The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright : Elston-Fright Tale : Book 2 - Reece Carter

The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright

Elston-Fright Tale : Book 2

By: Reece Carter, Simon Howe (Illustrator)

Paperback | 3 October 2023

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Danger, darkness and a mysterious legacy unveiled in this magical seaside adventure by the bestselling author of A Girl Called Corpse.

Being a Lightkeeper is Very Serious Business.

Nobody in Elston-Fright believes in magic anymore. Well, nobody except for Flip Little, his nan and his friends: a girl called Corpse, a ghost called Girl and a very large spider called Simon.

But when Simon is spider-napped by ancient weather ghouls called the Poltergusts, Flip and his ghostly companions turn to the last Lightkeeper's journals for answers. To rescue their friend, they will need to find and return the missing Light to the lighthouse, restoring its lost magic.

Only nothing in Elston-Fright is as it seems. Questions bubble up from the deep. Dark secrets come to light. And pretty soon, Flip and his friends learn that in order to save the future of Elston-Fright, they'll first need to understand its past.

About the Author

Reece Carter is the bestselling author of A Girl Called Corpse. Growing up in Tammin, Western Australia, there was an unfortunate lack of witches and ghosts on his family's farm, and so Reece had to find them in books instead. Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings and Emily Rodda were some of his first favourite authors.

When Reece moved away to boarding school at the age of eleven, he could regularly be found hiding in the library, tucked away in the corner with a good book, or else seeking out new recommendations from the school librarians. With the encouragement of his English teacher, Reece started writing his own stories too - although back then they never got much further than character outlines and first chapters.

After a few years spent travelling overseas, Reece moved to Melbourne to study health science. But even while working as a nutritionist by day, Reece maintained a secret double life, continuing to write middle-grade novels and short stories by night. Now, Reece lives in Sydney and writes kids' fiction full-time. When not reading or writing, Reece can usually be found talking to his dog Hagrid - and hoping that one of these days Hagrid might decide to talk back. The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright is Reece's second novel.
Industry Reviews
'The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright kept me up until the witching hour. The magic and worldbuilding are so original! I really like and admire Reece Carter's take on the gothic trope of the seeming sentience and hostility of nature through all the magical creatures. I'm a sucker for steampunk devices as well, so I loved all the Littles' devices. This book creaks and whirrs, blusters and sprays, makes your spine tingle and breaks your heart.' Amelia Mellor, bestselling author of The Grandest Bookshop in the World

'Stunningly spooky, with a heart-warming friendship. A magical, ghostly adventure you can't put down! An enchantingly creepy masterpiece that gives us a deep dive into Elston-Fright's magical history. Full of mysterious twists and turns and a ghostly humour that will never cease to delight. Be prepared to fall deeply in love with Corpse and Flip.' Nat Amoore, bestselling author of We Run Tomorrow

'The Lonely Lighthouse is an intriguing story lavishly layered with magic, mystery and secrets to uncover.' Richard Pritchard, bestselling co-creator of Wylah the Koorie Warrior

'A cracking supernatural mystery.' The Age

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