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The Night Before Essay Planner : New Edition - Bronwyn Hall

The Night Before Essay Planner

New Edition

By: Bronwyn Hall

Paperback | 28 February 2013 | Edition Number 3

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The Night Before Essay Planner is not a book you need to read from cover to cover before you start writing your essay. It is your essay. You can plan, research and write your next paper in the planner! It’s that simple! Do you start your essays four weeks or four hours before they’re due? This bestselling planner is full of every tip and trick you need to get through your next essay, even if it’s the night before your essay is due.

Managing your time and maintaining clarity of mind are the two essential factors in pulling off an all-nighter. Manage the time, maintain the mind … it’s not a mantra, it’s not a lullaby; it’s time to brew some coffee and get to work. The Night Before Essay Planner will walk you through the three stages of writing your essay to ensure you get a great result every time.
Industry Reviews
'If I could remember my time at uni, I know this book would have helped. Actually, I didn't read the whole book. Does anyone have the Cliffnotes?' Wil Anderson, comedian, writer, broadcaster

'What a great concept! All university students should regard this as a "must have" book for essays and assignments.' Graeme Davies, secondary school principal

'This book explains the process of writing is such a simple way, you'll become a better writer by reflecting and analysing, rather than memorising.' Annie Gao, university lecturer

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The Night Before Essay Planner : New Edition - Bronwyn Hall

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The Night Before Essay Planner : New Edition - Bronwyn Hall

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