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The Love Language of Flowers : Floriography and Elevated, Achievable, Vintage-Style Arrangements - Jess Buttermore

The Love Language of Flowers

Floriography and Elevated, Achievable, Vintage-Style Arrangements

By: Jess Buttermore, Lisa McGuinness

eBook | 9 April 2024

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The Love Language of Flowers will be an expansive look at floriography and will include lovely and interesting literary quotes referencing flowers, floral lore and will serve up "how to" text which will teach readers to create fresh, wild, and sophisticated flower arrangements filled with meaning for any occasion.

It will be blooming with inspirational lifestyle photography by Jess Buttermore of Cedar House Living. The text will also include quotes about flowers by a medley of famous people as well as intriguing history and lore on the subject.

It's a creative way to express feelings to either give away or to keep at home as a beautiful floral pep talk. It can bring self-care to the next level. Included will be a photographic glossary of popular flower types and their Victorian meanings, followed by step-by-step instructions for creating 25 beautiful arrangements. Also included is a detailed list of all the tools and supplies needed to create floral bouquets.

The arrangements run the gamut of styles and techniques: some will be wild and some will be structured; some will be more time-intensive and others will be simple. Each bouquet includes a "bouquet recipe" with a lists of the specific flowers and any needed "ingredients" such as wire, floral tape, floral foam, or other items required to create the bouquet. Clear instructions detail each step. Readers will learn how to work with a single variety of flower to great effect, and to create vases overflowing with layered blooms.

  • This inspiring book will be perfect for gardeners, photography lovers, and people who like to arrange flowers. It will also appeal to those who love literature and literary quotes.
  • It will make a fabulous Mother's Day gift, housewarming gift, or bridal shower gift.
  • Will feature everything people need to know to make many different types of specific floral bouquets but also teaches general flower arranging that readers can then use to create bouquets on their own with other flowers.
  • It also works as a dictionary of Victorian flower meanings for those who are interested in the historical meanings of flowers.

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