The New Australian Dream : Rethinking Our Homes and Cities to Solve the Housing Crisis - Sergio Famiano

The New Australian Dream

Rethinking Our Homes and Cities to Solve the Housing Crisis

By: Sergio Famiano

Paperback | 4 August 2022

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This is a story about how home ownership became unattainable for many and how by rethinking housing, the Australian Dream may once again be possible for future generations. 

Sergio Famiano, an urban enthusiast and practitioner, explores the history of the Australian Dream of home ownership-from its humble beginnings in colonial Australia to the current status symbol and national obsession we know today; from post-war paradise to suburban sprawl; from new family homes affordable on a single income to million dollar housing in most major cities. 

The New Australian Dream explores the mounting health, environmental and economic 'shadows' that are spreading with the growth and cost of suburban 'paradise'. As issues, such as the demographic time-bomb and changing economic conditions, develop and loom in our future, so too does the realisation that property may not be 'as safe as bricks and mortar'. 

But hope is offered through an alternative vision for the Australian Dream-through rethinking housing, urban design, transport, and government policy. 

By reimagining the Australian Dream, we can make housing affordable for ourselves and for future generations. 

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