The Man Who Corrupted Heaven - Andrew Hood

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven

By: Andrew Hood

eBook | 15 February 2021

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Andrew Hood, Award-winning Australian writer has released a breakout novel to rave reviews and hunger for the next book...

The book follows the death of a man, Isaac McGlynn, who gets to see his life flashed before his eyes as he crosses from this life, to the next. This transition provides him with a unique perspective on his life and shows him the true nature of those that he had cared for in his time. He sees that the lives of those loved are falling apart without him and he needs to make the ultimate deal with Heaven to save them.

'It all started for me when I was driving home and someone on the radio said, 'When you die, you can't take anything with you' and it left me asking 'why not' and 'what if I could? And what would I want to take with me?' explains author, Andrew Hood. When asked what the book was about, he'd reply, 'Perspective. It is all about perspective. I invite my readers to consider the perspective they have in their own lives and question if they are seeing everything the way they should.

Do they consider themselves a victim in life, or are they lucky with the opportunities they have? Sometimes it is all a matter of perspective.'

'There is no going back for me now,' he said. The sequel to The Man Who Corrupted Heaven will be called The Man Who Settled the Score and it is due for release 2021 by Shawline Publishing Group Australia.


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