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The Neurodivergence Skills Workbook for Autism and ADHD : Cultivate Self-Compassion, Live Authentically, and Be Your Own Advocate - Jennifer Kemp

The Neurodivergence Skills Workbook for Autism and ADHD

Cultivate Self-Compassion, Live Authentically, and Be Your Own Advocate

By: Jennifer Kemp, Monique Mitchelson

Paperback | 1 July 2024

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Neurodivergent people face many unique struggles in life-including social difficulties, sensory sensitivities, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, and trauma from a lifetime of marginalization and microaggressions. Written by two neurodivergent psychologists, this workbook offers acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and self-compassion skills tailored to the needs of neurodiverse people-especially those with ADHD and Autism-so they can live authentically, take pride in their identity, increase overall well-being, and build meaningful connections to thrive as neurodivergent individuals in the modern world.

Written by neurodivergent psychologists for neurodivergent readers. This empowering workbook offers self-compassion skills to help you embrace who you are and thrive.As an autistic person or neurodivergent individual with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you may sometimes feel as if you're living in a world that wasn't designed for you. You may have sensory sensitivities, social difficulties, struggles with executive functioning, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, burnout and meltdowns, and trauma from a lifetime of marginalization and microaggressions.If you are struggling with your neurodivergent identity, know that you aren't alone. Whether you were diagnosed as a child or are just now realizing your difference, this workbook can help you move beyond the internalized message that there is something wrong with you, so you can embrace who you really are and manage stress before it leads to neurodivergent burnout.The Neurodivergence Skills Workbook for Autism and ADHD offers acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and self-compassion skills tailored to the needs of neurodiverse people-especially those with ADHD and Autism-so you can live authentically, take pride in your identity, increase overall well-being, and build meaningful connections to thrive as a neurodivergent person in the modern world.This workbook will help you: ?Acknowledge your needs and be your own advocate ?Unmask and express your authentic self ?Reduce sensory overload and balance emotions ?Manage rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD) and social anxiety ?Build meaningful social connections ?Improve executive functioning to get more done ?Adjust your environment to better fit your needs Most importantly, you'll learn to take pride in your identity. Whether you're autistic, ADHD, or both, this workbook can help you overcome self-critical thinking, advocate for yourself in effective ways, and learn practical skills to help you thrive as your authentic self.

Industry Reviews
"Discovering you're neurodivergent as an adult can often bring more questions than answers. Unfortunately, invalidation, misinformation, and unhelpful responses from your nearest and dearest are all too common. Jennifer and Monique--both late-identified neurodivergent themselves--throughout The Neurodivergence Skills Workbook for Autism and ADHD offer you much-needed compassion, companionship, clarity, guidance, and skills to navigate this process of better understanding and supporting your unique and beautiful neurodivergent self."
--Aisling Leonard-Curtin, MSc, ADHDer; senior psychologist at ADHD Ireland; codirector of Act Now Purposeful Living; and coauthor of the number one best seller, The Power of Small--Aisling Leonard-Curtin, MSc
"Like a warm hug and as if entering a dimly lit, quiet room after hours of overstimulation, this book is a heart-warming sigh of relief. As a neurodivergent person, I found myself crying of joy and gratitude for being seen so deeply while reading it. Like a kind friend or the sweetest pet, this book can serve as a loving companion to all who read it."
--Janina Scarlet, PhD, author of Superhero Therapy--Janina Scarlet, PhD
"This book provides clear, compassionate, and practical advice for anyone wanting to understand, accommodate, and embrace their neurodivergence. I've met so many people who have been given a diagnosis, but no real support to work out what their needs are or how they can improve their mental health. This book fills that gap, a must-read for anyone newly diagnosed.
--Alice Nicholls, DClinPsy, Autistic clinical psychologist specializing in Autistic burnout, and creator of the Autistic Burnout Recovery Programme--Alice Nicholls, DClinPsy
"This book will make you work, it will make you think, and at times it might even make you cry--but mostly it will make you wish you had read it a decade ago. A great gift for all the neurodivergent people you care about (and especially for yourself)."
--Sandra Thom-Jones, PhD, honorary professor at University of Wollongong, principal of, and author of Growing into Autism--Sandra Thom-Jones, PhD
"This is the right book at the right time. Both Monique and Jennifer have a deep understanding of the challenges that neurodivergent people face in our community, but also a broad knowledge of strategies that work to cope with the challenges. I can highly recommend this book to assist neurodivergent people to thrive, but also to all those who live, love, and work with them."
--Michelle Garnett, PhD, Psych, clinical psychologist; and founder and director of Attwood & Garnett Events, AuDHD--Michelle Garnett, PhD, Psych
"Unputdownable. I started reading this and kept going, and I bet you do too. A well-paced read for anyone who wants to understand neurodivergence in adults. This book is a science-backed way for ADHDers and Autistic people to build their strengths, manage their challenges, and, above all, accept themselves. Packed with information and practical strategies."
--Louise Hayes, PhD, clinical psychologist; founder of DNA-V; and coauthor of What Makes You Stronger, Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life for Teens, Your Life Your Way, and The Thriving Adolescent--Louise Hayes, PhD
"With practical, accessible, neurodiversity-affirming skills for neurodivergent people, this workbook is so needed within a prescriptive nonfiction industry that so often overlooks us."
--Devon Price, author of Unmasking Autism--Devon Price

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