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The Insomnia Answer : A Personalized Program for Identifying and Overcoming the Three Types of Insomnia - Paul Glovinsky

The Insomnia Answer

A Personalized Program for Identifying and Overcoming the Three Types of Insomnia

Paperback Published: 5th December 2006
ISBN: 9780399532979
Number Of Pages: 257
For Ages: 18+ years old

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Finally, a groundbreaking, drug-free solution that works - first time in paperback.

The 50 million Americans who suffer from insomnia need - and want - this answer now. There is no "one size fits all" solution to insomnia because, as this revolutionary book illustrates, there are three types that affect those who suffer from it: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, and broken sleep. And each of them requires a specialized treatment program. Now, leading experts in the evaluation and treatment of insomnia deliver personalized programs that provide relief for solve such persistent sleep problems as:

  • Sunday night insomnia
  • Anxiety caused by the "dread of bedtime"
  • Waking before the alarm
  • Awaking with a sudden start or jolt
  • Scattered sleep patterns

    Based on cutting-edge knowledge of circadian rhythms developed in research labs for decades, this is the first sleep program that helps readers to self-diagnose and treat their particular type of insomnia.

    Industry Reviews

    "For insomniacs who don't want a cosmetic solution, this guide digs deeper, and is likely to get better, more permanent results." - Kirkus Reviews

  • Introduction: How Can I Mend My Broken Sleep?p. 1
    Catching the Wave of Sleep
    Why Is Sleep So Unreliable? Discovering Why Sleep Doesn't Come Naturallyp. 15
    Sleep Hygiene Instructionsp. 17
    Sleep Is Complicatedp. 19
    Thinking Can Cause Insomniap. 20
    Insomnia Can Be Learned or Innatep. 22
    Socialization Can Cause Insomniap. 25
    Sleep Is a Riskp. 27
    Sleep Is Out of Your Controlp. 29
    How Is Sleep Supposed to Happen? Building a Wave of Sleepp. 31
    Sleep and Wakefulness Come in Wavesp. 32
    Simple Models of Sleepp. 33
    Sleepiness and Alertness Are Generated Independentlyp. 35
    The Wave of Sleepp. 37
    The Sleep Drivep. 38
    The Alerting Forcep. 40
    Circadian Rhythmsp. 43
    Building a Wave of Sleepp. 44
    The Sleep Drive and Alerting Force in Everyday Lifep. 48
    How Did I Get Insomnia? Learning About the Three Types of Sleeplessness and How They Arisep. 51
    Do You Have Insomnia?p. 52
    The 3P Model of Insomniap. 55
    Predisposing Characteristicsp. 57
    Physiological Hyperarousalp. 58
    Cognitive Hyperarousalp. 59
    "Night Owls" and "Morning Larks"p. 60
    Anxiety and Depressionp. 64
    Precipitating Eventsp. 67
    Perpetuating Attitudes and Practicesp. 68
    Extending Bedtime to Gain More Sleepp. 69
    Using Naps and Stimulants to Counter Sleep Lossp. 70
    Sleep Aidsp. 74
    Counterproductive Beliefs and Attitudes About Sleepp. 79
    What Does Sleep Mean to Me? Challenging Your Beliefs About Sleepp. 83
    Sleep Is Meaningfulp. 87
    Sleep as a Pleasurep. 89
    Sleep as an Escapep. 91
    Sleep as a Waste of Timep. 93
    Sleep as Letting Gop. 95
    Clearing Your Mind for Sleepp. 96
    The ABCDEs of Sleep
    Preliminary Treatment: Identifying Which Type of Insomnia You Have and Preparing Yourself for Better Sleepp. 108
    Address Your Insomnia Factorsp. 108
    Improve Your Sleep Hygienep. 114
    Seek Treatment for Your Depressionp. 118
    Counter Hyperarousal with Exercise, Behavior Therapy, or Pharmacologic Treatmentsp. 120
    Question Your Beliefs About Sleepp. 126
    Boost Your Sleep Drivep. 128
    Start Your Sleep Logp. 128
    How to Complete Your Logp. 130
    Did You Log a Typical Week?p. 132
    Find Your Average Bedtime and Average Rising Timep. 133
    Find Your Average Sleep Time and Average Wake Timep. 135
    Calculate Your Target Time in Bedp. 136
    Raise Your Body Temperaturep. 137
    Choose the Right Time for Bedp. 139
    You Have Difficulty Falling Asleepp. 140
    You Have Difficulty Staying Asleepp. 140
    Your Sleep is Broken Throughout the Nightp. 141
    Differentiate Your Therapyp. 142
    Ease Your Mindp. 143
    Relaxation Trainingp. 144
    Guided Imageryp. 144
    Answers for Difficulty Falling Asleepp. 146
    Problem: Sunday Night Insomniap. 147
    Answer: Limit Weekend Oversleepingp. 148
    Problem: It Usually Takes an Hour to Fall Asleepp. 149
    Answer: Maintain a "Buffer Period"p. 149
    Answer: Gauge Your Readiness for Sleepp. 151
    Answer: Set Aside "Worry Time"p. 152
    Answer: Follow Stimulus Control Instructionsp. 154
    Answer: Use Melatonin to Induce Sleepp. 155
    Problem: It Usually Takes Several Hours to Fall Asleepp. 157
    Answer: Chronotherapyp. 158
    Answer: Bright Light Treatmentp. 161
    Setting Up Your Bright Light Devicep. 166
    Scheduling Your Bright Light Treatmentp. 167
    Answer: Use Dark or Blue-Blocking Sunglasses to Filter Evening Lightp. 170
    Answers for Difficulty Staying Asleepp. 175
    Problem: You Awaken After a Few Hours of Sleepp. 176
    Answer: Stimulus Control Instructionsp. 176
    Answer: Seek Evaluation and Treatment for Depressionp. 178
    Answer: Set Aside "Worry Time" and Maintain a "Buffer Period"p. 178
    Answer: Use Bright Light to Delay Your Sleep Phasep. 180
    Answer: Use Dark or Blue-Blocking Sunglasses to Filter Morning Lightp. 181
    Answer: Use Hypnotic Medication to Prolong Sleepp. 182
    Anxiety or Depressionp. 183
    Excessive Daytime Sleepinessp. 183
    Altered Timing of Sleepp. 184
    Choosing a Medicationp. 184
    Answers for Broken or Irregular Sleepp. 187
    Problem: Your Sleep is Brokenp. 188
    Answer: Sleep Restriction Therapyp. 189
    Problem: Your Sleep Is Scattered Around the Clockp. 195
    Answer: Reserve Time for Wakefulness Instead of Sleepp. 196
    Problem: You Awaken About Every Ninety Minutesp. 200
    Answer: Screen for REM Sleep Disordered Breathingp. 201
    Answer: Review Your Use of Alcohol and Medicationsp. 201
    Answer: Calm Your Dreamsp. 202
    Problem: You Work a Variable Shift-No Set Work or Sleep Schedulep. 203
    Answer: Anchor Sleepp. 205
    Problem: You Work a Night Shiftp. 207
    Answer: Wear Dark or Blue-Blocking Sunglasses in the Morningp. 207
    Answer: Nap Before Your Shiftp. 209
    Answer: Obtain Bright Light Exposure At Workp. 209
    Answer: Protect Your Sleep from Daytime Intrusionsp. 210
    Easing Into Sleep: Freeing Yourself to Catch the Wavep. 212
    The Threshold of Sleepp. 214
    Learn to Enjoy Your Restp. 216
    Breathe Easyp. 219
    Relax Your Musclesp. 220
    Ease Your Mind Inward When the World Outside is Chaoticp. 223
    Focus Outward When the Turmoil Lies Withinp. 226
    Afterwordp. 231
    Endnotesp. 239
    Indexp. 247
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    ISBN: 9780399532979
    ISBN-10: 0399532978
    Audience: General
    For Ages: 18+ years old
    Format: Paperback
    Language: English
    Number Of Pages: 257
    Published: 5th December 2006
    Publisher: Tarcherperigee
    Country of Publication: US
    Dimensions (cm): 22.86 x 15.24  x 1.91
    Weight (kg): 0.28
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