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The Great Pyramid  : Ancient Egypt Revisited - John Romer

The Great Pyramid

Ancient Egypt Revisited

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The Great Pyramid's eerily precise architecture has for centuries both astounded and puzzled archaeologists and has given rise to numerous modern fantasies concerning the so-called 'Mystery of the Pyramids'.

Sweeping away centuries of myth and confusion, John Romer describes for the first time exactly how the Great Pyramid was designed and built. He argues that the pyramid makers worked from a single plan whose existence has long been doubted and even denied by scholars.

Moreover, the Great Pyramid's unique architecture is integral to the way it was built, and for its builders the tasks of construction and design were not separate as they are now. By placing this awesome monument in its genuine contemporary context, this book underlines the extraordinary talents and the originality of the ancient Egyptians at the time of King Khufu.

About the Author

John Romer has worked as an archaeologist in Egypt over four decades.

'If you read only one pyramid book this year, read archaeologist Romer's, a winner both in size and in substance. Romer does a fabulous job of breaking down our preconceived notions of the Great Pyramid. He re-examines all the old ideas, myths, and legends and washes away years of misinterpretation and misinformation ... Highly recommended.' Melissa Aho, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota 'John Romer's book on the Great Pyramid does justice to one of the wonders of the world. I write that as someone who has spent several years working around the pyramid, following the work of the American archaeologist, George Reisner. Romer's study is of great interest and wonderful reading, and it should appeal to those with an amateur interest in ancient Egypt as much as to the professional Egyptologist.' William Kelly Simpson, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, Yale University 'A vast amount has been published on the pyramids, but this book offers a refreshing and distinctive approach based on sound scholarship and written in a style that often strikes a spark in the reader's imagination. One comes away reminded what an astonishing building the Great Pyramid is ...' Barry Kemp, Professor of Egyptology, University of Cambridge 'This elegantly-written book manages to achieve the balancing act of focusing in some detail on the specific aspects of the nature, construction and functioning of the Great Pyramid, but also illuminating many aspects of Old Kingdom Egypt and ancient cultures generally. It brings to a wide audience the latest information on a venerable topic that still has a surprising amount of life and energy in it. Perhaps the greatest praise is that I would have been extremely pleased to have written it myself!' Ian Shaw, Senior Lecturer in Egyptology, University of Liverpool The Great Pyramid is awe-inspiring: the book expresses Romer's awe for the pyramid, and instills it deep within the reader. Romer realizes for the reader the complexities of inventing the ideal pyramid, such as evidence for the plans of the pyramid, drawn at a one-to-one scale on the ground surface at the Giza plateau. Throughout, Romer's writing is impassioned ... The Great Pyramid is a book I plan on revisiting many times in the future. The many many photographs, the depth of information and the writing style make this a perfect companion for people, like me, distant admirers of the Egyptian pyramids, seen floating in a desert mirage in our imaginations. K. Kris Hirst, About: Archaeology ' ... the book is a great mine of information on this stupendous structure, and is a refreshing change from the usual mess of fatuous speculation and conspiracy theory that forms the stock-in-trade of so many books claiming to explore the mysteries of the pyramids, and the Great Pyramid in particular. Aidan Dodson, BBC History Magazine 'If you want an excellent, comprehensive overview of both the history of the pyramids and the controversies that have surrounded these great wonders of the ancient world, then this is about as good as you can get.' Sydney Morning Herald ' ... a detailed yet highly readable account of what is known not only about Cheop's monument, but the pyramids in general ... Romer has a clear eye for practicalities and a refreshing, irreverent style. He is an urbane one-off in a field dominated by earnest monographs or crackpot sensationalism. The early photographs, many of them giving a glimpse of the Great Pyramid before modern tourism, are another unique feature of this book.' Times Higher Education Supplement 'John Romer's The Great Pyramid is a detailed yet highly readable account...Romer has a clear eye for practicalities and a refreshing, irreverent style. He is an urbane one-off in a field dominated by earnest monographs or crackpot sensationalism. The early photographs, many of them giving a glimpse of the Great Pyramid before modern tourism, are another unique feature of this book.' Times Higher Education Supplement '... this is not just another book. Romer had produced a classic which does justice to the great structure. ...highly readable ...lucid writing. ... a must for any student of this unique structure.' CHS Newsletter '... an important addition to the Egyptological bookshelf. Its focus is firmly directed towards the construction of the pyramid and its greatest strengths lie in its treatment of stone working and technology and in the skilled way it embeds the construction of the pyramid within the social, economic and religious context from which it emerged.' Egyptian Archaeology

Visions of the Pyramid
Making the mystery
Surveying Giza
Excavating Giza
The pyramid's plan
The pyramid's timetable
The Pyramid-Makers: The Ghosts in the Cemetery
At the court of the King
The adventures of the Vizier
The new Egyptians
The social contract
The People on the Plateau
Working the stone
The Giza quarry
Fire and the pyramid
Entrepot and accommodation
The living city
Coda: thinking with stone
The Land and the Pyramid
Prospecting Egypt
Desert copper
Aswan granite
Tura limestone
The river
The Giza ramps
Coda: the commanding landscape
The Great Inheritance: The First Pyramid
The spirit and the tomb
Mud to stone
To make a pyramid
Accommodating Djoser
The Pyramids of Sneferu
The Meidum pyramid
The failed pyramid
The jubilee pyramid
The long journey of the spirit
The dark interior
Two last works
Coda: the legacy
Planning the Pyramid
Choosing Giza
Levelling the site
The plan inside the pyramid
The plan beside the pyramid
Coda: considering the architecture
Building the Pyramid
In the beginning
Setting the lines
The miniature shafts
The grand gallery
The burial chamber
To the top
After the pyramid
The rites of death
Coda: after Khufu

ISBN: 9780521871662
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Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 564
Published: 1st April 2007
Country of Publication: GB
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