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The NEW Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook : Expert Advice for Extreme Situations - David Borgenicht

The NEW Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

Expert Advice for Extreme Situations

By: David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven

Hardcover | 30 April 2019

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Things certainly don't seem to be getting better. On the 20th anniversary of its original edition - and needed now more than ever - the authors and experts behind the internationally bestselling Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook are back with a new edition to deliver crucial advice and guide readers through anxious and uncertain times bringing all of the must-know information from the original up-to-the-moment and adding half again as many new scenarios for 21st century perils.

Fully revised, updated, and streamlined, the core advice of the original book is as clear as present as the enduring dangers it addresses (quick-sand, shark attacks, the need to perform a sudden tracheotomy, or jump from a moving car…) Added to this must-know info are 20 all-new scenarios for 21st century threats, technological (how to evade a drone), sociological (how to determine "fake news") and environmental (how to escape a sinkhole). All packed in a sturdy hardcover handbook, here's the emergency instruction readers need now to be prepared for the worst.

About the Author

David Borgenicht is the author and creator of the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook series, which has sold 10 million copies worldwide and been translated into 26 languages. In addition to the internationally bestselling book series, WCS has formed the basis for board and card games, a TV series, a wide range of ancillary products, and several series of books for younger readers.
Industry Reviews
"A 20th-century bestseller gets a makeover for the new millennium. . . .With tips ranging from how to hot-wire a car to how to deliver a baby in a taxicab, the authors' sense of humor was a hallmark of the first edition, and it's still front and center. Covering an array of topics travelers will find handy-in-flight emergencies like extreme turbulence, flagrant seat-recliners, and tantrum-throwing kids, plus man-made emergencies like car crashes, train derailments, hijackings, and hostage situations, natural disasters like wildfires and tsunamis, and tech problems like navigating without GPS and what to do if your phone catches fire- the updated sections provide a comprehensive guide to dealing with our most pressing dilemmas."
-Budget Travel

"Humorously breaks down all manner of sticky situations (however unlikely), based on advice from U.S. State Department officials, movie stunt people, and railroad engineers, among other experts."

-- National Geographic

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