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The Memory Code : The Traditional Aboriginal Memory Technique That Unlocks the Secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and Ancient Monuments the World Over - Lynne Kelly

The Memory Code

The Traditional Aboriginal Memory Technique That Unlocks the Secrets of Stonehenge, Easter Island and Ancient Monuments the World Over

Paperback Published: 22nd June 2016
ISBN: 9781760291327
Number Of Pages: 336

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Lynne Kelly has discovered that a powerful memory technique used by the ancients can unlock the secrets of the Neolithic stone circles of Britain and Europe, the ancient Pueblo buildings in New Mexico and other prehistoric stone monuments across the world. We can still use the memory code today to train our own memories.

In the past, the elders had encyclopaedic memories. They could name all the animals and plants across the landscape, and the stars in the sky too. Yet most of us struggle to memorise more than a short poem.

Using traditional Aboriginal Australian songlines as the key, Lynne Kelly has identified the powerful memory technique used by indigenous people around the world. She has discovered that this ancient memory technique is the secret behind the great stone monuments like Stonehenge, which have for so long puzzled archaeologists.

The stone circles across Britain and northern Europe, the elaborate stone houses of New Mexico, the huge animal shapes at Nasca in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island all serve as the most effective memory system ever invented by humans. They allowed people in non-literate cultures to memorise the vast amounts of practical information they needed to survive.

In her fascinating book The Memory Code, Lynne Kelly shows us how we can use this ancient technique to train our memories today.

About the Author

Dr Lynne Kelly is a science writer and an Honorary Research Associate at La Trobe University.

The Memory Code


I will reread this several times. Excellent reading.

North Queensland, Australia




Bought as a gift after hearing author interviewed on ABC. The recipient is finding it easy to read and informative and interesting



A definite good read!


Really challenges literate cultures' ways of thinking and how effective oral cultures have been in sharing knowledge and creating more equal societies.



Fascinating! A great insight to Aboriginal culture


Gave this as a gift to my boss and persuaded my Granny to read it as well. Using the techniques described in the book my Granny has already memorised the first 40 countries in alphabetical order.

Thornbury, Melbourne




A fascinating book which provides a great deal of insight into preliterate cultures, as well as practical advice on how to memorise and recall very large amounts of practical information.

Coffs Harbour, NSW


This book is right for this time in our lives.


It has given me an incite into my ancestry. Especially that in geneology we found our Great Grandmother who came to Feilding, New Zealand in 1874 with her husband and their 4 year old son, my grandfather. She grew up only 5 miles from Avebury. This is fabulous work and I thank Lynne for sticking with her beliefs until they accepted her theory.

Feilding Manawatu


This book has blown my mind. I am applying it to my family!


I am really into memory palaces, so when I hear Lynne Kelly's interview on "Conversations" on the ABC podcast I immediately bought it. I am still reading it, slowly as I keep stopping to employ and experiment with the techniques in the book. As I am already familiar with Memory Palaces (Thanks to Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast and Masterclass), I am finding Lynne's wonderful work is taking it to whole new dimensions. So wonderful. I am constantly using her ideas to create new palaces for my children (one has special needs, ASD) and these ancient techniques through her insights have enabled me a bunch of new ways to see palaces in amazing ways! Thanks Lynne.

Adelaide, South Australia


Challenges the textbook version of memory


Lynne Kelly unpacks a remarkable idea that starts about indigenous techniques and moves to the notions of the intelligence of civilisations and why most history is lost or mysterious. A remarkable book.

Canberra, AU



4.6 8



1. Encyclopaedic memories of the elders

2. Memory spaces, large and small

3. Memory spaces in a modern world

4. A journey through time

5. The ever-changing memory spaces at Stonehenge

6. The megalithic complexes of Avebury and Orkney

7. Newgrange and the passage cairns of Ireland

8. The tall stones and endless rows of Carnac

9. The unparalleled architecture of Chaco Canyon

10. Giants drawings on the desert floor at Nasca

11. Memory spaces across the Americas

12. Polynesian navigators create a unique world on Easter Island



About the author



ISBN: 9781760291327
ISBN-10: 1760291323
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 336
Published: 22nd June 2016
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Country of Publication: AU
Dimensions (cm): 23.4 x 15.3