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The Little Book of Spiders : Little Books of Nature - Simon Pollard

The Little Book of Spiders

By: Simon Pollard, Tugce Okay (Illustrator)

Hardcover | 2 April 2024

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A charming, richly illustrated, pocket-size exploration of the world’s spiders.

Packed with surprising facts, this delightful and gorgeously designed book will beguile any nature lover. Expertly written and beautifully illustrated throughout with colour photographs and original colour artwork, The Little Book of Spiders is an accessible and enjoyable mini reference about the world’s spiders, with examples drawn from across the globe. It fits an astonishing amount of information in a small package, covering a wide range of topics — from anatomy, diversity, and reproduction to habitat and conservation. It also includes curious facts and a section on spiders in myths, folklore, and modern culture from around the world. The result is an irresistible guide to the amazing lives of spiders.

About the Author

Simon D. Pollard is a spider biologist and award-winning natural history writer and photographer. He is an adjunct professor of science communication at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and has participated in spider research projects around the world.

About the Illustrator

Tugce Okay is a natural history illustrator who works primarily with watercolors. Her work has appeared in many books and magazines.

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