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The Platinum Raven and Other Novellas - Rohan Quine

The Platinum Raven and Other Novellas

Paperback Published: 1st January 2014
ISBN: 9780992754914
Number Of Pages: 288

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"The Platinum Raven and other novellas" by Rohan Quine is a paperback comprising a collection of four novellas - "The Platinum Raven," "The Host in the Attic," "Apricot Eyes" and "Hallucination in Hong Kong" - each novella being also available by itself as an ebook. All four are literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror, celebrating the darkest and brightest possibilities of human imagination, personality and language. "The Platinum Raven" by Rohan Quine is a triple convulsion whereby our heroine Raven escalates herself into the Chocolate Raven and then the Platinum Raven, from London to Dubai to the tower in the hills in the desert - then back down again, forever changed. The daydreams of the downtrodden Raven propel her into a fantasy life as a more glamorous version of herself: a party girl living in the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. This latter's imagination then spawns a yet more empowered and intense version of herself, as empress of a sequence of events whose fusion of extraordinary beauty, violence and sensuality is bewitching..." The Host in the Attic" by Rohan Quine is a hologram of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," digitised and reframed in cinematic style, set in London's Docklands in a few years' time. High-flyer Jaymi discovers a secret novel online called "The Imagination Thief," written by a woman named Alaia; and they meet and fall in love. In his attic he hides the prototype of a new worldwide Web-browsing hologram, for whose appearance he was the model. While this hologram deteriorates into ever more terrifying corruption, Jaymi's appearance remains forever sweet and youthful, despite his escalating evil ...until the inevitable reckoning unfolds. In "Apricot Eyes" by Rohan Quine, a cat-and-mouse pursuit through the New York City night involves a preacher, a psychic and a dominatrix, broadcast live on air - until a horror is unearthed, bringing two of them together and the third to a sticky end. Beneath a waterfront waste ground in the Bronx, a monstrous population is being fattened up, by the preacher, for malign purposes.Jaymi and Scorpio are on his tracks, however, in a blast of fun that trumpets boldness over caution, tolerance over bigotry and voltage over comfort, celebrating the mystery and dangers furled just behind the surface of the everyday. In "Hallucination in Hong Kong" by Rohan Quine, sliding from joy to nightmare and back, a plane-flight frames a journey into Jaymi's and Angel's polarised identities and perceptions, where past and present merge in an obsessive fantasy of love, death, horror and apocalyptic beauty. At take-off, warmed by the presence of his friend Angel beside him, Jaymi starts to doze, and enters a fog of horror in seeming to remember that their destination lies in their past, not ahead ...forcing him to explore those hellish possible events lying beneath the surface of our present and future, always ready to break through into reality. Keywords: Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, Oscar Wilde, contemporary, dark fantasy, gay, horror, imagination, literary fiction, magical realism, transgender. Rohan Quine, The Platinum Raven and other novellas, literary fiction, magical realism, dark fantasy, horror, gay, Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Hong Kong, New York, London, imagination, transgender, contemporary

Industry Reviews

For more: www.rohanquine.com/press-media/the-novellas-reviews-media Iris Murdoch: "I have now been reading 'Hallucinations' [an earlier title for much of this collection] with great pleasure [...] you are indeed a star." -See her letter scanned at the foot of www.rohanquine.com/press-media/the-novellas-reviews-media Dan Holloway, "Guardian" blogger: "Rohan Quine is one of the most brilliant and original writers around. His 'The Imagination Thief' blended written and spoken word and visuals to create one of the most haunting and complex explorations of the dark corners of the soul you will ever read. [...] suffice to say he is the consummate master of sentencecraft. His prose is a warming sea on which to float and luxuriate. But that is only half of the picture. He has a remarkable insight into the human psyche, and he demonstrates it by lacquering layer on layer of subtle observation and nuance. Allow yourself to slip from the slick surface of the water and you will soon find yourself tangled in a very deep and disturbing world, but the dangers that lurk beneath the surface are so enticing, so intoxicating it is impossible to resist their call." - http: //danholloway.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/the-platinum-raven/ "It would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to bring people's attention to a truly remarkable book. Rohan Quine writes right at the boundary between literary fiction and experimentalism, and his new collection of four novellas, 'The Platinum Raven and other novellas', is a genuine masterpiece. This guy is as good as [Sergio] De La Pava." - SPR, http: //t.co/VSJZDfo5s8 "Rohan is one of the most original voices in the literary world today - and one of the most brilliant." - http: //on.fb.me/1iXSRt9 "four stunning new novellas by one of the most exciting literary writers in the UK." - http: //bit.ly/1xQahyo Jane Davis, novelist: "Rohan Quine is a master of words, his world is also accessible, and it's a place you definitely need to visit. With echoes of Jennifer Egan's 'Goon Squad', Quine captures all that is beautiful, but he doesn't shy away from all that is ugly. What links the four novellas together is that his characters are all searching for that something beyond the everyday, beyond the ordinary, and Quine is a god, having them dole out kindness and justice. In his world, everything that is commonplace would be annihilated. This is the kind of read you have to give yourself up to. [...] When you emerge on the other side with a greater understanding of what it means to be 'that animal called human', then that will be the time to stop and ask, 'What just happened?'" - www.amazon.co.uk/review/R27RFXV508E23Y "Rohan Quine is a poet who happens to write novellas/novels. Incredible use of language." - http: //on.fb.me/1M3GUTz "Novelist Rohan Quine not only has several books out. He also has a career in alternative modeling and film to look back on. Naturally, he has gone on to make a series of silent short films to go with an audio track of the author reading from his work. It's flooded with city lights, drugs and darkness. One foot in the New York Nineties, and one foot in today's London, it's both hypnotic and gut-churning." - Polly Trope, novelist and literary editor of indieberlin, www.indieberlin.de/indie-lit/books-and-films-writers-who-also-make-videos.html JJ Marsh, novelist: "This is an extraordinary writer. I am going to gorge myself on these novellas as soon as I possibly can." - http: //on.fb.me/1s8Vf5c "cerebral works full of brilliant imagery and invention. [...] The whole collection is a roller-coaster of at times nightmarish perceptions and strange surreal happenings brilliantly imagined. The tales leave a lasting impression and I recommend highly." - Alexander Gordon-Wood, www.amazon.co.uk/review/R4FZY2FSMPXW5

THE PLATINUM RAVEN: Raven: 1 A sudden white rabbit. The Chocolate Raven: 2 The most beautiful building in the world, 3 Fronds A to P, 4 Chocolate hair on white silk, 5 The bellow on the rock-slopes. The Platinum Raven: 6 Platinum hair on black silk, 7 Purple and red and yellow and ... on fire, 8 The mad-faced tower in the mountains, 9 The squirly brown windows in the turret, 10 Santa Monica Boulevard, 11 In the arms of the man from the garden of love, 12 The pug among the struts, in the pale blue strait-jacket, 13 Black and rust and ochre over the plain, 14 Slinky-smooth in the mirror mist, 15 Planets hanging heavy, 16 The adventures of the dead girl, 17 A kiss of jagged glass, 18 I see you!, 19 Mirrors in the labyrinth, 20 Analysis of motion through CCTV, 21 The Platinum Raven's message-in-a-bottle, 22 The black and red flower, 23 The point of silver in the dawn, 24 Catch you later! The Chocolate Raven: 25 Electric aliveness and happiness, remembered, 26 Scent of fucked-up dark devouring hunger, 27 Through the Spire to the Pinnacle, 28 Whisper of Scorpio, 29 Flash of Amber in Scorpio, 30 Two Ravens on the freeway. Raven: 31 The hair in the corridor. THE HOST IN THE ATTIC:I Imminent completion of masterpiece, II Portrait captures first corruption, III Addicted to the image, IV First cruelty of addiction, V Portrait infected and shut away, VI Horror beneath glamour, VII ...A decade later, VIII The Furies close in and feign defeat, IX Nemesis. APRICOT EYES:1 Jaymi's hunt for Scorpio, 2 The black-thighed scorpion, 3 The stalking on the subway train, 4 The girls on West Fourteenth Street, 5 The golden limousine and the sudden hanging legs, 6 Ten screens of eyes in the neon, 7 Phaon and the second like a teardrop, 8 Screeching worms, 9 A lapful of broken glass, 10 A drag-queen drives a tanker, 11 Ecstasy in Hunts Point. HALLUCINATION IN HONG KONG:1 So here is the horror, to sicken the sun, 2 Love among the spires and the fountains, 3 Oh, my Angel.

ISBN: 9780992754914
ISBN-10: 0992754917
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 288
Published: 1st January 2014
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 21.59 x 14.0  x 1.65
Weight (kg): 0.37

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