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The MPEG Handbook - John Watkinson

Hardcover Published: 1st October 2004
ISBN: 9780240805788
Number Of Pages: 435

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A complete, professional 'bible' on all aspects of audio and video compression using MPEG technology, including the MPEG-4 standard and, in this second edition, H-264. The clarity of explanation and depth of technical detail combine to make this book an essential and definitive reference work.
THE MPEG HANDBOOK is both a theoretical and practical treatment of the subject. Fundamental knowledge is provided alongside practical guidance on how to avoid pitfalls and poor quality. The often-neglected issues of reconstructing the signal timebase at the decoder and of synchronizing the signals in a multiplex are treated fully here.
Previously titled MPEG-2, the book is frequently revised to cover the latest applications of the technology.
* Benefit from John Watkinson's in-depth understanding of MPEG technology with explanations developed and proven in seminars presented worldwide.
* Comprehensive coverage of the main and latest standards--MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H-264.
* Learn how you can apply MPEG technology to achieve the best quality.
* Coverage of enabling technologies such as interpolation, motion estimation and transforms.
* An invaluable treatment of significant new extensions made available by MPEG-4, such as object coding, mesh coding and animation.
* Essential reading for those involved with the delivery of compressed audio, video, graphics and interactive capability over the Internet and broadband networks.

"As with all John Watkinson books, the present one is a classic example of an excellent engineering textbook. It deserves to be on the bookshelf of every broadcaster involved in new coding technologies." - EBU Technical Review

Reviews of the Previous Edition:
"No book can claim to be a definitive book on a given technology. Technologies develop too fast. This book, however, deserves to be acclaimed as the definitive book on general MPEG aspects." The EBU Technical Review

"...a thorough and very lucid introduction to audio and video compression. Through the use of simple, clear diagrams and some of the clearest technical writing I have come across, Watkinson makes the whole process look remarkably straightforward...an absorbing read for the curious, and a useful source of hard information for those with a professional interest."
Electronics Australia

Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgementsp. xii
Introduction to compressionp. 1
What is MPEG?p. 1
Why compression is necessaryp. 3
MPEG-1, 2, 4 and H.264 contrastedp. 4
Some applications of compressionp. 5
Lossless and perceptive codingp. 7
Compression principlesp. 9
Video compressionp. 14
Intra-coded compressionp. 16
Inter-coded compressionp. 16
Introduction to motion compensationp. 18
Film-originated video compressionp. 19
Introduction to MPEG-1p. 21
MPEG-2: Profiles and Levelsp. 21
Introduction to MPEG-4p. 24
Introduction to H.264 (AVC)p. 26
Audio compressionp. 28
Sub-band codingp. 28
Transform codingp. 28
Predictive codingp. 29
MPEG bitstreamsp. 29
Drawbacks of compressionp. 30
Compression pre-processingp. 32
Some guidelinesp. 32
Referencesp. 33
Fundamentalsp. 35
What is an audio signal?p. 35
What is a video signal?p. 35
Types of videop. 36
What is a digital signal?p. 38
Samplingp. 41
Reconstructionp. 46
Aperture effectp. 50
Choice of audio sampling ratep. 52
Video sampling structuresp. 56
The phase-locked loopp. 58
Quantizingp. 60
Quantizing errorp. 61
Ditherp. 65
Introduction to digital processingp. 67
Logic elementsp. 69
Storage elementsp. 71
Binary codingp. 73
Gain controlp. 84
Floating-point codingp. 85
Multiplexing principlesp. 87
Packetsp. 88
Statistical multiplexingp. 88
Timebase correctionp. 89
Referencesp. 91
Processing for compressionp. 92
Introductionp. 92
Transformsp. 95
Convolutionp. 97
FIR and IIR filtersp. 97
FIR filtersp. 100
Interpolationp. 107
Downsampling filtersp. 116
The quadrature mirror filterp. 117
Filtering for video noise reductionp. 121
Warpingp. 123
Transforms and dualityp. 129
The Fourier transformp. 132
The discrete cosine transform (DCT)p. 138
The wavelet transformp. 140
The importance of motion compensationp. 147
Motion-estimation techniquesp. 150
Block matchingp. 150
Gradient matchingp. 152
Phase correlationp. 153
Motion-compensated displaysp. 158
Camera-shake compensationp. 159
Motion-compensated de-interlacingp. 161
Compression and requantizingp. 162
Referencesp. 167
Audio compressionp. 169
Introductionp. 169
The deciBelp. 170
Audio level meteringp. 175
The earp. 177
The cochleap. 180
Level and loudnessp. 182
Frequency discriminationp. 183
Critical bandsp. 184
Beatsp. 187
Codec level calibrationp. 188
Quality measurementp. 189
The limitsp. 191
Compression applicationsp. 192
Audio compression toolsp. 192
Sub-band codingp. 197
Audio compression formatsp. 198
MPEG audio compressionp. 199
MPEG Layer I audio codingp. 201
MPEG Layer II audio codingp. 206
MPEG Layer III audio codingp. 208
MPEG-2 AAC - advanced audio codingp. 212
Dolby AC-3p. 218
MPEG-4 audiop. 219
MPEG-4 AACp. 220
Compression in stereo and surround soundp. 221
Referencesp. 227
MPEG video compressionp. 230
The eyep. 230
Dynamic resolutionp. 234
Contrastp. 238
Colour visionp. 240
Colour difference signalsp. 240
Progressive or interlaced scan?p. 245
Spatial and temporal redundancy in MPEGp. 250
I and P codingp. 255
Bidirectional codingp. 256
Coding applicationsp. 259
Intra-codingp. 260
Intra-coding in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2p. 265
A bidirectional coderp. 270
Slicesp. 274
Handling interlaced picturesp. 275
MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 codersp. 281
The elementary streamp. 282
An MPEG-2 decoderp. 283
MPEG-4 and AVCp. 286
Video objectsp. 288
Texture codingp. 291
Shape codingp. 297
Paddingp. 299
Video object codingp. 301
Two-dimensional mesh codingp. 303
Spritesp. 308
Wavelet-based compressionp. 310
Three-dimensional mesh codingp. 315
Animationp. 324
Scaleabilityp. 326
Advanced Video Coding (AVC)p. 328
Motion compensation in AVCp. 335
An AVC codecp. 337
AVC profiles and levelsp. 340
Coding artifactsp. 340
MPEG and concatenationp. 346
Referencesp. 352
MPEG bitstreamsp. 353
Introductionp. 353
Packets and time stampsp. 355
Transport streamsp. 357
Clock referencesp. 359
Program Specific Information (PSI)p. 361
Multiplexingp. 362
Remultiplexingp. 364
Referencep. 365
MPEG applicationsp. 366
Introductionp. 366
Telephonesp. 367
Digital television broadcastingp. 368
The DVB receiverp. 381
ATSCp. 383
CD-Video and DVDp. 389
Personal video recordersp. 394
Networksp. 397
FireWirep. 405
Broadband networks and ATMp. 407
ATM AALsp. 411
Referencesp. 414
Indexp. 415
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ISBN: 9780240805788
ISBN-10: 024080578X
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 435
Published: 1st October 2004
Publisher: FOCAL PR
Country of Publication: GB
Dimensions (cm): 26.6 x 18.5  x 3.2
Weight (kg): 1.03
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: New edition