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The Indoor Environment Handbook : How to Make Buildings Healthy and Comfortable - Philomena Bluyssen
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The Indoor Environment Handbook

How to Make Buildings Healthy and Comfortable

By: Philomena Bluyssen

Paperback | 26 November 2015

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Winner of the Choice Outstanding Academic Titles of 2010 award.

Ensuring that buildings are healthy and comfortable for their occupants is a primary concern of all architects and building engineers. This highly practical handbook will help make that process more efficient and effective.

It begins with a guide to how the human body and senses react to different indoor environmental conditions, together with basic information on the parameters of the indoor environment and problems that can occur. It then moves on to give a background to the development of the study and control of the indoor environment, examining the main considerations (including thermal, lighting, indoor air and sound-related aspects) for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment and discussing the drivers for change in the field. The final section presents a new approach towards health and comfort in the indoor environment, where meeting the wishes and demands of the occupants with a holistic strategy becomes the over-riding priority. The book is filled with useful facts, figures and analysis, and practical methods that designers who are keen to assess and improve the user experience of their buildings will find invaluable.

Industry Reviews

A true interdisciplinary guide, adding a new dimension to management of the indoor environment. This unique work is a must-have for any professional involved in indoor environmental issues. Prof. Dr. O.C.G. Adan, Faculty of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

The book is a nouvelle interpretation of the consolidated knowledge and best practices. It captures the essence of the challenge faced in managing buildings: understanding the ways people perceive and react to the space they live and work in. Nadia Boschi, Ph.D. Architect, Sustainability Manager CEMEA & LAC, Bovis Lend Lease CEMEA & LAC

Professionals who are working to make buildings healthy and comfortable will want to read this book and use it in their work..Highly recommended. CHOICE Magazine

It is a must-have for any professional involved in indoor environmental issues and will help make the Design/Management process more efficient and effective. Building Engineer Magazine

Its insights into how humans react normally (and abnormally) to indoor environments are excellent. Eagle Bulletin: An environmental & sustainability newsletter for the professions

The book goes far beyond an examination of thermal comfort, air quality, lighting and noise:it illustrates the way the various factors interact with each other and how they affect the human body, while pointing out way in which the quality of the indoor environment can be anchored as a goal in planning processes. Daylight and Architecture

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