busy! Feel lighter, less stress and learn to become more accountable for results with "The Productive Leader" by Sally Foley Lewis." - Scott Friedman CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, Founder of Together We Can Change the World

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