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The Farming Game : Agricultural Management and Marketing : 2nd Edition - Bill Malcolm

The Farming Game : Agricultural Management and Marketing

2nd Edition

By: Bill Malcolm, Jack Makeham, Vic Wright

Paperback | 23 June 2005 | Edition Number 2

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The Farming Game is the agricultural management text for the twenty-first century.

The central theme underpinning this text is that the farm management context is most usefully and reliably managed by the application of economic ways of thinking. In this text, the practice of farm management is approached in an integrated way, leaving no significant issues about management uncovered. Finance, investment, decision analysis, management, economic thinking, growth, risk and marketing are critical and exciting domains of interest that are brought together to give the reader a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how the farming situation is best analysed and managed.

The text is essential reading for those who seek to manage agricultural businesses well and for those with interest throughout agricultural supply chains who need to understand the character of farms as the core of agribusiness systems.

  • Focuses on business aspects of farming
  • Provides an economic way of thinking about farm management
  • An updated edition of the standard Australian farm management economics text for the past 25 years
About the Authors

Bill Malcolm is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Food and Land Resources, University of Melbourne.

Jack Makeham, Queensland University of Technology

Vic Wright has recently retired as Associate Professor from the University of New England and is now a consultant.

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