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The Generals Of Gettysburg : The Leaders Of America's Greatest Battle - Larry Tagg

The Generals Of Gettysburg

The Leaders Of America's Greatest Battle

Paperback Published: 29th May 2003
ISBN: 9780306812422
Number Of Pages: 384

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Filled with insightful anecdotes and lively narrative, "The Generals of Gettysburg" presents detailed information on the character and personality of all 133 combat-command officers as well as an in-depth account of each man's actions on the field. This marriage of character --the features and attributes of a man--with each general's battlefield record, offers new insights into the battle and its outcome.

"The Generals of Gettysburg is an entertaining and colorful examination of these remarkable men, and will be hailed as both a marvelous read and an indispensable reference work."

Army of the Potomac
Maj. Gen. George G. Meadep. 1
First Corps
Maj. Gen. John Reynoldsp. 9
Maj. Gen. John Newtonp. 12
Brig. Gen. James Wadsworthp. 14
Brig. Gen. Solomon Meredithp. 16
Brig. Gen. Lysander Cutlerp. 18
Brig. Gen. John Robinsonp. 20
Brig. Gen. Gabriel R. Paulp. 22
Brig. Gen. Henry Baxterp. 24
Maj. Gen. Abner Doubledayp. 25
Brig. Gen. Thomas Rowleyp. 27
Col. Roy Stonep. 28
Brig. Gen. George Stannardp. 30
Second Corps
Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancockp. 33
Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwellp. 35
Col. Edward E. Crossp. 37
Col. Patrick Kellyp. 39
Brig. Gen. Samuel Zookp. 40
Col. John R. Brookep. 42
Brig. Gen. John Gibbonp. 44
Brig. Gen. William Harrowp. 47
Brig. Gen. Alexander Webbp. 49
Col. Norman J. Hallp. 51
Brig. Gen. Alexander Haysp. 53
Col. Samuel S. Carrollp. 55
Col. Thomas A. Smythp. 57
Col. George L. Willardp. 58
Third Corps
Maj. Gen. Daniel E. Sicklesp. 61
Maj. Gen. David Birneyp. 65
Brig. Gen. Charles Grahamp. 67
Brig. Gen. J. Hobart Wardp. 69
Col. Regis de Trobriandp. 71
Brig. Gen. A. Humphreysp. 73
Brig. Gen. Joseph B. Carrp. 75
Col. William R. Brewsterp. 77
Col. George C. Burlingp. 79
Fifth Corps
Maj. Gen. George Sykesp. 81
Brig. Gen. James Barnesp. 83
Col. William S. Tiltonp. 86
Col. Jacob B. Sweitzerp. 87
Col. Strong Vincentp. 89
Brig. Gen. Romeyn Ayresp. 91
Col. Hannibal Dayp. 93
Col. Sidney Burbankp. 94
Brig. Gen. Stephen Weedp. 96
Brig. Gen. Samuel Crawfordp. 97
Col. Wm. McCandlessp. 100
Col. Joseph W. Fisherp. 101
Sixth Corps
Maj. Gen. John Sedgwickp. 103
Brig. Gen. Horatio Wrightp. 106
Brig. Gen. A. Torbertp. 107
Brig. Gen. J. Bartlettp. 108
Brig. Gen. D. A. Russellp. 110
Brig. Gen. Albion Howep. 111
Col. Lewis A. Grantp. 112
Brig. Gen. Thomas Neillp. 113
Brig. Gen. Frank Wheatonp. 115
Brig. Gen. A. Shalerp. 116
Col. Henry L. Eustisp. 117
Col. David J. Nevinp. 118
Eleventh Corps
Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howardp. 121
Brig. Gen. Francis C. Barlowp. 125
Col. Leopold von Gilsap. 127
Brig. Gen. A. Amesp. 129
Brig. Gen. A. von Steinwehrp. 131
Col. Charles R. Costerp. 133
Col. Orland Smithp. 134
Maj. Gen. Carl Schurzp. 136
Brig. Gen. A. Schimmelfennigp. 138
Col. Wladimir Krzyzanowskip. 140
Twelfth Corps
Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocump. 143
Brig. Gen. A. A. Williamsp. 146
Col. Archibald McDougallp. 149
Brig. Gen. Henry Lockwoodp. 151
Brig. Gen. Thomas Rugerp. 152
Brig. Gen. John W. Gearyp. 155
Col. Charles Candyp. 157
Brig. Gen. Thomas Kanep. 159
Brig. Gen. George Greenep. 162
Cavalry Corps
Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasontonp. 165
Brig. Gen. John Bufordp. 168
Col. William Gamblep. 170
Col. Thomas C. Devinp. 171
Reserve Brigade: Brig. Gen. W. Merrittp. 173
Brig. Gen. David M. Greggp. 175
Col. John B. McIntoshp. 177
Col. J. Irvin Greggp. 178
Brig. Gen. J. Kilpatrickp. 179
Brig. Gen. Elon Farnsworthp. 182
Brig. Gen. George Custerp. 183
Brig. Gen. Henry J. Huntp. 187
Brig. Gen. Robert O. Tylerp. 190
Army of Northern Virginia
Gen. Robert E. Leep. 193
First Corps
Lt. Gen. James Longstreetp. 203
Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws' Divisionp. 209
Brig. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw's Brigadep. 213
Brig. Gen. Paul J. Semmes' Brigadep. 216
Brig. Gen. William Barksdale Brigadep. 218
Brig. Gen. William T. Wofford' Brigadep. 221
Maj. Gen. John Hood's Divisionp. 223
Brig. Gen. Evander M. Law's Brigadep. 227
Brig. Gen. G. T. Anderson's Brigadep. 229
Brig. Gen. Jerome Robertson's Brigadep. 231
Brig. Gen. Henry L. Benning's Brigadep. 234
Maj. Gen. George Pickett's Divisionp. 236
Brig. Gen. James L. Kemper's Brigadep. 240
Brig. Gen. Lewis Armistead's Brigadep. 243
Brig. Gen. Richard Garnett's Brigadep. 246
Second Corps
Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewellp. 251
Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early's Divisionp. 256
Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays' Brigadep. 259
Brig. Gen. John B. Gordon's Brigadep. 262
Brig. Gen. William Smith' Brigadep. 264
Col. Isaac E. Avery (Hoke's) Brigadep. 267
Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson's Divisionp. 269
Brig. Gen. George H. Steuartp. 272
Brig. Gen. John M. Jones' Brigadep. 275
Brig. Gen. James A. Walker's Brigadep. 278
Col. Jesse Williams' (Nicholl's) Brigadep. 281
Maj. Gen. Robert Rodes' Divisionp. 283
Brig. Gen. George Doles' Brigadep. 287
Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur's Brigadep. 289
Brig. Gen. Junius Daniel's Brigadep. 292
Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson's Brigadep. 295
Col. Edward A. O'Neal's Brigadep. 298
Third Corps
Lt. Gen. Ambrose Powell Hillp. 301
Maj. Gen. Richard Anderson's Divisionp. 306
Brig. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox's Brigadep. 310
Brig. Gen. William Mahone's Brigadep. 313
Brig. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright's Brigadep. 316
Brig. Gen. Carnot Posey's Brigadep. 319
Col. David Lang's (Perry's) Brigadep. 322
Maj. Gen. W. Dorsey Pender's Divisionp. 324
Maj. Gen. Isaac R. Trimblep. 328
Col. Abner Perrin's Brigadep. 330
Brig. Gen. James H. Lane's Brigadep. 333
Brig. Gen. Edward L. Thomas' Brigadep. 336
Brig. Gen. Alfred M. Scales' Brigadep. 338
Maj. Gen. Henry Heth's Divisionp. 340
Brig. Gen. James J. Pettigrew's Brigadep. 343
Col. John M. Brockenbrough's Brigadep. 346
Brig. Gen. James J. Archer's Brigadep. 349
Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis' Brigadep. 352
Cavalry Division
Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuartp. 355
Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton's Brigadep. 359
Brig. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's Brigadep. 362
Col. John R. Chambliss' (Lee's) Brigadep. 365
Brig. Gen. Albert G. Jenkins' Brigadep. 366
Brig. Gen. William Pendletonp. 371
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