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The Impact of Very High S/N Spectroscopy on Stellar Physics : Proceedings of the 132nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Paris, France June 29 - July 3, 1987 - G. Cayrel de Strobel

The Impact of Very High S/N Spectroscopy on Stellar Physics

Proceedings of the 132nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Paris, France June 29 - July 3, 1987

By: G. Cayrel de Strobel (Editor), Monique Spite (Editor)

Paperback Published: 30th April 1988
ISBN: 9789027726964
Number Of Pages: 626

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Proceedings of the 132nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Paris, France, June 29-July 3, 1987

I. Spectrographs, Detectors, Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, and Radial Velocities.- Ia Spectrographs.- The Lick Observatory Hamilton Echelle Spectrometer.- High Resolution Spectroscopy with a Fiber-Linked Echelle-Spectrograph.- The Most Efficient Tool for very High Resolution and very High Signal to Noise Ratio Spectral Observation of Stars.- High Signal to Noise Observations with a Photon Counting Array.- High Resolution Spectrograph Needs for Stellar Seismology.- Fiber Fed Spectrograph for Line Variability Studies.- Photometric Characteristics of Data from the Hubble Space Telescope Goddard-High Resolution Spectrograph.- Ib Detectors.- Limitations and Future of Reticon Detectors.- TH 7832CDZ (Th X31513) Bilinear CCD Array for Astronomy Applications.- On High Signal to Noise Spectroscopy with CCDs.- The Chroromospheric Spectrum of the ? Aur Binary HR 6902.- The Impact of Array Detectors on High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy.- Ic Fourier Transform Spectroscopy and Radial Velocities.- Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Astronomical Fourier Transform Spectroscopy.- Precise Radial Velocities of F, G, K Dwarfs.- A Search for Radial Velocity Oscillations in Procyon.- II. Pre-Main-Sequence Stars.- High S/N Spectroscopy of Pre-Main Sequence Stars I.- Rotation of Pre-Main Sequence Stars from High S/N Spectroscopy.- High Quality Echelle Observations of T Tauri Stars.- Search for Rotational Modulation in Pre-Main Sequence Herbig Ae/Be Stars (presented by F. Praderie).- High S/N Simultaneous Optical and IR Spectrophotometric Observations of Herbig Ae/Be Stars.- III. Stars.- IIIa Early-Type Stars.- Improved Non-LTE Model Atmospheres for Subluminous O-Stars.- A Search for Coronal Emission Lines from Early-Type Stars.- Effective Temperatures and Gravities for O-type Stars Determined from High Precision Line Profiles and Wind-Blanketed Model Atmospheres.- Variability of Some Be Stars on High-Resolution, High S/N Spectra.- A Modelling of Line Transfer in Supergiant Envelopes.- NLTE-Effects in Profiles of Paschen and Brackett Lines of an AOIV Star ?Gem.- IIIb Late-Type Stars and Degenerate Stars.- Balmer Emission Profiles in Radially Pulsating Stars: The Case of the Double H? Emission.- Some Constraints on Chromospheric Modelling for Solar-Type Stars with High S/N Spectra.- A Method for Calibrating, in Absolute Flux Units, Ca II H Profiles of Late Type Stars Observed at ESO.- Spectroscopy of Cool Stars from IUE Data.- Shock Phenomena in ? Cephei Stars.- White Dwarfs as Observed at High Signal to Noise (presented by K.G. Libbrecht).- IV. Spectroscopic Patterns of Stellar Atmospheres.- The Buying Power of High Signal-to-Noise Ratios in Spectroscopy.- Doppler Imaging of Variable Early-Type Stars.- Doppler Images of Rapidly Rotating Ap Stars.- High Time Resolution Spectroscopic Observations of Stellar Shock Waves.- Seismology of the Stellar Cores.- Theoretical Constraints from Asteroseismological High S/N Observations.- Nonradial Pulsations and the Be Phenomenon.- Ultraviolet Spectral Imaging.- Applications of the Doppler Imaging Technique to the Analysis of High Resolution Spectra of the 3 October 1981 Flare on V711 TAURI.- Abundance Stratifications in the Atmospheres of Ap Stars : The Case of Gallium.- Stellar Granulation and Photospheric Line Asymmetries.- Observational Evidence by Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Convective Motion in Late-Type Stellar Atmospheres.- Doppler Images of Spotted Late-Type Stars.- Abundance Signatures of Internal Stellar Structure in F Stars.- Light Elements as Probes of Stellar Interiors.- Chromospheric Velocity Fields Diagnostics from CaII and MgII Emission Profiles.- Spectroscopic Variability in Late-Type Dwarfs Using High S/N Spectra.- Short Period Oscillations in Acturus, Aldebaran, and Pollux.- V. Magnetic Fields.- Measurements of Magnetic Fields on Cool Stars.- Magnetic Field Measurements on Late-Type Stars: A New Technique.- Abundance and Magnetic Field Geometries of Helium-Strong and Helium-Weak Stars.- Surface Magnetic Field Measurements in Hot Chemically Peculiar Stars.- Spectropolarimetry of Magnetic Stars: HD 125248.- The Magnetic Field Geometry and Abundance Distributions of Iron-Peak Elements in the Ap Star 53 Camelopardalis.- Magnetic Field of Late-Type Stars: A New Approach.- Magnetic Field and Silicon diffusion in Bp-Si Stars.- VI. Chemical Composition of Stars.- VIa Methodology.- Physical Input for the Determination of Stellar Abundances.- Data Analysis.- Improved Data Reduction Techniques for the ESO CES Plus Reticon Spectra.- Precise Atomic Data.- Oscillator Strengths from the High S/N Solar Spectrum.- The Accuracy of High S/N Spectroscopic Measurements.- Lithium Abundances of Solar-Type stars: A Critical Application of High Signal-to-Noise, High Resolution Spectroscopy.- Accurate Spectroscopic Surface Gravities for 8 Sub-Giants.- VIb POP. I Early-Type Stars.- NLTE Analysis and Chemical Composition of Hot Low-Mass Stars.- The Chemical Composition of Vega.- A New Look at the Am Stars.- Spectroscopic Studies of 89 HER and HD 161796.- VIc POP. I Mid- and Late-Type Stars and Open Clusters.- Accurate Spectroscopy of Intermediate and Late Spectral Types.- Abundances of Light Metals in Field Stars with Metallicity Range ?1.2 < [Fe/H] < + 0.3.- A Photospheric Solar Iron Abundance from Weak FeII Lines.- Detailed Analyses of Four Solar Analogs Analysed On High S/N CFH and ESO Spectra.- Well Determined Atmospheric Parameters fromHigh S/N Reticon Spectra of Four G and K Dwarfs within 10 pc of the Sun.- Solar Flux Atlas from 296 to 1300 nm.- A High S/N Spectroscopic Study of Alpha Centauri A.- A High S/N Spectroscopic Survey of Chemical Abundances in Disk Population FO-G2 Dwarfs.- Iron Lines and Surface Gravity Determination for ? Ceti.- The Iron Abundances, [Fe/H] in the Pour Nearest Open Clusters: Pleiades, Ursa Major Stream, Coma Berenices and Hyades.- Chemical Composition of the Four Hyades Giants.- On Technetium Abundance in Late-type Stars.- Lithium Abundances, Diffusion and Macroscopic Motions In Stellar Clusters.- Rotation, Activity and Lithium Depletion in the Hyades Late Main Sequence.- Bimodality and Lithium Abundance on the Upper Main Sequence of the Open Cluster NGC 752.- VId POP.II Stars.- Chemical Compositions of Population II Mid- and Late-Type Stars.- Non-LTE Effects and Abundance Analyses of Halo Stars.- The Effect of Non-LTE and Atmospheric Perturbations on Relative Abundance Determinations in Metal-Poor Giants.- Distribution of R- and S-Process Elements in the Galactic Halo.- Lithium Abundances in a New Sample of Metal Deficient Dwarfs.- Boron Abundance in the PopII HD 76932.- Oxygen in Halo Giants.- The Chemical Composition of K Dwarfs.- The Sulphur Abundance in Metal Deficient Dwarfs.- VIe Globular Cluster Stars.- Recent Advances in High Dispersion Spectroscopy of Globular Cluster Stars.- Line-Blanketing in Theoretical Model Atmospheres for F, G, and K-Type stars.- Accurate Abundances in Some Giant Stars of the Globular Cluster ? Centauri.- The Chemical Composition of Giants in the Globular Cluster ? Cen.- VIf Magellanic Cloud Stars.- Abundances of Heavy Elements in the Magellanic Clouds.- High Signal to Noise Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Stars in the Magellanic Clouds.- High-Dispersion Spectroscopy of the Ofpe/WN9 Stars R84 and S61 of the LMC.- The Spectral Evolution of the LMC S Dor Variable R127 during outburst.- "2-D Frutti" Spectra of B Supergiants in the Milky Way and the LMC.- VII. Abundance Constraints on Stellar Evolution, Nucleosynthesis, and Cosmological Theories.- Chemical Composition as a Signature of Stellar Evolution : The Barium Stars.- Abundance Clues to Early Galactic Chemical Evolution.- Beryllium Abundances of F Dwarfs.- The 12C/13C Ratio in Unevolved Cool Stars.- The 12C/13C Ratio in Barium Stars.- Cosmological Signatures in High S/N Spectra.- Chemical Evolution and Primordial Nucleosynthesis.- VIII. Conclusion.- Concluding Suggestions for Future High S/N Spectroscopic Work on Stars.- Final Remarks on IAU Symposium 132.

ISBN: 9789027726964
ISBN-10: 9027726965
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 626
Published: 30th April 1988
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.38
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