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The Modernized Queen's Gambit Declined : A Dynamic Repertoire for Black - Luis Rodi

The Modernized Queen's Gambit Declined

A Dynamic Repertoire for Black

By: Luis Rodi

Paperback | 2 July 2024 | Edition Number 1

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The history of the Queen's Gambit is
connected with the very beginnings of modern chess.

The opening being cited in
the earliest published books on the science game, such as the G ttingen manuscript
(1490) and the books of Ruy Lopez (1561) and Salvio (1604). The so-called
Queen's Gambit Declined - or refused - is, together with the Slav, the main
defense in the universe of Queenside openings, and shares with the
aforementioned defense a well earned reputation for being a reliable and very
solid scheme.

To make a book considering each and every
possibility arising from the opening position of the Queen's Gambit Declined is
a cyclopean task that would demand many volumes like the present one.

Instead, the author's aim was to present a simpler repertoire, with no more than one or two
variation options for each important position (in the latter case we presented a more positional and a more aggressive line, although in many cases
these boundaries are blurred).

The last section of the book is devoted to the other possible schemes
starting from different white moves on their third or fourth move. Here the
chapters on the Catalan order 3.g3, which is among the fashionable lines at the
master level, and the move 4.e3 (preceded by a knight move to the third rank)
are highlighted.

Each section presented here is composed of
several chapters in which theory is developed with an emphasis on the most
modern choices in practice. At the end of each chapter the author presented analyzed
games that expose the most common ideas in middlegames.

We hope that by the end
of reading this material the reader will not only have incorporated some new
ideas into his repertoire - and perhaps changed the idea that the Queen's
Gambit Declined is a passive defense - but also have contributed to his general
knowledge of chess.

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